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Family Carers and Continence Progress through partnership.

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1 Family Carers and Continence Progress through partnership

2 Caring in NZ Census 2006 counted about 420,000 family carers A majority are women, but men are catching up A majority are of workforce age (15 to 64) 8% of 15 to 24 year olds are carers

3 Caring and Continence Many families have continence needs There is a need for ongoing information, advice, learning and support that is freely available to families They need ongoing information about how NZ’s system works for services and continence aids, and where to buy aids if they do not receive enough through the system They need easy, free learning so they know how to manage continence needs at home.

4 Progress for NZ Carers In 2004 Carers NZ established the Carers Alliance, a coalition of 47 national non-profits for which it acts as Secretariat. The Alliance’s first objective was to achieve a Carers’ Strategy for New Zealand. The Strategy was launched this year with a five year Action Plan. Recently we welcomed the NZ Continence Association to the Alliance Carers NZ and the Association have worked together for some time to develop free information and learning resources for carers (Family Care magazine, Family Care Radio, etc) We are collaborating to promote the Continence Helpline to families, and to ensuring that information and learning is available free to all who need it

5 Future Development for Carers Carers NZ and many of its Alliance partners hope to achieve greater flexibility and choice for families with health and disability needs The current continence system lacks flexibility and is inconsistent in what it delivers across the country. We think NZ needs a national continence Strategy to make it fair and efficient for families. We like Australia’s Continence Aids Assistance Scheme, which gives families an annual budget they control to purchase continence supplies and aids (with support from continence assessors), topping this up with other public or private funding as needed We look forward to being part of a lobbying coalition to ensure that families with continence needs get the information, advice, learning, support AND ADEQUATE SUPPLIES that best meet their needs

6 Collaboration for Carers Carers NZ recognises the NZ Continence Association for ensuring the voice of families is heard in its own strategic planning We look forward to discussing how the Carers Alliance can support a united call for strategic improvements for continence in our country In the meantime, we encourage DHBs, health professionals, NGOs, and support groups to make families aware of current free help:  The Continence Helpline  Family Care magazine and the twice yearly Older Family Care  Family Care Radio:, which includes continence ‘listen and learn’ features from September  A new carer learning and wellbeing programme, a Carers’ Strategy Action Plan outcome that is being developed by ACC and other agencies

7 Accessing Our Carer Resources Copies of the magazine are available at the conference, our contact details are in the front of the book NZCA and Carers NZ have also developed a free information sheet for families with continence needs … please distribute this to the families you support or work with Feedback and input is welcome! Thank you!

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