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Hello folks I am giving your tour today, my name is Anthony. Our first stop will be to the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

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2 Hello folks I am giving your tour today, my name is Anthony. Our first stop will be to the Montgomery Bus Boycott

3 Click to learn more On December 5, 1955, 42,000 black residents of Montgomery started a year boycott of buses. This was first organized by the Women's Political Council as a one day boycott of buses to coincide with the trial of Rosa parks. Finally they won their rights and desegregated buses throughout the U.S. The boycott ended in December 21, 1956 Instead of buses people carpooled, walked, and used taxis for 381 days. Now we will go to the Letter from Birmingham Jail.

4 Martin Luther King Jr wrote his Letter From Birmingham Jail. King was responding to a statement made by eight Alabama clergymen on April 12, 1963. MLK wanted the people who were not in jail to keep on helping to get civil rights for all. Now we are going to witness history as we go to the March on Washington. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

5 The March was on August 28, 1963 and was for freedom and jobs. The March was a huge success with no violence. The estimated number of people was between 200,000 to 300,000. More than 2,000 buses, 21 special trains, 10 chartered aircrafts, and uncounted cars came to the city and left with no problem. Now we will be going to Martin Luther Kings famous speech I Have a Dream.

6 Here we are, folks. We are witnessing a time in history that could not be forgotten. Today we will witness the speech MLK gave during the March on Washington. Click on the microphone to hear MLK make his speech. Martin Luther King had a dream or goal for what he wanted to see happen in America. During the March on Washington in 1963, he made a speech telling his dream in sentences starting out as I have a dream. He had a dream that one day African-American people would be considered equal in this country. Now we will be going to Malcolm X.

7 Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little, but he changed his name later in life to reflect his belief that African-Americans had gotten their names from slave owners. Malcolm wanted to get rid of any trace of slavery or racism, so he gave himself the last name X. Malcolm X fought for the rights of African-Americans. He believed that violence was a way to get white peoples attention. He encouraged force and violence if it was necessary to get more equality for black people. Now we will be going to Rosa Parks.

8 This is the bus that Rosa Parks was sitting in when she got arrested. She was arrested in December 1, 1955. She got arrested for sitting in a White persons seat. Back then black people had to sit in the back of buses. Now we will be going to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

9 The Civil Rights Act of 1964 bans discrimination because of color, religion, national origin, race and sex. Features of the act include the use of public property, and the freedom to vote. Now we will be going to The National Act of 1964. The signing of The civil Acts Rights of 1964

10 The National Organization for Woman also known as NOW was is one of the largest feminist organizations in the united states. It was founded on June 30 1966 in Washington D.C. during the Third National Conference of the Commission on the Status of Women. There were 28 founders among them was the first president of the organization Betty Friedan. Now we will be going to the Equal Rights Amendment.

11 The Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution was proposed as a guarantee of equal rights under federal or local law and could not be denied because of sex. The ERA failed to obtain ratification before its deadline, and though it has been reintroduced to every Congress public attention has been diminishing. Now we will be going to the SCLC. Many men were opposed to the ERA because they were afraid of competing against woman

12 Martin Luther King was the president. In January 10, 1957 he invited 60 black ministers to Ebenezer church in Atlanta. Their goal was to form an organization to support nonviolent actions because of the bus systems in the South. Another meeting was held in New Orleans on February 14. First they chose a name, and the name was SCLC. Then they expanded their focus beyond busses to end all forms of segregation. Now we will go to Malcolm X. Now we will be going to the last stop of the tour the Women Rights Movement. Click the door to learn about the next meeting Click MLK to hear about his assassination

13 The Womens Rights Movement was a success. They gained the right to hold certain kinds of jobs, and to receive pay equal to men. They also faced unique kinds of discrimination based on gender, sexual harassment, and job discrimination. Click the hippie to listen to war by Bob Marley

14 Thank you so much for coming to our tour today. Click the gift shop sign to go to the gift shop. GIFT SHOP

15 Thank you every one for coming to our bus tour of American Equality. Click the book if you would like to be tested on what you learned today

16 A. Malcolm Big B. Malcolm Little C. Malcolm Jones incorrect correct

17 A. Criticism from other clergymen. B. A letter explaining they should let African Americans play baseball. C. A letter to Malcolm X to stick up for him and encourage him to keep on fighting. Correct incorrect

18 A. Equal jobs and equal pay B. Inexpensive lipstick C. Being part of the war correct incorrect

19 A. Inauguration of Barack Obama B. Montgomery Bus Boycott C. March on Washington incorrect correct

20 A. FDIC B. SCLC C. FBI incorrect correct incorrect

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