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Low Level Laser Consultant

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1 Low Level Laser Consultant
USES & BENEFITS of LLLT in DENTISTRY Exhibitors Symposia ALD Mar 5, 2004 This presentation will cover the basics of energy and will bring you up to date on two leading edge wellness concepts:  Low Level Laser Therapy and Proprioceptive Feedback to the Brain. These two areas of health and well-being are independent of each other. You may use Low Level Laser Therapy to enhance the healing of specific conditions of the body and to enhance overall health and wellness. Likewise, you can take steps to improve faulty proprioceptive signals to the brain, thereby aiding your body’s own healing and overall wellness--without using Low Level Laser Therapy. These two areas are independent; you may do one without the other.  However, laser therapy and correcting faulty proprioception are synergistic, that is the total benefits together are greater than the sum of the effects taken independently. In this case, = 3  If you use Low Level Laser Therapy in conjunction with correcting the faulty proprioception to and from the brain, the results are exponential and exciting for your health.   Both concepts deal with energy and how our body uses energy for healing and health. Dr. Larry Lytle BS, DDS, Ph.D Low Level Laser Consultant

2 Benefits to the Dentist
Saves time - More income Keeps the Dentist Healthy Increases Patient Comfort Enhances reputation Reduces emergencies More referrals

HOW TO LIVE - LONGER & HEALTHIER HOW TO USE LIGHT TO HEAL HOW TO CHANGE THE SIGNALS TO THE BRAIN FOR BETTER HEALTH BASICS OF LASER PHYSICS ABOUT THE MISSING LINK IN WELLNESS BASICS OF PROPRIOCEPTIVE FEEDBACK TO THE BRAIN HOW TO USE YOUR PERSONAL LASER HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN MIRACLE BITE TABS WHAT IS INVOLVED IN PERMANENT NEUROMUSCULAR DENTISTRY HOW TO CHOOSE A NEUROMUSCULAR DENTIST Heart disease is the number one killer in the America. Half of all the people in this room are likely to die from some type of heart problem. For decades ,doctors pushed the cholesterol theory, Billions of dollars have been spent on solving heart attach based on this flawed theory. Recently articles appearing in the American Hear t Journal by Flemming has stated that heart disease is multifactor, that is caused by several things such as viral, bacterial, genetic, chemical, nutritional, obesity, lack of exercise, and smoking. But the area that is getting the most attention is the inflammation of the arteries. The CRP test measures the C reactive protein thought to cause the inflammation. One needs to question why we don’t have inflammation of the veins since inside lining or entema of the artery and vein are Histologically alike. Eventually I think the correct wording will be a constriction of the smooth muscles within the artery wall that may be caused by an inflammatory agent. Remember low level lasers reduce inflammation by 75%.

4 Top 10 Causes of Death Heart Disease 710,760 (Cerebrovascular) 167,661
Cancer ,091 Doctor, Drug, Hospital ,000 Respiratory ,009 Accidents ,900 Diabetes ,301 Pneumonia ,313 Alzheimer’s ,558 Kidney diseases ,251 Infections ,224 Heart disease is the number one killer in the America. Half of all the people in this room are likely to die from some type of heart problem. For decades ,doctors pushed the cholesterol theory, Billions of dollars have been spent on solving heart attach based on this flawed theory. Recently articles appearing in the American Hear t Journal by Flemming has stated that heart disease is multifactor, that is caused by several things such as viral, bacterial, genetic, chemical, nutritional, obesity, lack of exercise, and smoking. But the area that is getting the most attention is the inflammation of the arteries. The CRP test measures the C reactive protein thought to cause the inflammation. One needs to question why we don’t have inflammation of the veins since inside lining or entema of the artery and vein are Histologically alike. Eventually I think the correct wording will be a constriction of the smooth muscles within the artery wall that may be caused by an inflammatory agent. Remember low level lasers reduce inflammation by 75%.

5 Every one knows what year you were born or your CHRONOLOGIC AGE
Every one knows what year you were born or your CHRONOLOGIC AGE. But most are unaware that old or how young your body really is . This is called your BIOLOGICAL AGE. You can change your Biological Age with proper nutrition, exercise, mental attitude and laser to re-energize injured cell membranes. Your body is constantly changing and you too CAN CHANGE YOUR DNA for the BETTER. It changes every 60 days. Your age can change!

6 Energy Human Universal
In the beginning GOD created heaven and earth. And God said “Let there be light” and there was. And God saw the light and said,' that is good”. Human Universal

7 Energy The Essence of Life
The Sun our greatest source of Energy not only gives heat but also light. Not only can the Sun’s light burn, but it can also heal. Light is pure energy and, according to Einstein's formula E=mc² (where E = energy, m = mass, c = speed of light), is an integral component of the Energy equation.

8 Cannot be Created OR Destroyed – Only TRANSFORMED
Energy An example of this is burning a log which is transformed into heat. In our bodies we burn food and it likewise is transferred into energy used for our brain, organ and body functions. Cannot be Created OR Destroyed – Only TRANSFORMED

9 Atoms Composed of: All held together with ENERGY
Empty Space Proton – Positive Charge Neutron – No Charge Electron – Negative Charge All held together with ENERGY Make up more than 100 Elements Everything on Earth is composed of Atoms including the human body. Deepak Chopra, the famed Indian Physician says humans are just electrical energy with a lot of empty space between the positive and negative charges. These charges oscillate at lower frequencies that make us more dense so we are visible to the eye.

10 BLACK HOLE Physicists refer the Black Hole as a “vacuum” or the Zero Point Field, because fluctuations in the field are still detectable at temperatures of absolute zero. What is in this field that has no volume or mass.? A surplus or deficit of electrons creates an electrical charge which is surrounded by an electric and magnetic field. What is between the positive and negative charge of the Atom? Why do stable-looking atoms, without apparent cause loose electrons, and where do these electrons go? In the subatomic world, the ability of an electron to influence another quantum particle instantaneously over any distance without any measurable force or energy is termed “nonlocality”. This sort of emission and reabsorption not only occurs among photons and electrons, but all quantum particles in the Universe. Quantum scientists still do not know why an electron orbits around a proton, but it is known that the entire Universe is a “sea of light”, moving in a constant sideways or lazy s curve always in constant motion most of it in wavelengths the eye cannot detect. Diagram of a black hole warping spacetime, from a T-shirt. The radius of the black hole, R8, is R8=2MG/c2, where G is Newton’s constant, M is a mass of the black hole, and c is the speed of light.

11 Electrodynamic Fields
Electrodynamic Fields control all life. These Life Fields become a Blueprint for Immortality. As light energy travels forward, it also oscillates up and down in a wiggling “lazy letter S” motion called a “sine wave” These up and down oscillations are referred to as “Hertz". It is impossible to adequately diagram all the energy fields interacting with all the other energy fields. But consider an egg beater with all it’s tines working in harmony swirling it’s contents around to make something that appears different than what was started. Keep in mind, “What happens when one of the tines gets bent and the egg beater stops. That is the way it is with energy fields! Control ALL Life Life Fields

12 ZERO POINT FIELD Changes the theory of quantum mechanics. In the Zero Point Field, the energy level of any known particle can’t be pinpointed because it is always changing. However all subatomic particles possess a tiny residual movement and always radiates energy and thus this empty space is bursting with activity. The Zero Point Field is a repository of all fields and all ground energy states and all virtual particles, It is a filed of all fields. The lowest possible energy in the emptiest state of space where all energy & matter has been removed.


But where does a thought come from? How is it that two people can have a thought at the same time, thousands of miles apart? If it is true that the human brain is the only brain that can think, how do other animals communicate such as proven in the Hundredth Monkey.

15 The Body is an Electro-chemical Unit
For generations scientist have studied the chemical aspect of the body, now is the time to concentrate on the electrical part. Scientist cannot provide an avenue to health by studying sickness and disease any more than the study of madness isn’t enough to create sanity. The Body is an Electro-chemical Unit

16 Your Creation is Continuous
While many think that life starts with birth and ends with death, it is a known fact that the energy goes on! Your body really did not start at birth or at CONCEPTION. Your DNA is constantly changing every 6 weeks. You are changing. Life is an ever ending process – enjoy it!

17 Good Health & Complete Wellness is not just the absence of disease
Some may think that if they are not sick that they are well. Good Health is far more than not being physically sick. It involves MENTALLY,PHYSICALLY & DENTALLY, SOCIALLY, SPIRITUAL well being Good Health & Complete Wellness is not just the absence of disease

18 Good Health & Longevity
There are many things involved in good health and longevity. I have already discussed some of the main things, but one area that is missed by most professional is Proprioceptive Feedback to the Brain. This area seems to remain a mystery. Generally the programming of the brain, the “big master computer” is misunderstood and concerns of the brain are referred to Physiologists or Psychiatrists with hopes that the problem can be ”talked out”. You will learn that Proprioception to the brain can be dealt with by the individual using energy medicine. Good Health & Longevity are Multifactorial

Slide of Life WELLNESS PLATEAU ADAPTATION Following the principle that good health involves many areas, I invite you to add you area of interest on this slide of life. But keep in mind that when you reach the Plateau of wellness that you can “cheat” on many AREAS THAT YOU PREVIOUSLY FELT THAT YOU NEEDED TO TOW THE LINE. Get on the plateau and you will not slide back as soon! It would benefit mankind if researchers would study those that manage to get to and keep on the wellness plateau rather than study the “sick”. HOW YOU THINK ENVIRONMENT NUTRIENTS TOXICITY EXERCISE BLOCKING ENERGIES ENVIRONMENT SICKNESS GOOD GENES STRESS LACK OF ANY OF THE ESSENTIALS LIFE DEATH

20 Health Basics There are several basics to wellness, but the most important is “TO Eliminate Fear” An easy way to do that is to make peace with death . While this lecture will not cover such things as Nutrition – Exercise – stress Management , Environment , Breathing , Yoga , Stretching, if no Yoga. It is a “given” that these are essentials for wellness.

21 Health Basics Nutrition and supplements Breathing and oxygen
Breathing and meditation The mind & its thoughts Beliefs & Spirituality Controlling fear and stress Exercise There are several basics to wellness. While this lecture will not cover such things as Nutrition – Exercise – Stress Management , Environment , Breathing, Yoga, Stretching,. It is a “given” that these are essentials for wellness. All of these areas are important and all involve energy. Low Level Laser Therapy works synergistically with all of these areas to enhance overall healing and wellness. And one area that is missed by most professional is Proprioceptive Feedback to the Brain. You will learn that Proprioception to the brain can be dealt with using energy medicine.

