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Inland Revenue: Building Community Trust Through Proactive Engagement.

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1 Inland Revenue: Building Community Trust Through Proactive Engagement

2 What were here to achieve Inland Revenues Primary outcome: Improving the economic and social wellbeing of New Zealanders Inland Revenues Intermediate outcomes: Revenue is available to fund government programmes through people meeting payment obligations of their own accord People receive payments theyre entitled to, enabling them to participate in society Our Desired Future: We make it easy for customers to get it right and hard to get it wrong. Inland Revenues Families Strategy: Inland Revenue effectively engages with intermediaries and third party endorsers to build community awareness and confidence.

3 How we proactively engage with the Community Social Policy Liaison OfficersFamily Assistance and Student Loan Customers Community Liaison OfficersChild Support Customers Maori Community OfficersMaori Customers Industry PartnershipIndustries Agent Account ManagersTax Agents Business Tax Information OfficersNew Businesses

4 Child Support Community Engagement Build trust and professionalism through standardised resources Presentations developed around key messages Customer testing to develop products and generate feedback loop Standardised resources allow evaluation of whether key information is delivered and understood and if we are continuing to deliver the right messages

5 Social Policy Liaison Officer Narrative This [trust] was achieved in part due to the face to face nature of the service you are offering, and the reliability of people being able to get their issues solved the first time they seek help Linda Allen General Manager Cannons Creek Fanau Centre

6 Building Community Trust We are providing a face to Inland Revenue within the community We engage with non government organisations and their customers We work alongside other government agencies We are building customer capability We deliver on our promises

7 What weve learnt so far We must recognise that it is important to listen to non government organisations and community We need to have the right people, at the right place, at the right time We must tailor the delivery of our messages to our audience We need to understand the importance of branding, e.g. Working for Families

8 Reflections on Community Engagement Review our community engagement for our family customers Opportunity to build on our approach to be more effective Need to monitor/evaluate whether it is working Target and tailor our activities through understanding our customers Developing new approach with greater focus on one to many

9 Where to from here? Develop partnerships at national level (Contact Donna Goodwin - Seek out partners and work with them to provide information and education to our customers Tailor our engagements to meet the needs of local communities Build customer capability - particularly through use of e-products Ensure we remain visible in the community, in partnership with other government agencies Join up our approach (internally and externally)

10 Questions ?

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