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By: Lauren Parker, Nicole Eden, Emma Dawes, Sam Weir.

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2 By: Lauren Parker, Nicole Eden, Emma Dawes, Sam Weir

3 Hatred or intolerance of another race.

4 Harriet Tubman Slavery Slaves coming to America

5 Abolished slavery Early 1860s Never ending

6 African American Motivational speaker Assassinated

7 qaTIu7E0 qaTIu7E0 1:05-2:23

8 Arrested 1955 Refused to give up seat

9 Hard life But made something out of herself.

10 1st black president Achieved life goals Changing the world

11 Shanya Hurt Joel Parker Alex Smith Dillon Eden

12 Have you ever been discriminated against? If yes, by whom? Why do you think you were discriminated against? Have you ever discriminated against someone?

13 UWuB6Hwgc UWuB6Hwgc

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21 The End. Thank the Lord!

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