22 Affects EVERYTHING in your life
Subtle Energy Subtle Energy is everywhere in the Universe. It is very Powerful, but not seen and most often not felt. It controls gravity. The subtle energy of the moon controls the tide which in turn controls our weather. All things, even the simplest cell are just subtle energy. Affects EVERYTHING in your life

23 Examples of Subtle Energy
About forty miles from Rapid City is Home Stake Gold Mine, the deepest gold mine in the North American continent with tunnels over 8000 feet deep and several 1000s of miles of lateral tunnels. Home Stake now owned by Barrack of Canada closed Dec. 31, 2002 when the gold prices fell too low to make deep mining profitable. This mine has donated to the State of SD and in cooperation with the National Institute of Science cooperating to establish a research center deep in the bowels of the Earth. Other laboratories in Japan and France have gone around 5000 feet deep to try to isolate the Neutrino, a unit of energy with no mass. It is thought that the Neutrino is the unit of energy here-to-fore not identified that the creatures of Nature use to navigate the Earth. WE could ask? What energy directs the Swallows back to Capistrano each year? What energy is it that directs the young Salmon hatched from an egg to migrate up the same stream as it’s ancestry? I am sure that you can think of hundreds of other examples of subtle energy. Soon it will be studied very near where this author lives and I hope to study my lasers down there where there is no electromagnetic contamination.

24 Energy Medicine ENERGY has been used for DIAGNOSIS OF DISEASE FOR 110 YRS. , EKG FOR HEART, EEG BRAIN, CAT SCAN, MRI, Various DERMAL SCREENING, & VARIOUS KINESIOLOGY TECHNIQUES. Efforts to put energy back into the body have been a dismal failure until the advent of low level lasers.

25 L I K E heals L I K E The principle of Homeopathic has been around for many years. The idea of like heals like is an old philosophy that is being giving renewed emphasis. Since everything has it’s own frequency including microbes and diseased tissue, then it makes good sense to heal with like frequencies. Rife in the 1930s studied thousands microbes, diseased cells, tissues, organs and published frequencies to combat these disorders. His work was mostly done under his famous microscope but when he tried to develop a generator to deliver these frequencies back into the body, but it generally was a failure. A good source of Rife’s work and his applied frequencies are found in the book published by Nina Silvers “Rife Frequencies” . It can be purchased from GO-JO Enterprises or directly from Nina Silvers for $60 plus $15 postage and handling. You will learn later how you can have these frequencies programmed into the Q1000 laser for delivering them into the body.

26 Medical Misconceptions
There are many medical misconceptions that affects the ways one thinks and thus affects your overall health and wellbeing. Some of these misconceptions are the “germ theory” versus a healthy immune system. The father of the germ theory, Pasteur, had a nemesis, Dr. Enderlain who said, it was not the germ, but the terrain or what we now call the immune system that controlled the germ that made the difference. Pasteur admitted on his death bed that he was wrong, but by then the drug and medical world had embraced the “germ theory” and it now appears that it is here to stay. Some other misconceptions are: Diagnosis, Doctors and Drugs can make you well; or Surgery can fix most things; or Chemical versus Energy medicine; or that we are only a Physical Body (and our Spiritual aspects and its role in health and wellbeing is ignored or misunderstood). You are responsible for your own wellbeing. Doctors should be wellness coaches. Your body really heals itself with energy.

27 Fear Fear is the biggest obstacle to health and wellness – it truly Limits Wellness, Fear of sickness, fear of failure, fear of embarrassment , fear of being wrong, fear of letting your family down, and fear of death are our biggest obstacles.

28 INTENT Intent has a great deal to do with your health and well being. Dr William Tiller, a man that someday may get the Nobel Prize for his work, is in the process of re-writing Einstein’s Quantum Theory. His studies with experienced meditators demonstrates that they can change the Ph of water from neutral of 7 to acidity of 6. Other studies show the ability of the meditators to add enzymes with mass to water by INTENT

29 Stress Stress is blamed for most of our diseases today. Compared to our fore-fathers , we really do not have stress. True we suffer from the symptoms of Stress but have few of the Stressors of our fore fathers. When they traveled Westward across the plains in wagon trains, they often did not know if they would have food, water, shelter and safety. Many of them buried a loved one along the way. That is true stress! Most of use know where we are sleeping tonight. We know we will have enough to eat – if not to much- for the most part we know we will be safe. We really don’t expect to have to bury one of our loved ones and leave their body behind. No today we do not suffer from the stressors that our fore fathers suffered, But many will say “What about the noise, the traffic, the business, the confusion, the worry, the drugs , the crime, and we could go on and on – but really none of this is even close to the external stress our fore fathers endured. Yes it is stress, but if you are not equipped to handle the trials and tribulations of life, anything can and will be stress. You MUST BE mentally and structurally ready. You will learn how to do that in this seminar.

Diagnosis breeds fear and fear suppresses the immune system. Cancer research shows that there are three main things involved in overcoming cancer: (1) Do you want to live; (2) Do you have a health care provider that supports your philosophy? (3) Does your family and 3rd party support your and your chosen health care providers choice of treatment? When all three of these were present, research shows that cancer recovery was better regardless of the treatment.

31 Health, Wellness & Disease
Subtle Thoughts LIMITS WELLNESS , I repeat FEAR and wrong INTENT are the BIGGEST OBSTACLEs to wellness. It is thought that STRESS IS EXTERNALLY CAUSED and is blamed for much of today’s sickness. You will learn that is not true! Again remember Psychoneuroimmunocrinology – that is the way we think affects our neurological system , which affects our endocrine system , which affect our immune system –so watch what and how you think – avoid fear - In this day and age of degenerative diseases, “The Worst Thing You Can Have Done May be A Diagnosis”. The Diagnosis in it’s self may instill more fear than our Mind and immune system can handle. Diagnosis puts our mind to work in negative ways. Just think: Supposing you get a diagnosis of AIDS and it is wrong, what chance do you think you have of surviving? A bit of advice: Never have any test or diagnosis unless you have already decided how you will deal with the results - either a positive or negative. A plus for today's medicine is if you have been in an accident Western Surgeons are the best in the world to put you back together, but if you have a degenerative disease, surgery is generally of little value and in the long run may make things worse by suppressing the immune system and locking the flow of healing energy in the scar tissue. Thoughts produce energy, which affects Health, Wellness & Disease

32 Review… You’ve learned that the relationship between universal energy and human energy, AND the way that you think, affects everything you do!

33 Understanding Low Level Laser Therapy

34 BASIC LASER PHYSICS In this section you will learn about
This section will provide some basic laser physics to enable better understanding of the safety and how low level lasers work

35 Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
This what LASER means

36 Even though Einstein did not make the first laser he actually was the first to discuss how lasers work

37 Laser History 1900 - Planck's defined Quantum Mechanics
Einstein photo effect called Photon First Laser (Ruby) – Maiman First CO2 Laser – Patel First surgical Use – W. Yahr First use in Oral Surgery – G. Jako First Laser Diode - Japanese Lasers date back to the early 1900s

38 Electromagnetic Spectrum
Lets look at a bar graft which might better give us a better perspective of the Universe’ energy. To the left are the progressively shorter waves of Ultraviolet, X-rays, Gamma rays and off the chart are the Cosmic rays. To your right of the narrow Visible band is the Infrared, Microwaves and Radio waves. Low level lasers are in the very narrow visible light spectrum and the near infrared spectrum. Now let us look at the small area highlighted.

39 The visible spectrum again depicts the colors that we all know so well, the colors of the rainbow and our crayola box. The Visible spectrum starts with violet, indigo, green, yellow, orange, red and then into the infrared where the waves are no longer visible.

40 Laser Terminology Photons * Amplitude Coherence * Phase
Wavelength * Interference Frequency * Constructive Power Density Interference Joules * Destructive Soliton Wave Interference

41 PHOTONS Are small packets of light energy in the form of a wave element with a defined wavelength & a frequency related to that wavelength Laser energy because they are composed of different photons which provide different packets of light produce different ENERGY LEVELS

42 The first laser was a tube laser with a solid rear mirror and a coupler which was a mirror with 2 % holes. The first active medium was the element Ruby. When the power was supplied to the stainless steel walls, it excited the Ruby atoms causing them to bounce back a forth off the mirrors inside the chamber and some photons escaped in the holes in the mirror to become the laser beam and travels in a straight line until absorbed by what ever absorbs that type media.

43 This slide depicts how the atom gets excited and the photon moves to the outer orbit

44 Most low level lasers today use semi-conductor diodes.
Small semiconductor chips like used in our computers make up most of today's low level lasers. By combining and growing various pure elements in a vacuum, scientists are able to produce different wave lengths Some examples are InGaAlP. (Indium, Gallium, Aluminum, Phosphorus) which gives use a visible wavelength of nm, that emits a visible red light, By removing the Indium and Phosphorus and adding Arsinide, scientists gave us a near infrared laser, GaAlAs that emits a nm wave that is near infrared and not visible to the eye. Then by removing the Aluminum , we have GaAs which is s farther infrared of nm . It is easy to see that one laser will not do everything and easier to see all the possibilities that remain in lasers by combining various other elements. These semi conductor laser diodes have replaced the 633 nm HeNe tube laser of the 60’s and 70’s. Most low level lasers today use semi-conductor diodes.

45 COHERENCE Means the photons are well-ordered or are in synchronicity
Coherence is the major difference between LEDs and true lasers. Lasers of different wavelengths have different energy levels and subsequently provide different results to the body.

46 Laser Energy Coherent Monochromatic
These packets of photons travel parallel to one another and are referred to as coherent and are monochromatic, meaning all of the same color which acutally means they are all of the same wavelength. These two principals are the main differences between laser light and other light including LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes. Monochromatic

47 WAVE Are encoders & carriers of information
When they overlap, the combined amplitude is greater than each individual wave Every thing in the Universe consists of waves.

48 PHASE Two waves are peaking and troughing at the same time even though they have different frequencies or amplitudes Getting in Phase is getting in synch.

49 When two waves are in phase & overlap each other
INTERFERENCE When two waves are in phase & overlap each other The combined amplitude of the wave is greater than the individual amplitude and the signal gets stronger

When the combined amplitude of waves is greater than individual amplitude, the signal gets stronger. Waves have an infinite capacity to store and transfer information. Intent is a major factor in information transfer

When one wave is peaking & the other is troughing, they cancel each other out This canceling principle is effective to render bacteria, virus, or fungus harmless or inactive when the correct frequency, power density, and amplitude is carried via the soliton wave to any place in the body.

52 Canceling Waves Let me explain it this way. Wave A, when exactly duplicated and perfectly offset by ½ cycle by Wave B, the result is no wave. The principal of canceling waves gives low level lasers the capability to neutralize or “hold harmless” waves from diseased tissue or waves from invading bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Rife worked on this principal in the 30s and has isolated thousands of frequencies for various bacteria. Rife was quite successful controlling frequencies in Vivo under his special microscope , however his Rife Generator was not as successful in getting the correct frequency into the body at different depths. I will discuss how to get cancelling waves deep into tissue in a few minutes.

