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My Typical Day at School

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1 My Typical Day at School
By Jesse M.

2 Before School Eat Breakfast at home Leave my house at 7:30 or 7:40
When I get to school I usually sit in the hall until school starts

3 First Period Spanish My teacher is Mrs. Oliphant I’m in Spanish 1

4 Second period My second period is PE My teacher is Mrs.Butler
I have a lot of friends in that class with me

5 Break At break I usually play basketball but if the gym isn't open then I go into the hall and hang out with friends until the bell rings to go to third period.

6 Third Period My Third Period is Info Tech Mr. Totten is my teacher
Info Tech is fun because I get to use a computer

7 Fourth Period My Fourth Period is English 9 My teacher is Mrs. Rusert
That class is hard for me because I am not good at English

8 Lunch At lunch I usually hang out with friends and walk around campus
I don’t go off campus because I cant go anywhere without a car

9 Fifth Period My Fifth Period is Science My teacher is Mr. Hoch
Science is kind of easy for me but sometimes it is hard

10 Advisory Mrs. Rusert is my advisor
I get yelled at in that class sometimes because I talk to all of my friends in there all the time

11 Sixth Period My Sixth period is math My teacher is Mrs. Knott
Math is my favorite subject because I understand all of it and I am good at it

12 The End At the end of the school day I feel like I have succeeded in finishing another school day

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