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(Homeopath, Psychologist & Naturopath)

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1 (Homeopath, Psychologist & Naturopath)
Homeopathy in Pediatric Primary Care Presented by Gregory Peechatt DHM, PhD, ND (Homeopath, Psychologist & Naturopath) (Everything contained in this hand-out is meant for educational purposes only and as such should not be taken as medical recommendations for any diagnosed disease. This may be reproduced and distributed only with the author's permission)

2 Some Facts and Food for Thought
parenting-the only job without a training manual an ounce of prevention = a pound of cure illness modality and wellness modality children, medicine & immune system diet & food allergies suppression vs. supplementation common pediatric infections & antibiotics

3 Why do we need to choose Homeopathy?
More & more people (65% +) are choosing alternatives for daily health needs. Homeopathy : 2nd most widely used in primary care (latest W.H.O. survey) “Homeopathy is the medicine for 21st century” (1999 statement by W.H.O.) Homeopathy : the gentlest form of medicine known to mankind Homeopathy : the most cost-effective approach Most have no known side effects and as such is safer than most ‘over the counter’ medicines. 200 year old well researched branch of medicine

4 Definition Dr. Hahnemann, the founder combined two Greek words
‘homoios’=similar + ‘pathos’ = feeling or suffering Homeopathy = Similar feeling/suffering Basic Principles Likes are cured by likes – similia similibus curantur – Higher the dilution, greater its potency – law of infinitesimal dose An illness is specific to an individual – law of Wholistics law of similars Healing progresses from: inside to outside, the upper parts of the body to the lower parts, the most recent maladies to the oldest (in the reverse of chronological order)

5 Homeopathic Remedy Preparation
From all three kingdoms 1. Plant 2. Animal 3. Mineral Potentization is a bio-energetic/alchemic process potency # of succussion/trituration dilution 1 c /100 2 c /100 X 100 1 x /10 1 M (= 1000 c) / th power CM (= c) / th power 9c HPUS means diluted to the level of 1/100 9th power adhering to Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States.

6 Classical Homeopathy Modern Homeopathy
strictly adheres to all the principles explained usually uses one constitutional remedy at a time starts in a somewhat high potency (200c or so) frequency of the administration is usually once in 2 to 4 days After stabilizing in one level uses ‘plusing’ technique warns and watches for ‘healing crisis’ Modern Homeopathy uses many remedies at the same time in a combined formula ingredients are selected based on symptom pictures & differential dx. the easiest and safest way for laymen to use homeopathy very popular in Europe, India and many other countries becoming popular in the U.S. also. easily available in many natural health food stores

7 Pediatric ear infection – a chronic vicious cycle. Why?
is the most common and takes place in the middle ear (Otitis media) Usually babies on bottled milk after 4-6 months Pre-schoolers in day-care with many sources of virus/bacteria Baby M scenario Becomes fussy, crying, not wanting bottle, no teething yet, mild fever Mom panics, takes to MD, inflamed ear is observed, dx. Otitis media Rx. Antibiotics, briefly better, starts again, more antibiotics, cycle begins. Finally BMT (bilateral myringotomy and tubes) drains fluid & air enters Rationale – middle ear (air filled cavity behind the ear drum) can fill with fluid when bacteria/viruses enter through Eustachian passage causing infection. Pressure from fluid pushes ear drum causing pain, hearing loss Tube falls off b/w 6-18 months, No problems for a while, By age 4 or 5 M develops all sorts of allergies, eczema & catches everything What went wrong? Very first ear infection, white blood cells gathering to fight caused mild fever Baby didn’t have fully developed immune system and antibiotics weakened it and made it ‘hyper-vigilant’ (I call allergies as physical ‘paranoia’) Very first infection may not have been by bacteria, could be by virus/fungus Could have been caused by baby’s milk, make mucus thick and clogged up