53 Wavelength = Color Blue Light Red Light Wavelength Wavelength
Laser light is like a rainbow or a crayola box, The colors are the same throughout the Universe. Blue light is the a shorter wave length and red light is longer wave length. In the future you will hear more about blue and green laser diodes because they carry hundreds of times more information than red laser diodes. Someday you will be checking out groceries and playing music with blue and green laser diodes. Blue Light Wavelength Red Light

54 Lasers are measured in Nanometers
.00001 .0005 .01 10 10,000 Cosmic Rays Gamma Rays X-Rays Ultraviolet Visible Light Infrared Microwaves Radio waves Wavelength In Millimeters Lasers are measured in Nanometers Viewing this slide gives you a clearer understanding of wavelengths and how they compare to each other. Low Level Lasers are in the visible and near infrared light spectrum and are far away from the harmful ultraviolet rays or the suspected harmful microwaves. As the waves become progressively shorter, they are more damaging to humans. There are Ultraviolet, then X-rays, then Gamma rays and the shortest are the Cosmic rays. As the waves become longer they become less damaging and are referred to as infrared, Microwaves and Radio waves.

55 Pulse Frequency or FREQUENCY
Number of pulses per second measured in Hertz and is Altered by movement One Hertz equals one cycle per second . In the US electricity is delivered at a frequency of 60 hertz per second and in the UK, it is 50 Hertz. Cell phones operate on 900 or 1800 megahertz.

56 Frequency One way frequency works is by Canceling Waves ½ cycle off
Regardless of the length of a wave, it can oscillate at different frequencies and these frequencies become very specific. An example that is easy to understand are your radio waves. At home if I tune a Station at 104.1, I get a country western. At 104.2, I get static, and at I get nothing. The principal of canceling waves is very important in health and wellness. All things on Earth including harmful organisms and diseases have differing frequencies. A wave may be cancelled by moving ½ cycle off. This can be accomplished by many different instruments, but most instruments DONOT have the capability to deliver these frequencies in a precise manner in order to penetrate organ systems beyond the skin.

57 How Energy Heals Frequency is the key Canceling waves
Ability to penetrate Jack Schwartz Yogi Medical research has a bad habit of studying the sick. To try to find a cure for Cancer, Researchers have studied Cancer victims for over 50 years with little to show for their efforts. The same goes for nearly all diseases and disorders. The sick are studied in hopes of finding a germ, a virus, a genetic miscoding and etc. It would make more sense to study those that have been able to heal themselves, such as Jack Schwarz and Yogis. The most effective lasers on the market have been patterned after the energy of such individuals. Jack Schwarz was a remarkable young man. He was an 18 year old Hollander during World War II and was captured and imprisoned in one of the Holocaust camps This 200 lb young man was starved down to 90 lbs, was beaten. His bones were broken. His skin was cut. He was dehydrated and he was drug back to his cell to die. He soon realized that if he concentrated on his pain, his problems, that it was unbearable, so he took his mind off the problems. He focused on a fly on the wall. He practiced zooming the smooth muscles of the eye so the fly would appear as a big bird in front of his face , then he would push it out to infinity, just a small spec. When he was doing this non-mental, spiritual exercise, he had no pain. The body responds to two major motivators, PAIN and Pleasure. To Schwarz’s amazement, when he came out of what you might call a “trance”, his body was healed. His cuts and broken bones were healed. Schwarz eventually escaped and came to America. After demonstrating his unexplained healing skills to laypeople in Portland, he was encouraged to go to the Menninger Institute in Topeka KS. one of the premier brain research center in the US. While studying Schwarz and Yogis at Menninger, it was learned that they heal themselves by controlling their energy. By not concentrating on it, by just learning to “let go”, they were able to put themselves in brain waves that allowed instant pain control and healing. More than once Schwarz demonstrated pushing a large needle through his arm and then controlling the bleeding and healing it before Researchers and audiences eyes. The most effective low level lasers have been patterned to reproduce these frequencies and power densities exhibited many years ago by Schwarz and Yogis. The Universal Waves that Schwarz unknowingly produced appeared to be miracle healing, but was really due to his subconscious control over his conscious mind.

58 Operating Modes Continuous Wave Pulsed Wave Pulse Width
Lasers can be operated in a continuous wave mode or a pulsed wave mode. Pulsed really means the laser is off part of the time In cutting lasers, the heat damage is controlled by pulsing the wave on and off. Pulsed laser waves can be square or oval. Square waves are more precise and do not produce as much heat in cutting lasers. Continuous Wave Pulsed Wave Pulse Width Repetition Rate

59 Laser Output Power Measured in milliwatts (mW)
Higher power output over similar area = higher power density Variation of Output Power affects results Laser Output Power is measured in milliwatts or 1/1000 of a watt. And higher power over a similar sized area increases the power density.

60 Power Density Light concentration – W/cm2 More power is not better
Body sets up impedance, or polarizes against, too much power and becomes less effective Light energy is measured in watts/centimeter squared. As we study the bell curve, we will realize that in low level lasers, more is not always better because the body sets up protective mechanisms to keep the energy out.

61 patented, computerized Lasers now solve this problem .
Power Density Watts / cm2 Action The formula for calculating power density is Watts/cm2. When low level laser users did not get the benefits expected, Scientists and manufactures increased the power density, but as this slide depicts: More power is not better unless one wants to cut. More power heats tissue and cuts. More power is less effective in reenergizing cellular membranes which is the main purpose of effective low level laser treatment. If you have a low level laser that gets its energy source from a 110 or 240 volt system, then your laser is connected to hundreds of miles of Electro-Magnetic contamination which cancels out the subtle energy benefits of low level laser therapy. On the other hand most DC Battery driven Lasers cannot maintain a constant power density, Thus Negatively Effecting Results. Each time when the laser is turned on, it drains the battery down. While the laser appears “on” the power density is affected and there is a different output. The body does not like this and sets up polarization against the same energy we are administering to help. However patented, computerized Lasers now solve this problem . 0 to 5 5 to 300 300 to 1,200 1,200 to 15,000 15,000 to 100,000 Warming Superficial contraction / coagulation Excisional vaporization Incisional vaporization Rapid incision

62 Power Density can be increased by collimation or focusing the beam down to a smaller spot size. Low level lasers are not collimated and do not focus down to a small spot. The bream is linear and diverges as it is moved further form the skin. This is demonstrated by a laser pointer. A laser pointer focuses to a small spot. Because of this laser pointers are classified as a Class III device by the FDA for eye safety while the patented computerized laser that produces the soliton wave is classified as a Class I safety device by the FDA.

63 Joules Measurement of energy delivered by a laser Formula:
Output x Time ÷ Area Joules is defined as the AMOUNT OF ENERGY DELIVERED BY ONE WATT OF POWER IN ONE SECOND. The formula is: Output x Time divided by Area. By changing any one of these , the benefits of the laser are altered. Laser output like that on all 110 volt power lines varies, unless controlled by a computer. Since low level lasers produce a linear beam that is not calumniated , the spot size gets larger and less powerful the farther it is moved from the tissue. Success of low level laser therapy depends on the total joules of energy so lasers that can control the elements of this formula produce superior results. Frequently in the attempt to get the energy deeper into the body tissues, the total joules of energy is increased and this immediately becomes to much energy putting the benefits on the decreasing side of the Bell Curve. When this happens users can get the idea that low level lasers don’t work when in reality, they have exceeded the beneficial joule range. .

64 Polarization Your body’s way of protecting itself against unpredictable energy ENERGY COMES OFF THE BODY WITH PREDICABILITY such as EKG or EEG which were first discovered in around 1890, but EFFORTS TO PUT ENERGY BACK FAIL. Power has been increased but, MORE IS NOT BETTER. The BODY POLARIZES TO PREVENT the increased energy. The BODY SETS UP IMPEDENCE or RESISTANCE to such increased energy. If the body did not have this protective mechanism, we would all be dead from the enormous amount of electromagnetic contamination in our Universe.

65 Absorption Red – 3-5mm Infrared – 10-15mm
Without the Soliton wave the absorption for blue and green light waves is negligible and visible red light is limited to 3-5 millimeters. However infrared light waves can penetrate up to millimeters. When these waves are combined to form the Soliton wave, penetration is much deeper. Clinically, the Soliton wave has demonstrated beneficial affects 12 or more inches into the body.

66 Absorption Different wavelengths are absorbed by different substances
Lasers can be generated from many different elements or combinations of elements. Different lasers are absorbed by different materials. AS an example, the CO2 laser beam is absorbed by water, while other sources are absorbed by pigment of the blood.

67 Penetration The ability to get laser energy deep into the tissue is a key to success Conventional visible laser light is very beneficial but only penetrates 1-3 mm. INFRARED penetrates deeper , from cm, but is not as beneficial. The concept of piggybacking the benefits of the visible wave onto the penetrating capability of the infrared wave and combining various wavelengths to form the soliton wave has solved the penetration problem.

68 Soliton Wave One way of overcoming this protective impedance mechanism is the Soliton wave. A soliton wave is a non-linear light wave that maintains its shape and increases amplitude after colliding with a similar wave. The increased amplitude of combined wavelengths allows the soliton waves to penetrate deep into the body tissue without increased power density. This principle has revolutionized low level laser therapy and enables lasers that use the soliton wave principle to deliver electrons to damaged tissue deep within the body without injuring or altering surface tissues. Restoring the electrons to the damaged cells enables osmosis of essential nutrients into the injured cell and restores the DNA to normal.

69 Is the Speed that Waves moves
AMPLITUDE Is the Speed that Waves moves Amplitude is increased when two waves are combined.

70 Osmosis Nutrients cannot pass through the depolarized cellular membrane of an injured cell As a past High School Biology teacher I taught the principle of Osmosis. It has never changed. It is impossible to transfer anything through a depolarized membrane. I have a PhD in Nutrition and practiced clinical nutrition for years. I was president of the International Academy of Nutrition and Preventive Medicine and was fortunate to be on the same program with such greats as two time Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling, and the discover of some of the B vitamins, Roger Williams. There were many programs discussing if this or that nutrient was absorbed from the gut into the blood stream. Eventually many supplement companies proved the absorption of their products into the blood stream. But to this day not one company has stepped forward and said that their supplement is Assimilated from the blood stream into the injured cell because assimilation cannot occur across a depolarized membrane and injury and disease depolarizes cell membranes. True supplements are assimilated into healthy cells and play a roll in producing enzyme systems an total body health, but to assimilate anything through a depolarized cell membrane the cell membrane must first be repolarized.

71 HOW LASER ENERGY HEALS Low Level Lasers re-energize sick and injured cellular membranes allowing nutrients to pass through.

72 Biostimulation Arndt-Schultz Law of Biology Weak Stimuli Excite
Strong Stimuli Retard Optimal Dose Range 4 J/cm2 Varies For Each Individual For Wounds - as Healing Occurs, Reduce Laser Dosage

73 Reduces Inflammation & Pain
Biostimulation & Photostimulation Endogenous opiate production Slowing sensory nerve production Restoring cellular resonant energy Stimulating Na/K pump in cell membrane Inhibiting bradykinin & leukotriene production How do low level lasers work? LLLT works by Biostimulation and Photostimulation of chemical reactions within the cell. LLLT control pain in two ways, one by causing your own cells to produce your own morphine like substances and the other by slowing sensory nerve production. LLLT stimulates the sodium/potassium pump to keep the electrons in balance. LLLT inhibits bradykinin and leukotriene production. These highly inflammatory enzymes are 1000 times more inflammatory that histamine. You can go to the Drug Store and buy an antihistamine to clear upper respiratory problems caused by histamines, but there are no anti bradykinin or anti leukotriene drugs. One drug company spent billions of dollars trying to make an anti leukotriene drug and failed . LLLT inhibits these highly inflammatory enzymes by 75% by just aiming the laser at the injury sight. All of these are ways that low level lasers work, however the most important is the principles that “low level lasers donate electrons to injured cell membranes”. This principle makes low level lasers useful in any and all diseases and disorders.

74 Inflammation Reduction
LLLT is effective in mediating symptoms & the underlying inflammatory process by (1) stabilizing the Ca, Na & K concentrations of the cell membrane, thus balancing the NA/K pump, balances the proton gradient over the mitochondria, increases production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) & triplet Oxygen molecules absorb laser light producing singlet oxygen molecules and modulates intracellular CA & improves Ca uptake in the mitochondria.(2) Stimulates Cytochrome c Oxidase & rapidly increases production of ATP, the body’s fuel. (3) Stimulates Serotonin, Histamine & Nitric Oxide resulting in reduction of ischemia, improves transport of nutrients & O2, facilitates repair & detox. (4) Accelerates luekocytic activity thus more detox & repair. (5) Increase Prostaglandin synthesis , converts PGG2 & PGH2 into PGI2, Prostacyclin = vasodialating & anti-inflammatory similar to Cox-I & Cox- II inhibitors. (6) Reduces Interleukin 1 (IL-1) a pro-inflammatory cytokine involved in arthritis.(7) Increases the #’s of lymphocytes & balances the T helper/T suppressor cells & beta cell thus positively affects the entire immune system. (8) Increases circulation via angiogenesis, regeneration of both blood & lymph vessels, thus enhances all repair & healing. (9) Modulates temperature of inflamed injured cells. (10) Stimulates production of super oxide dismutase & ROS & balances free radical activity to terminate inflammatory response. (11) Lowers serum levels of C-reactive protein & neopterin both strong inflammatory markers in rheumatoid arthritis & heart disease. ALL THIS LEADS TO LESS SWELLING, LESS INFLAMMATION, LESS PAIN & FASTER HEALING Cytochrome Activation - ROS Reduction Cell Membrane reenergized -Proton Gradient change - CA. NA. K .Ion Changes - ATP Increase - Vasodilation - PG Synthesis - IL-1 Decreases - Increased Leukocyte Activity –Enhanced Lymphocyte Response – Temperature Modulation – Angiogenesis – SOD Production

75 Pain Reduction Endorphin increase – C-fiber depolar block
Pain is reduced by local & systemic actions utilizing enzymatic, chemical, & physical interventions. (1) Increase b-Endorphins, your own morphine like endogenous peptide. (2) Suppresses excitation of C-fiber afferent nerves thus slowing pain signals. (3) Increases Nitric Oxide, a neurotransmitter which is essential for normal nerve cell action, also causes Vasodilation & cell perfusion & oxygenation. (4) Increases nerve cell action potential. Healthy cells operate at -70mV while injured cells fire at -20mV. LLLT restores to normal. (5) Stimulates nerve regeneration (axonal sprouting). (6) Decreases Bradykinin & Leukotriene levels. These substances elicit pain by stimulating nociceptive afferent fibers in the skin & viscera. (7) Increases acetyLcholine thus normalizing nerve signal transmission in the autonomic, somatic, & sensory neural pathways. (8) Normalizes Ca, Na, & K ion concentrations. THE COMBINATION OF THESE REACTIONS RESULTS IN A SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION OF PAIN. Cell membrane changes – CA, Na, K ion changes Endorphin increase – C-fiber depolar block Increases NO production Increased nerve action potential Decreased Bradykinin & Leukotriene Increased acetylcholine

76 SPEEDS HEALING Increased leukocyte activity
Wound healing progresses through the stages of inflammation, proliferation, remodeling, & maturation. LLLT enhances all these by: Enhances leukocyte infiltration stimulating neutrophils, monocytes, & lymphocytes. (2) Increases macrophage activity by accelerating phagocytosis, growth fact6r secretion & stimulates collagen synthesis. (3) Promotes revascularization with subsequent improvement in perfusion & oxygenation. (4) Increases fibroblast numbers & fibroblast mediated collagen production. (5) Increases synthesis of keratinocytes. (6) Accelerates epithelialization, minimizes scarring, & reduces infection opportunities. (7) Increases by 2-5 fold growth-phase-specific DNA synthesis in fibroblasts, muscle cells, osteoblasts, & mucosal epithelium cells. (8) Increases Nitric Oxide, ATP & thus increase in myofibroblasts, myofibrils, myotubes, as well as bone cell proliferation & significant regeneration of muscle cells. (9) Increases wound tensile strength of both soft & connective tissue in the healed wound. Increased leukocyte activity Increased macrophage activity Increased vascular regeneration Increased fibroblast proliferation Early cell regeneration Enhanced cell differentiation Increased tensile strength Accelerated wound healing

77 Best Laser Results STIMULATE RESONATE
Nerves, bone, joints, tendons, cartilage & ligaments RESONATE Muscles, organs, glands Acupoint Therapy with the right laser One laser cannot be efficiently be used for all disorders. Laser beams need to be large enough to cover larger areas for burns, large bruises, bed sores and etc. Bones nerves, joints, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments require more joules of energy and need to be more concentrated to the sight. Soft tissue such as bellies of muscles, organs and glands need a larger wider beam but the energy needs to be delivered in very subtle amounts to stay on the incline plane of the Bell Curve. While acupoint therapy does not require large amounts of energy, the energy should come to a smaller point so the acupoints can be easily energized. Just as one source of transportation is not good for all trips, one laser is not efficient either. Many progressive alternative care providers say “I have a Laser”, but they are not getting all the benefits if they just have one laser. If one has to economize, we will discuss which laser gives the broadest uses in the next section.

78 Review… In this section you have learned some laser physics, and the basic terminology like Photons , Coherence, Wavelength , Power Density, Joules and Soliton Waves.

79 Proprioception to the Brain

80 In this section, you will learn about the importance of controlling the proprioceptive feedback mechanism to the brain and about the embryology of brain development. You will also learn how to balance the Sympathetic and Parasympathic Nervous systems

81 Receiving stimulations within tissues of the body
Proprioception Proprioception is where ever the body needs it to be to protect itself. Much is known about Proprioception in the feet , hands and elsewhere, If you were to walk barefoot and step on broken glass, via Proprioception you would immediately lift your foot. If this happened every step the muscles of one leg would tire from lifting and the muscles in the other leg would tire from bracing. However if you were to put shoes on, instantly your brain knows you can walk on broken glass. It would not matter what kind of shoe you put on, wood, leather or rubber. Or if you were to touch an electrical wire with you bare hands, you would instantly without thinking jerk you hand away. BUT LITTLE ATTENTION IS PAID TO THE MOST IMPORTANT PROPRIOCEPTION OF ALL – THE WAY THE LOWER TEETH MEET THE UPPER TEETH. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR BITE OR TMJ BUT EVERYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR HEALTH – THIS AREA OF PROPRIOCEPTION IS THE MAIN REGULATOR OF YOUR SYMPATHETIC AND PARASYMPATHITIC NERVOUS SYSTEMS. IT REGULATES THE FUNCTIONS OF YOUR INTERNAL ORGANS AS WELL AS YOUR STRUCTURAL POSTURE Receiving stimulations within tissues of the body

82 Proprioception Visual Sensory Motor
Integrates incoming stimuli and outgoing responses THESE ARE THE SIGNALS THAT REGULATE OUR LIFE FUNCTIONS

83 Feedback from the oral area that regulates significant brain functions
Proprioception Dental Proprioception is the most delicate feedback mechanism within your body. It is so delicate the you can tell the difference in thickness of an eyelash and an eye brow when placed between your upper and lower front teeth. It is a well know fact that teeth regulate the 12 energy meridians of the body. Feedback from the oral area that regulates significant brain functions

84 Proprioception Affects
Over 50% of body functions Blood supply to the brain Low level electrical feedback to the brain Few professionals truly understand the significance Proprioception to the brain from the dental area plays in disease and disorders. Tight muscles that control the lower jaw’s position to the skull can reduce blood flow to the brain, eyes, ears, nose, and the upper and lower dental arch by as much as 50%. And we must not forget that the electricity generated between metal fillings when bathed in an acidic saliva is a major factor in many neurological disorders and are responsible for sending faulty signals to the brain .

85 Dental Distress Syndrome (DDS)
Affects over 75% of the people in this room! Dr A.B. Leeds, internationally known physician and Chief consultant to the American Armed Forces during World War II and was the doctor for Presidents Roosevelt and Generals Eisenhower and Patton and even provided medical care for Stalin and other international figures spent the last years of his life working with dentist Willie May. Leeds stated “ This is the greatest treatment of chronic symptoms that I have come across in over 50 years of medical practice and if treatment is begun at middle age could extend life by at least ten years. Dr Willie May later went on to become President John F. Kennedy's dentist. Both Selye and May died in their 50s. Had they lived longer, and because they had the “clout”, I am sure this critical health information would be taught in the medical/dental schools today.

86 Disease & Stress Hans Selye, considered the father of stress, wrote these comments in the forward of “Dental Distress Syndrome”, a book published by Dr. Al Fonder. This great little paper back is out of print but GO-JO Enterprises has Dr. Fonder’s “Dental Physician” available in hard cover. “Stress, particularly stress of dental origin, pervades man’s life in health and disease. Medicine would benefit by a closer alliance between members of the medical and dental professions.” Hans Selye, MD, Ph.D

87 Highest morbidity risk factor was loss of teeth
Harvard Study While I am not into scar tactics, allow me to share three studies with you to show the importance of the teeth to health and wellbeing. This Harvard Morbidity study examined records of 33,000 dentists & physicians in 1986 to determine the cause of death. Not surprisingly the Leading causes of death were heart disease & cancer, but the highest risk factors WERE NOT, cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, high triglycerides or lack of exercise But WAS LOSS OF 10 or more TEETH. This study showed that there was a 67% increase in heart attack & stroke among those that lost their teeth as compared to those who did not. Other more recent studies have made the important relationship between the teeth and the heart. Highest morbidity risk factor was loss of teeth

88 Japanese Studies Dr. Koichi Miura, MD
Dr. Miura, a medical doctor from Osaka Japan heard Dr. Al Fonder speak about the role of the heigth of the back teeth and decided to do his own research. He began his study with guinea pigs, beagle dogs & monkeys in Six healthy male monkey subjects were put to sleep and the back teeth on one side were ground down a small amount, not enough to created pain, just enough to “take them out of occlusion”. Immediately after recovering from the anesthetic, the researchers noticed that the monkeys had lost some use of the arm on the side where the teeth were shortened. These monkeys were not able to swing from trees with that arm. When the monkeys had their teeth resorted to the original heigth, the use of the arm returned to normal immediately. Dr Koichi Miura then began studying humans and by now probably has studied near 100,000 humans. He evaluated a 100 medical parameters including EKG, EEG, CO2 and every blood test imaginable, then he placed a 10 mm high template over the lower back teeth to be worn by the subject at night and another 5 mm template to wear during the day including eating. These templates or splints did not have any acrylic in the front and were flat on the surface. After 1 month using the templates, the subjects were re-evaluated. Of the 100 medical parameters, 75 improved by 75%. This research shows that vertical dimension or loss of posterior support had a 75% relationship to over 100 medical parameters. Think of this. Blood studies used to diagnose serious diseases had changed in just 30 days when the Proprioception to the brain was changed. Dr. Koichi Miura, MD 75% Improvement in 75 of 100 medical parameters

89 Air Force Study WWII Pilots who received immediate dentures lived an average of 10 years less than those who kept their own teeth During World War II, our air force planes did not have pressurized cabins. Those pilots who had bad teeth would experience severe pain when they went into a steep dive. Since these men were needed to win the war , dentists took impressions of their mouth, cut the teeth off the models and made what is became known as Immediate Dentures. Our Airmen were put to sleep and all their teeth were extracted and the dentures were put in immediately. In one to two days these young men were back in the air defending our country. But they paid a heavy price. Air force record show that these young men who lost their teeth at such an early age lived an average of 10 years less than those pilots who did not have to have their teeth removed. Just one more study to show the importance of keeping your teeth. So don’t be surprised to hear my campaign to stop extracting root channeled and teeth with so called cavitations. As you will learn, there is a better way.