8 Homeopathy is proven quite effective in Pediatrics
1. Ear Infections - Mercurius Solubilis 6th –30th tid to reduce the pain Mullain oil or garlic oil or combination ear drops Otitis Media with fever - Hepar Sulf. & Ferrum Phos 15c alternately 2. Fever with Cold & Flu Symptoms - Give the following three meds. in 30c potency one after the other every hour – Aconitum, Belladonna & Chamomilla known as the ABCs Tonsilitis – Start with Phytolaca 15 c and do plusing. 4. Sleep disturbance with vivid dreams Stramonium 30 bd ADD/ADHD – CSE (Cell Signal Enhancers by Biomed) 14 & 15 with a constitutional remedy (1M+) prescribed by DHM. Give also remedies like ATTEND by Vaxa 6. Autism spectrum Disorders – CSE 12 & 20 together with Chelation, diet changes and behavioral approaches, Homeopathic detoxifiers by Newton or other firms.

9 Whooping Cough : Petrussin 30, bd
Whooping Cough : Petrussin 30, bd. Additionally, Dorsera 30, 4-hourly, especially if the cough is worse after the midnight. Give Ipecacuana 30, 4-hourly, if much vomiting associated with it. Acute Bronchitis: If this develops as a complication of cold or flu, at the very early stage few doses of Ferrum Phos. 30, or Phosphorus 30, 4-hourly may abort the descent of infection. If Bronchitis is established with dry cough and if the patient is thirsty and if the chest is sore when coughing, it is usually treated by alternating Bryonia 30 and Phosphorus 30, 2-hourly Influenza (Flu) In its very earliest stages may be arrested by the timely administration of Oscillococcinum hourly 2 to 3 doses. If it didn’t work, use combinations like Alpha CF by Boericke If it has developed and tends to be the chameleon-like behavior of common cold, have recourse to classical way.

10 Constipation, Diarrhea & Gastrointestinal affections
CSE 12 (Cell Signal Enhancers by Biomed) with digestive Enzyme Arsenicum Album 6 to 30th : every hour when the pt.has violent vomiting and diarrhea followed by a great deal of pain in the stomach and intestines. Ipecacuana is indicated when there is persistent dry, unproductive cough and extreme nausea. Colocynthis and/or Magnesia Phos. are indicated when the person has cramping and clutching pains ameliorated by pressure and warmth. Podiphillum is one of the most common medicine in cases of acute diarrhea. Bryonia is the remedy for acute gastroenteritis. Lycopodium 200c+ effective for chronic IBS when used under classical Homeopath’s recommendation

11 Most commonly used Remedies
Arnica Montana for bumps and bruises in any accident or after surgery (by Rx. Intake & external gel application) Calendula cream : for skin rashes, minor burns, eczema, sun burn Rhus Toxicodendron: best remedy for poison ivy. Sulphur : the major remedy for different kinds of eczema Arsenicum Album : for several skin problems Borax: best remedy for Canker sores Thuja proven remedy for Warts with Thuja ointment externally Arsenicum, Euphrasia, Nux Vomica, Sabadilla or allium Sepa are indicated if the allergic symptoms of upper respiratory tract symptoms progressing to mild wheezing or Asthma Histaminum 200c should precede the above for any kind of upper respiratory allergies.

12 Polypharmacy Homeopathic Preparations:
They are combinations of 3 to 9 remedies in low potencies (usually 3x to 12x) All those remedies have indications of the symptoms at hand. The body in its cell wisdom uses up the needed remedy and discards the others without any side effects. Without any homeopathic background you can use them with success. This is the way laymen should go for using homeopathy for their day to day health needs. It is very easy to select them as they have disease/syndrome names and indications listed. Many of them are becoming readily available in most health food stores and pharmacies You can order many of them yourself if not listed ‘for professionals’ Boiron : : besides single remedies has combinations for most conditions Hyland’s : / : many remedies in easy to chew tablet forms. Boericke & Taffel lot of quite effective combinations : is the oldest Newton Homeopathics : / – very cause-effective SafeCareRx by King Bio: / – best professional formulas too Emerson Ecologics: / – besides latest research based natural products carry also homeopathic Mental Health More Info:

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