90 Ectodermal thickening Peripheral nervous system Central nervous system
Embryology OVUM Now I want take you on a tour of how our brains develop and why this area of Embryological development is so critical to Proprioception to the Brain (4 weeks) Ectodermal thickening Neural tube Neural crest Peripheral nervous system Central nervous system

91 Neural Tube Neural Crest
Brain & Spinal cord Central Nervous System ½ of master pituitary Thalamus & hypothalamus Outgrowths of forebrain All sensory Receptors Peripheral Nervous System ½ of master pituitary All other hormonal glands These areas in printed in white are considered “dental structures” and are extensions of the brain and spinal cord. Midnose Upper lip Premaxilla Four maxillary incisors Balance of the dental system, except tooth enamel

92 Neural CREST Cell Function
Remember those important cells on the right side of the previous diagram. These important brain developmental cells gather sensory information via Proprioception and Kinesthetics for the Central Nervous System & Body. Faulty inbound information =faulty outbound information. Just like computers “Garbage In = Garbage Out” Neural CREST Cell Function

93 Neural TUBE Cell Function
Is the body’s control system which monitors and controls the quadrillions of cells in the united total person. Neural TUBE Cell Function

94 Thalamus & Cerebral Cortex
Proprioception Proprioception from the dental area either directly or indirectly controls half of the total body functions. Thalamus & Cerebral Cortex

95 Dr. Penfield was one of the premier Neurologist of his time and along with Rasmussen wrote several books. In their book, “The Cerebral Cortex of Man”, they studied brains and traced a great deal of the brain function back to the dental structures that were developed from the Neural Tube and the Neural Crest. Almost half of the sensory and motor aspects of the brain are devoted to the “dental area.” The Cerebral Cortex of Man by Penfield & Rasmussen Published by Macmillan Co

As an example, Proprioception controls the Thalamus, the master computer of the brain, which in turn controls your posture. So any time you see someone’s head tipped to one side, or a high shoulder, or one leg shorter than the other, or the head tipped forward, THINK PROPRIOCEPTION. Think relationship of the lower jaw to the skull. Or if a person is stressed, remember that the Thalamus controls the Hypothalamus which is the stress regulator of the brain. THINK Proprioception. Think internal stress, not external stress. THALAMUS CEREBELLUM HYPOTHALAMUS POSTURE STRESS

97 Look at this great slide and see how close the teeth are to the brain
Look at this great slide and see how close the teeth are to the brain. Yes the teeth, all except the enamel, are extensions of the brain and spinal cord. Do NOT ever forget that when considering extractions or oral surgery. I don’t know about you but I do not want much going wrong in my mouth when the teeth are so close and so important to brain function.

98 Mandibular nerve has fibers connecting with the Vagus Nerve.
The Mandibular Nerve, also known as the 5th Cranial Nerve, is the only nerve that is both Motor and Sensory. For the lay people in the audience, that means that this nerve sends sensory signals such as touch and Proprioception to the Brain as well as Motor signals to tell the muscles to respond to the sensory signals. This nerve has direct connecting fibers with the Vagus Nerve which regulates the internal organs. So if you have a problem with the rhythm of the heart or the peristaltic action of the large intestine, or the function of the Pancreas, or any of your Endocrine System, look to the Vagus nerve for faulty signals.

99 Mandibular Function 68 Pairs of muscles above and below the mandible determine head, cervical, shoulder, and jaw posturization The 136 muscles must function at their endowed contracting and relaxing lengths and be in reciprocal balance Most people think the lower jaw is hinged to the skull, Not so! The position of the lower jaw is controlled by 68 pair of muscles. These are the same muscles that control the position of the head, the shoulders and the curvature of the spine. Chiropractors and Osteopaths will tell you that when anything goes wrong in the neck or cervical spine area, it is reflected to the lower back or lumbar area. And most of you know that next to head ache, back pain is the second leading cause for missing work.

100 This slide shows the 68 pair of muscles above and below the mandible that determine the head, the neck, the shoulder and jaw posturization. These 136 muscles must function at their endowed contracting and relaxing lengths and be in reciprocal balance in order for the body to function properly. When any combination of these muscles are tight due to improper relationship of the lower jaw to the skull (upper jaw), faulty Proprioceptive signals are sent to the brain causing the body to respond in unfavorable ways that are interpreted as disease. These tight muscles reduce blood flow to the brain and jaw leading to other diseases. There are few diseases that are not adversely affected by reduced blood flow to the brain. One might consider such diseases as Alzheimer's, senility, cavitations, and endocrine disturbances in this list, plus many others. No one wants these muscles to tighten and reduce the blood supply to your brain!

101 The major cause of faulty Proprioception to the brain in today’s population is the under development of the skull. Price and Pottenger’s landmark work on cats and then on humans showed that the skull progressively narrows after each generation of refined foods. This study was conducted during the great depression when Price, a Dentist and Pottenger, a physician were making thyroid drugs for humans from cats prior to bovine thyroid and synthroid. When their research cats fed on table scraps began dying after the surgery, a call went out for more cats. Because many families had trouble just feeding their families during the Great Depression, they were more than happy to donate their cats for research. Many cats were dropped on Price and Pottenger’s door step, in fact so many that they did not have enough pens or food (table scraps) to feed them. Extra pens were built to keep them separate because they feared that the new stray cats might have diseases that would affect their research. Since there was not enough table scraps referred to as “cooked meat – cooked milk) to feed the new cats, raw milk and raw meat was donated by a local dairy and a hide and fur place. These cats became known as the “raw milk - raw meat cats”. It was clear that after each generation the cooked milk - cooked meat cats had many more problems. More died from the surgery. They fought among their siblings. They got their claws caught in the wire fences and could not land on their feet when thrown a short distance. There was much more aborting of the young and when they did give birth, the young had many deformities and after four generations this group had mostly deformed and sickly young kittens. It was just the opposite for the raw milk and raw food cats. Price went on to study many Native Island Tribes including those that ate natural foods and later converted to refined diet. He noticed the same narrowing of the head and upper arch. There was especially a narrowing of the premaxilla which is the area consisting of the base of the nose and the front teeth. This narrowing causes the trapping of the mandible and causes the muscles to “work over time” to keep the jaw in an occlusal relationship with the upper constricted arch. Now you understand the cause of this accelerating epidemic in the United States and for that matter any other refined food country. This will also explain why our country rates 26 or 27th in longevity while we are number one in dollars spent on sickness.

102 Proprioception Controls the sympathetic nervous system
Controls the parasympathetic nervous system By researching and coordinating the literature from textbooks and research over the past 50 years, it becomes obvious that the Proprioception resulting from the relationship of the lower jaw to the skull controls the Autonomic Nervous System.

103 Autonomic Nervous System
Regulates organ function Coordinates sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems The Autonomic Nervous System is composed of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems. Faulty inbound information equals faulty outbound directions and disease symptoms appear!

104 Autonomic Nervous System
Stimulation of sympathetic system: Increases stress Raises blood pressure Increases heart rate Speeds breathing rate Decreases glandular, stomach & intestinal function To illustrate, I will use my own personal example. While I consider myself quite healthy and have never had any need for medical treatment since a surgically repaired ruptured Achilles tendon in 1971, I have had high blood pressure upon awakening in the mornings for years. At least it was high according to the American Heart Association guide lines. Recently I keep tract of my blood pressure for five days and it averaged 160/101. Then I placed a Proprioceptive Guide, which we will be discussed in the Workshop and lasered two acupoints once a day for three days with a 660 Enhancer, using it just one minute per acupoint. At the end of the second 5 days my blood pressure averaged 148/87 and that was without any change in diet or use of any drugs or supplements. That is an 8% improvement in systolic and a 14% improvement in diastolic pressure. While this is a short one person study, it gives an example of how the Sympathetic Nervous system can be controlled by non invasive techniques.

105 Autonomic Nervous System
Stimulation of parasympathetic: Reduces stress Lowers blood pressure Decreases heart rate Slows breathing rate Increases glandular, stomach & intestinal function Builds up body reserves Now if you stimulate the parasympathetic , you get just the opposite.

106 Sympathetic / Parasympathetic Imbalance
Imbalance of the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic is the biggest problem with Health and the biggest challenge to all types of Health Practitioners. Doctors agree that if the Sympathetic/ Parasympathetic nervous systems are in balance, there are not many symptoms of disease. SYMPATHETIC PARA-SYMPATHETIC

107 and parasympathetic nervous systems
BALANCING the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems The quickest way to temporarily balance the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Nervous System is to place a one inch piece of pop cycle wood between the back teeth. An intermediate way is to make and wear a Proprioceptive Guide and laser proprioceptive points which will demonstrated in the Workshop. Subtle ways to aid in balancing the autonomic nervous is to practice breathing rhythms and eliminate electrical current between different metal fillings. Slow prolonged exhalation through the nose sensitizes fibrils in the nose that in turn activates the parasympathetic nervous system. Bodies that are parasympathetic under active are more acidic and metal fillings, especially different types of metal fillings in the same mouth when surrounded by an acidic saliva becomes a “battery” and sends faulty signals to the brain. This battery effect is a far more serious problem that mercury fillings. Learning the correct breathing rhythms is easier said than done. The book “The Peaceful Warrior” is all about the secret of life “breathing” or Buddy Frumpkers book “Mind Mapping” are good places to start.

108 Balanced Sympathetic & Parasympathetic
However if the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems are in balance, Stress is reduced, heart rate slows, breathing rate slows and the endocrine activity normalizes, stomach and intestines normalize. All this builds up body reserves , increases the immune system, lessens disease and leads to more energy and a healthier life. PARA-SYMPATHETIC SYMPATHETIC

109 Thermography is a non invasive way of determining inflammation and blood flow. It takes an experienced doctor to read the thermograms accurately, but in general red and white is bad, green and yellow is good. This thermogram illustrates the reduction of inflammation to the tight muscles that are concerned with the TMJ or more correctly referred to as TMD (tempromandibular dysfunction) These results were achieved after just three minutes of low level laser use. Before After Thermograph images show immediate reduction of pain & inflammation on 46 year old female with TMJ / Dental Distress Syndrome after a 3 minutes laser application

110 Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion affects your jaw and your life
For every ACTION, there is an equal and opposite REACTION. The Cerebellum requires proper information from the 5th cranial or Mandibular nerve to proceed with body postural changes…thus even small changes in occlusal proprioception easily reflect into the neck, lower back, etc. Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion affects your jaw and your life

111 Most people think the Tempro Mandibular Joint is a true joint. It isn’t.
If it were, as it swings open, it would impinge on your throat and choke you.

112 Casey Guzay, an Engineer knowing that the jaw could not articulate in the TMJ fossa worked with Dentist from the American Academy of Physiologic Dentistry to produce a true model of how the jaw actually works. This model keeps with all the laws of physics the Quadrant Theorem which establishes the articulation of the lower jaw at the dens between the first and second cervical vertebrae. The first 5 cervical vertebrae are really controlled by the 68 pair of muscles that control the jaw relationship to the skull.

113 This drawing shows where the jaw actually articulates and where the plane of the upper and lower teeth should be in order to achieve proper function. Dr. Tinbergen won the 1973 Nobel Prize for his work in Dental Distress stating that a variety of both somatic and psychic illnesses are directly related to the dental area. When back teeth are extracted and other are allowed to shift or drift or wear down so they are no longer on the X - Y plane, faulty proprioceptive signals are sent to the brain and adversely affect the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic balance and disease ensues.

114 Autonomic Nervous System
Health care providers have used a variety of drug, supplements and techniques to try to achieve a balance in the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic nervous system. All these may work to some extent, but the cause of the imbalance still remains because it is a structural problem. If sympathetic is overactive, common treatments are: Drugs Supplements Homeopathic Reduce stressors

115 Structural cause for Imbalance
The loss of posterior teeth or even the height of the back teeth which allows the front teeth to hit to soon, activates the Sympathetic and decreases the Parasympathetic nervous function. As just pointed out, stimulation of the sympathetic nervous systems results in increased body activity, increased stress, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, increased breathing rate, and DECREASED endocrine glandular activity, decreased stomach and intestinal function and disease. . SYMPATHETIC PARA-SYMPATHETIC

116 to correct faulty proprioception
Quick Method to correct faulty proprioception I think you will agree that in order to eliminate any disorder that the cause must first be eliminated. Since most diseases arise from a faulty signal to the brain the quickest way to give temporary relief is by placing a Proprioceptive Guide in the mouth. This can be done by a layperson if they still have their own lower back teeth in their own kitchen with a commercial product called Miracle Bite Tabs. If there are missing lower back teeth or teeth have been replaced by bridges or implants, the Proprioceptive Guide must be made by a laboratory using models of the teeth. Low level laser Therapy applied by a doctor or a layperson on the tight muscles that regulate the jaw position will release these muscles in 30 seconds and correct the faulty proprioception to the brain

117 Scoliosis & Psoriasis Al Fonder Dental Distress Syndrome
Look at these pictures of Dr. Al Fonder’s book, “The Dental Physician”. See the high left (your right )shoulder, the head tipped, the right arm long , the left arm short, and observe the forward head position accentuating the spinal curvature. The pictures on the right showing a correction of the postural problems were taken two hours later after Dr. Fonder removed old amalgam fillings and placed new amalgam fillings on the back teeth and made them higher on the left side than on the right side. While you may not have heard about this remarkable work, it has been 50 years since Dr. Fonder first started. He treated tens of thousands of patients during his career and as better materials became available, he used composites rather than mercury to correct the lack of posterior support and activate balance the ANS. Al Fonder Dental Distress Syndrome

118 Lateral pterygoid – pressure point for faulty proprioception to the brain I will show you how to check yourself to see if you have faulty Proprioception. Of course you can have someone else check your posture, but if you will follow along with me, you can learn to check your own muscles in a minute. Using your right index finger, place it as far up and back behind the upper second molar as you can feel. Is it sore? If so, this is the external ptyergoid or the muscle that holds the jaw front to back and if it is sore it is working overtime to keep the front teeth from banging. Another quick way to test this muscle is: tear off a piece of paper ½ inch by 1 – 2 inches long. Put it between your front teeth. Now bite on your back teeth and pull. If the paper sticks you have faulty Proprioception arises from an over worked tight ptyergoid muscle.

119 Medial pterygoid – pressure point for faulty proprioception to the brain Now to check your lateral ptyergoid muscle, using your index finger or thumbs, feel up and back just under the angle of the jaw. This muscle that moves or holds the jaw from side to side and if it is sore you know that your muscles are working overtime to hold the jaw in a position to fit it to an underdeveloped skull.

120 Pressure point for faulty proprioception to the brain
Now using your thumbs or middle and index fingers, palpate or roll them around on the spot just below the collar bone about 2 inches in from the arm pit. If this is sore it is a positive ID for faulty Proprioception to the brain. There are several other trigger points or Proprioceptive points that can be checked but these three serve as a good quick check.

121 Proprioceptive Guides
It is hard to find a dentist that understands Proprioception, so I have made two types of Proprioceptive Guides that you as a layperson can use for yourself while you are either finding or training a Dentist. Miracle Bite Tabs are self made in you own kitchen using hot water to soften them and ice to harden them. They can be adjusted by rubbing with a table knife heated in boiling water. In order to use the MBT you must have all your own lower back teeth except wisdom teeth. MBT are ECONOMICAL & HYPOALLERGENIC, they are SELF MADE. They SNAP SECURELY ON YOUR LOWER BACK TEETH. They are EASY TO MAKE IN YOUR OWN KITCHEN. All you need is HOT water and Ice. MBT can be remade CAN BE REMADE AS MUSCLES CHANGE. This is one of the easiest ways to ELIMINATE FAULTY PROPROCEPTIVE FEED BACK TO BRAIN If you are missing lower back teeth or have bridges or implants, then MBT will not work. Then you must have your Proprioceptive Guide made at a laboratory from models of your teeth. Go to any dentist and request an impression and study or working model of your upper and lower teeth; do NOT ask your dentist to make Proprioceptive Guides. Send them to GO-JO Enterprises, a company that will make your personalized Proprioceptive guide. These self guides are designed to be adjusted by the wearer using a table knife dipped in hot water. It is your responsibility to adjust them daily or as needed until a more permanent solution is provided by your dentist. I MUST EMPHASIZE THAT IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE DOING THINGS FOR YOURSELF, HAVE A HARD TIME FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS OR ARE “ALL THUMBS”, NEITHER THE MBT OR PROPRIOCEPTIVE GUIDES WILL WORK FOR YOU! Miracle Bite Tabs Easy Adjust Proprioceptive Guides

122 Proprioceptive Guides
Restores lost posterior support Releases tight TMD muscles Restores blood to brain Restores facial symmetry Controls clicking & TMD pain Helps control headaches Enhances endocrine system Increases energy levels Proprioceptive guides and Low Level Laser Therapy used together. are the quickest way to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

123 Here are Miracle bite Tabs on Study Models

124 Here are Miracle Bite Tabs out of the mouth.

125 These are Miracle Bite Tabs in place.

126 Easy Adjust Proprioceptive Guide
Made in laboratory For people with missing back teeth OR those who do not want to make their own Miracle Bite Tabs The Easy Adjust Proprioceptive Guide is designed for those who are missing lower back teeth, have bridges, or implants. While this guide is made by GO-JO Enterprises, it is designed so you can make your own adjustments as the muscles relax and change. This saves many visits to the dentist to adjust hard acrylic splints.

127 Easy Adjust Proprioceptive Guide
This is what a Proprioceptive guide looks like out of the mouth. Easy Adjust Proprioceptive Guide

128 Easy Adjust Proprioceptive Guides
combined with Low Level Laser Therapy improve health dramatically

129 Low Level Laser Therapy & Proprioceptive Guides are Synergistic
Low Level Laser Therapy will provide results when used without Proprioceptive Guides. Many low level lasers users get satisfactory results without Miracle Bite Tabs, Easy Adjust Proprioceptive Guides, other dental orthotic devices. Likewise properly made, fitted and adjusted Proprioceptive Guides (orthotics) will also achieve results when used independent of low level laser therapy. However when the two are used together, there is a synergistic phenomenon where NO LONGER equals 2. It could be 6 – 8 or even 20 times the benefit.

130 Review… In section II we learned about Proprioception, Embryology and how the development or rather lack of proper development affects the balance of our Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous systems, and how low level lasers, Miracle Bite Tabs or Easy Adjust Proprioceptive Guides help. You’ve learned about proprioception, embryology, and how they affect the balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems

131 Low Level Laser Safety & Research
STONEY BROOK HEALTH SCIENCES CENTER in NY has studied the RESONATOR AND ROTARY MULTIPLEX Lasers and has shown that these lasers are non toxic to all cells. The Resonator and the Rotary Multiplex are for-runners of the Q100 and the Q UNDERWRITERS LABORATORY has studied Lasers, Inc, Low Level Lasers, Inc. and 2035, Inc lasers. From that information these lasers are classified as follows: Resonator, Q100, Rotary Multiplex, Q1000 are classified as Class I Safety devices. The 660 Enhancer Probe, the Visible Enhancer Probe are classified as Class IIIA and the 808 Enhancer Probe and the Infrared Enhancer Probe is classified as Class IIIB. There is not ONE reported side effect in over 2000 studies on LLLT. Ionizing electromagnetic radiation in wavelengths shorter than 320 nm may cause Cancer. Research shows that LOW LEVEL LASERS ARE BENIFICIAL IN HEALING ALL AREAS OF DISEASE, that Low Level Lasers are NON TOXIC. Low Level Lasers reduce INFLAMMATION and SPEED HEALING and CONTROL PAIN. Higher powered collimated lasers may injure the eye.

132 FDA Laser Classification
Class II Class IIIa Class IIIb Class IV The FDA classifies lasers for safety. Laser devices are measured for safety at 20 centimeters from the eye. A Class I laser is one that will do no harm to the human eye and is considered safe without wearing protective glasses. A Class II laser is a laser that can possibly cause harm to the eye if exposed for a long enough time frame. A Class IIIa device is one that could cause harm to the eye if exposed long enough and must carry a risk label. Laser pointers are such devices. Class IIIb, IV, & V devices must carry a warning label and protective glasses must be worn. Even though the same numbering system is used, safety classification and efficacy classifications are entirely different. Any time a device claims to treat a certain disease or disorder, it falls under the medical claims section and must have appropriate studies to support it’s use. AS of January 2003, there are three lasers that have FDA approval for treating humans: Two for Carpal Tunnel, and one for myofacial pain of the shoulder

133 FDA Approval The FDA classifies lasers for safety. Laser devices are measured for safety at 20 centimeters from the eye. A Class I laser is one that will do no harm to the human eye and is considered safe without wearing protective glasses. A Class II laser is a laser that can possibly cause harm to the eye if exposed for a long enough time frame. A Class IIIa device is one that could cause harm to the eye if exposed long enough and must carry a risk label. Laser pointers are such devices. Class IIIb, IV, & V devices must carry a warning label and protective glasses must be worn. Even though the same numbering system is used, safety classification and efficacy classifications are entirely different. Any time a device claims to treat a certain disease or disorder, it falls under the medical claims section and must have appropriate studies to support it’s use. AS of January 2003, there are three lasers that have FDA approval for treating humans: Two for Carpal Tunnel, and one for myofacial pain of the shoulder Low level lasers have been approved for carpal tunnel, cervical neck pain, low back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, & wound healing. NASA is using technical light therapy for medical conditions in space

134 LEDs LEDs are light emitting diodes. They are a cheap semi-conductor bulb that emits colored light but lacks coherence, therefore LEDs DO NOT do the same thing as true lasers. LEDs do have certain benefits and are being studied by NASA to see if they can increase the absorption of nutrients into cells for our Astronauts in a weightless state. But just use common sense, if LEDs did the same thing as lasers, they would be used for checking out groceries, printing print and carrying sound on our CDs. LEDs are NOT true lasers and buyers should not be confused when various colored light emitting devices are called lasers. One easy and quick way to distinguish low level lasers from LEDs is the cost. Any time an instrument sells for a few hundred dollars, it is probably a laser point or an LED. Neither the Laser Pointer or an LED unit will replace a laser with a piggybacking and Soliton wave capabiliites. What about them?

135 Systemic Effect Laser Energy is: Accumulative Cascading
The benefits that you receive from low level laser continue to accumulate and when applied to one part of a muscle or organ cascade throughout the muscle or organ, a very beneficial principal.

136 One of the Most Important Principles
Low Level Lasers re-energize sick and injured cellular membranes allowing nutrients to pass through.

137 Bell Curve Benefit Time
When we discussed Joules you will remember that more is not necessarily better. To reenergize cell membranes with donated electrons the energy must remain on the incline plane of the Bell Curve. Laser energy, works, works, works on the incline plane and reaches the maximum benefit at the peak of the curve. To continue using the laser decreases the benefits already gained. So if you use the laser to long or use to high power laser, it is very easy to completely down the back side of the Bell Curve. If this happens, you will have undone the benefits of the laser. You will not have created any damage, but it is just that you did not get the maximum benefit. This is one of the MAJOR pitfalls of Low Level Laser Therapy. When one starts to feel better, the tendency is to use it more. This is Wrong. STOP! Do NOT use the laser more on that day . Check symptoms the next day and use only if indicated. Kinesiology is a quick and effective method of determining how long to use your laser. It is easily learned by lay people and will aid you in keeping your laser energy on the beneficial incline plane of the Bell Curve. Benefit Time

138 Bell Curve Everybody’s bell curve is different
You can easily learn how to determine yours Everybody requires different amounts of energy to normalize so it is difficult to set a specific time for everyone, but you can easily learn to determine your own laser need. While many Professional practice Applied Kinesiology, it is best to learn to self test. There are several ways to self test. Some use a pendulum, but the easiest is “Circles”

139 Kinesiology Muscle testing Circles Other
While many Professional practice Applied Kinesiology, Muscle testing or AK fro short, it is best to learn to self test. There are several ways to self test, but the easiest and quickest is “Circles”. By practice you can learn “Circles” , this simple method of Kinesiology to help yourself make these determinations . Circles is an 80 year old “art” and is about 85-90% reliable. It is done by hooking your thumb and middle finger together of your two hands like a chain. Program your subconscious that a “yes” answer means the muscles are strong, that is they will not come apart when pulling. A “no” answer is the muscles are weak. They come apart on pulling. Once programmed, check with known and unknown ridiculous type questions. Such statements as I am in a lecture hall would be r a “yes” and the fingers would not come apart on pulling. Or a statement such as I am standing on my head should obviously produce a no answer. If not keep programming until you get correct answers to the questions asked. Then you can use circles to determine if you should use LLLT today and for how long. Other methods include pendulums, various dermal screening devices and ‘just Plain common sense”. You can also use this circles for testing foods, chemicals, dental materials, and even decisions.

140 Review… You’ve learned laser physics, laser safety and how lasers work. You also learned how to get the best results from your low level laser, and how to keep on the incline of the Bell Curve.

141 How to choose a Low Level Laser
Remember one laser can’t treat all disorders

142 Remember one laser can’t treat all disorders, so choose one with multiple wavelengths that has both visible and infrared diodes. Choose one that has computer controlled power density. Choose one that has computer controlled frequencies with the ability to program frequencies. Choose one that is safe. Class I safety lasers will never cause any harm. Choose one that has a Soliton Wave to enable deeper penetration without increasing the power. Choose one that has the ability to plug or add additional higher power lasers for joints, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and acupoint therapy. Choose one that is cost effective. Many single diode lasers sell for more than multiple wave length lasers. Choose one that can be quickly and economically repaired. Choose one that has a good warranty. And maybe the most important ,choose one that gives good professional technical support. Engineers can design instruments but it takes years of professional experience to maximize befits. In this section, you will learn what features to look for in a Low Level Laser

143 Choosing a laser Look for: State of the Art Technology
Handheld - Easy to use Portable & rechargeable Multiple frequencies Multiple wavelengths FDA Registration - Totally safe Customer Service & Tech Support

144 Introducing Low Level Lasers from 2035, Inc.

145 2035, Inc. Lasers are SAFE! Studies done by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) have classified the Q100 & Q1000 as Class I – Non-Significant Risk medical lasers

146 Low Level Lasers, in general, are SAFE!
No reported side effects in over 2000 studies on LLLT LLLT wavelengths are well above the ionizing electromagnetic radiation (320nm and less) that may be harmful LLLT output powers are much lower than the high powered, collimated lasers that can burn and/or injure the eye

147 Professional or Home Use
The Q100 laser is a good all round laser. It can be used by both professional and lay people. It is small and compact and it’s 7.2 volt DC battery runs the laser for 72 hours and then is easily recharged. The Q100 laser is a multiple laser with four different wavelengths, a combination of 4 LEDs and 4 true lasers. Four are in the visible range and four are in the invisible or infrared range. It offers two modes, mode 1 for pain, healing of wounds and injuries, and mode 2 for anything to do with the head or heart. Its diodes are dependable industrial diodes with the patented computerized control of the energy system so you get exactly the same every time it is turned on. It delivers 1.3 joules of energy in one three minute timed cycle. It has the “piggy back” of the beneficial visible light waves onto the penetrating infrared waves, and the revolutionary “soliton” wave that carries subtle energy deep into the body with out increasing the power density. This laser is economical and is affordable by anyone who can afford a good lap top computer.

148 Professional or Home Use
The Q1000 offers everything the Q100 offers plus much more. It has 20 lights and true laser diodes. Eight diodes emit a visible light and 12 are in the invisible or infrared range. It has 7 different wave lengths and all deliver their energy by the same patented “piggy back and soliton principle as does the Q100. Because it has more lasers it delivers 3.9 joules of energy in one three minute timed cycle, whereas the Q100 only delivers 1.3 joules in the same time period. It has a total of 7 modes. Modes 1 and mode 2 are the same modes as offered in the Q100. Mode 3 is the Multi Organ Mode and covers all the frequencies of the internal organs. Modes 4 through 7 are available to be programmed with any combinations of frequencies that the buyer may choose. The Q1000 also has an outlet to attach the 660 Visible Enhancer Probe and the 808 Infrared Enhancer Probe and serves as the Probes brains and power source. This laser is engineered for the future.

MODE 1- PAIN, WOUNDS, MS. RELAXTION MODE 2 – BRAIN (HEADACHES),HEART MODE 3 – MULTIORGAN -29 FREQUENCIES OPEN MODES MODE 4 – DNA NORMALIZER MODE 5 – NOREPINEPHRINE – ALERTNESS MODE 6 – 5HT SERATONIN – SLEEP MODE 7 – DOPAMINE – CALM - RELAX Heart disease is the number one killer in the America. Half of all the people in this room are likely to die from some type of heart problem. For decades ,doctors pushed the cholesterol theory, Billions of dollars have been spent on solving heart attach based on this flawed theory. Recently articles appearing in the American Hear t Journal by Flemming has stated that heart disease is multifactor, that is caused by several things such as viral, bacterial, genetic, chemical, nutritional, obesity, lack of exercise, and smoking. But the area that is getting the most attention is the inflammation of the arteries. The CRP test measures the C reactive protein thought to cause the inflammation. One needs to question why we don’t have inflammation of the veins since inside lining or entema of the artery and vein are Histologically alike. Eventually I think the correct wording will be a constriction of the smooth muscles within the artery wall that may be caused by an inflammatory agent. Remember low level lasers reduce inflammation by 75%.

150 Knowing that one laser cannot do it all, the Pro Pack is designed for professional, however many laypeople are also enjoying it’s multi-laser features. It includes the Q100 and the Q1000 as well as the 660 Visible Enhancer Probe and the 808 Infrared Enhancer Probe. The 660 Enhancer Probe is a great acupoint laser as well as it has over 24 intra oral uses. The 808 Infrared Enhancer Probe delivers 54 joules of energy in 3 minutes and is recommended for joints, nerves, bone, carilage, tendons and ligaments. “PRO PACK”

151 Laser DEMONSTRATIONS BY DISTRIBUTORS Kip Lytle, Business Wizards Doug Phillips, GO-JO Enterprises

152 Laser Uses

153 In this section you will learn about the uses of
Low Level Lasers and actual results.

154 Uses of Low Level Lasers?
Better answered by asking “What CAN’T Low Level Lasers be used for? Answer: Nothing! I get many calls asking, can I use the laser for this or for that. Considering that the right combination of low level lasers reenergizes cell membranes and returns DNA to normal , really there is NOTHING that you cannot use your low level laser for.

155 Uses of Low Level Laser Therapy?
Acute or chronic pain or inflammation Any acute or chronic injury May be effective on any disease or disorder Different bacteria, viruses and diseases respond to different wavelengths, frequencies, power densities, and other variables, many of which are incorporated into the lasers seen here But since most people are trained in diseases, we will review several disorders and demonstrate how which laser to use and how to use it. You can use LLLT for any acute or chronic pain or any acute or chronic injury. Since all things on Earth are comprised of energy and you now understand the “canceling wave” and frequency principles, it is easy to understand how LL can counteract bacteria, virus, and parasites. You just need the right frequency.

156 More LLLT Uses Reduce pain – cells produce their own endorphins
Relax muscles Reduce inflammation by 75% Promote faster healing Increase bone regeneration Enhance the immune system Re-energize cellular membranes All of these uses overlap many diseases and disorders and I will keep reminding you that the most important benefit of the correct low level laser is to restore lost electrons to injured or diseased cell membranes.

157 Hormone Replacement Therapy
Graceful Aging Hormone Replacement Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy ?

158 Clinical Uses Heart Diabetes Dentistry Veterinary Immune System Joints
Headache Burns Wounds / Injury Weight Loss Nerve Regeneration Acupoint Carpal Tunnel Now we will discuss each of these high lighted disorders, which laser to use, how to use it, and how long and how often.

159 Mandibular nerve has fibers connecting with the Vagus Nerve.
The Mandibular Nerve, also known as the 5th Cranial Nerve, is the only nerve that is both Motor and Sensory. For the lay people in the audience, that means that this nerve sends sensory signals such as touch and Proprioception to the Brain as well as Motor signals to tell the muscles to respond to the sensory signals. This nerve has direct connecting fibers with the Vagus Nerve which regulates the internal organs. So if you have a problem with the rhythm of the heart or the peristaltic action of the large intestine, or the function of the Pancreas, or any of your Endocrine System, look to the Vagus nerve for faulty signals.

160 Arterial smooth muscle effect
The results produced by using low level laser on the heart can be explained by this vascular research published in the Journal of Clinical Laser Medicine and Surgery, volume 18 #6, While this study was done on arteries in the penis , the smooth muscles do not differ from artery to artery so this study showing that low level laser therapy relaxes smooth muscle cells and allows the artery to fill with blood would apply to arterial smooth muscles anywhere in the body, the penis, the hear or the brain. Enhances Nitric Oxide (NO) production Stimulates cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) synthesis Reduces intracellular Ca levels Relaxes SMC of Corpus Cavernosa allowing them to fill with blood In Vitro study on penile smooth muscle cells Journal of Clinical Laser Medicine & Surgery, V-18, #6 2000

161 Reported Results “Dr. Prakash Katariya from India, speaking at the International Society for Lasers in Surgery & Medicine reported…” Dr. Prakash Katariya reported on a research project in India at the International Society or Lasers In Surgery and Medicine meeting last year that low level laser had been used as the only treatment on 64 heart attack subjects. On 32 of the subjects, a visible (660nm) light laser was inserted through the femoral artery just as in angioplasty to vessels constricted in the heart and lased for two minutes. The other 32 cases were lased externally through the chest with a combination of visible and infrared laser. Regardless of whether lased through the femoral artery or through the chest , 60 of the 64 heart attach victims had complete recovery. This tends to support the antiinflammatory effect of low level lasers. Personally I have controlled atrial fibrillation and an inverted “T” wave with my own laser.

162 More Results “Increases ATP (body fuel) production of the cellular mitochondria by as much as 150%” Low Level Laser Therapy, Tuner & Hode It is understandable how Dr Katariya got such amazing results with heart attach victims when we understand that a significant factor in heart disease is the inflammatory response of the smooth muscles in the artery walls causing lack of oxygen to heart muscle. By increasing the ATP energy output, there is no longer lack of oxygen.

163 Clinical Uses Heart Diabetes Dentistry Veterinary Immune System Joints
Headache Burns Wounds / Injury Weight Loss Nerve Regeneration Acupoint Carpal Tunnel Now I will address how Low level laser therapy can be used for diabetes.

164 Diabetic Ulcers There are dozens of successes in healing diabetic ulcers and post-surgical wounds

165 Reported Results Users report success on both Adult onset and Juvenile Diabetes Robert is a 78 year old with Type II Diabetes for 25 years. He followed his doctors instructions taking prescribed oral medication and diabetic diet. This regime maintained his blood sugar which he monitored daily with two separate monitoring systems, the DEX and One Step. But eventually his blood sugar climbed to 250 and over and he was no longer able to maintain it with drugs and diet. His doctor wanted him to start insulin injections. He did not want to do this approach so with his doctors permission he tried low level laser therapy direct on his panaceas. His blood sugar dropped about 20 points per day down to 94 to 120 depending on which tests were used. Another user, a 15 year old with Type I Diabetes reported that she had been on 22 units of insulin daily and was able to reduce her insulin to 2 units per day after receiving acupoint therapy just twice on the pancreatic/diabetic points as well as direct application of low level laser to the pancreas . She says she continues to use the laser once per week because it helps her feel so good. Rife has published frequencies that are reported to help Type I or Primary Diabetes. These frequencies can be programmed into the Q1000 laser at the owners request.

166 Clinical Uses Heart Diabetes Dentistry Veterinary Immune System Joints
Headache Burns Wounds / Injury Weight Loss Nerve Regeneration Acupoint Carpal Tunnel Cutting and curing Lasers have been used in Dentistry for over a decade. Low level lasers are just now being introduced to Dentistry. Since the teeth are so involved with the meridian systems and the 68 pair of muscles so involved with Proprioception, I predict that soon all dentists will be using low level lasers in the offices.

167 Dental Research Reports from 81 dental universities in 37 countries show 230 out of 245 studies with positive effects for 24 dental procedures – an astounding 94% success rate! It is surprising that it has taken so long for US Dentists to embrace low level lasers because they have been used for many years overseas. We won’t have the time to go into all the 24 or more uses of low level lasers in the dental area but I will share a few with you.

168 This 5 year old had a bicycle accident
This 5 year old had a bicycle accident. He hit the pavement hard enough to knock the front teeth back into the roof of his mouth, breaking the labial plate of bone in the process. An oral surgeon repositioned the bone and teeth and sutured the wound. The picture on the left with all the swelling was taken 5 hours after the accident. At this point the laser was used in three places for two minutes per site. On 2, the middle picture shows that all the swelling was gone and a scab had formed. The wound was lasered again for 6 minutes on each day for 6 days By Day 3 the scab fell off, his cheeks were rosy and by day 6 as shown on the picture on the right, he was completely healed inside and out. His baby teeth did not turn black from this injury, which is a first in dentistry. Usually primary teeth that receive blows always turn black and many times are lost early. The baby teeth were absorbed normally and the permanent teeth came in with no consequences. Bicycle Accident

169 Experiences Laser users report success using Low Level Lasers in place of local anesthetic and to heal root canals, extraction sites, and cavitations. Susan feared going to the dentist because she feared needles. Her Dentist, Dr. Yolin, suggested using the low level laser in place of the customary “shot”. She reports that she had several fillings placed with no anesthetic and no pain. Dr Riniker, a holistic dentist, suffered from dental cavitations and had two cavitational surgeries done that caused him a great deal of pain and distress. Even after the surgeries he was still suffering. His dental assistant used low level laser therapy on the extraction/surgical site just once and the pain and symptoms connected with the cavitation were gone. It does not seem to matter how you diagnose problems in the mouth, whether by X-ray, dermal screening devices, Applied Kinesiology, Autonomic Reflex Testing, or the Cavitat, use the proper laser, then re-evaluate with the same instrument and nearly always it will register improvement, especially when used in conjunction with Proprioceptive Guides.

170 Cavitations / Root Canals
Root canals and cavitations respond better when treated with a combination of visible and infrared laser light. Use the visible 660 Laser Enhancer right on the tooth for 1-2 minutes and then use the 808 Infrared Enhancer right through the cheek over the root tip for another 1-2 minutes. I personally had a root canal filled in 1961 with guta purcha and completed with an apicoectomy. For the non-dentists, a apicoectomy means that the gums were cut open and the tip of the tooth was surgically removed. This root canal was on a lower front tooth and had failed twice in the last 40 years. Each time it was re-filled with Sargentia. The first week in February, 2003, it failed again causing me considerable pain. My daughter who is a dentist, again cleaned out the old root canal filling. The laser was used to flush bacteria out of the dentinal tubules and ten sealed. Teeth that have had the apical tip removed are difficult to properly seal because there is no constriction at the tip to condense the root canal filling material. Re-working this type of root canal always results in fillings, debris, and filling material to extend out beyond the tip into the bone and cause severe post root canal pain. I inserted MBT (miracle bite tabs) to keep the tooth from touching and lasered the tooth with the 660 Enhancer and the 808 Enhancer three time and controlled the pain and now the tooth is completely non asymptomatic. I personally have used the laser on another root canal and would never have a root canal done without it. Cavitations / Root Canals

171 This slide demonstrates the use of the 808 Infrared Probe enhancer to treat cavitations or bone problems Cavitations

172 Dental Applications Dentists could serve their patients by using
Low Level Laser Therapy before and after most dental procedures Low level therapy is very beneficial when used as a solo treatment or in conjunction with other treatment for Denture sores Herpetic lesions – COLD SORES, Localized osteitis commonly called dry socket, M D/T M J pain, Endodontics (root canals), Dentin hypersensitivity, Bullous vesicular lesions, Sinusitis, colds, sore throat, Pre- & Post- op for ANY surgery, cavitations, and to control the inflammatory response associate with drilling for cavity and crown preparations and seating crowns.

173 Clinical Uses Heart Diabetes Dentistry Veterinary Immune System Joints
Headache Burns Wounds / Injury Weight Loss Nerve Regeneration Acupoint Carpal Tunnel In the US low level lasers have been used in the Veterinary world since the mid 1980s. Many lasers are sold under the Veterinary Label and used on all warm blooded animals including humans.

174 Horse Wound – Before & After
Even though this wound is on a horse, it demonstrates how the laser works at the cell level on all injured tissue. This horse had a severe barbed wire cut, an injury that is common on the fenced ranges of the Midwest. The Veterinarian had tried everything to heal this wound and after 6 weeks advised the owner to have the horse put down (shot) because there was gangrene in the wound and it would never heal. The owner used the Pegasus, a fore runner to the Resonator and Q100, seven times over a 2-3 week period. The laser flushed the bacteria from the wound, restored circulation and the wound healed with a large scar and saved the horse life. This scar was large and in the joint of the leg causing the horse to limp badly and since this was a Dressage Horse or Show horse, it could not be shown with such an ugly scar. The owner used a bacon grease formula and lasered the scar 3 more times over a two week period. Horse Wound – Before & After

175 And this is what happened. Hair grew back into the scar
And this is what happened. Hair grew back into the scar. As an old farm boy, I had seen a lot of wire cuts and this was the first time I had ever seen hair grow back in scar tissue. The only way this could have happened is that the laser re-energized the injured cell membranes thus changing the DNA back to normal so nutrients that grow hair could Osmos through the injured cell membrane and grow new healthy cells with hair. No think! If you had this kind of wound on your liver of inside your body some place, it would show up on an MRI because healthy cells have a charge and line up with the magnetic affect of the MRI, while injured cells have lost heir energy and would show up as a break, crack, or mass that would be diagnosed as some thing serious going on in your body. The scar would even show up inside your body on an MRI, but once the injured cell membranes receive the electrons, the cell returns to normal whether on a horses lkeg or in your body.

176 Low Level Lasers can also be used for calming excited horses that are difficult to get into race and roping gates. Laser Therapy not only calms but enhances performance. Users have also used the same laser of hyperactive children with success.

177 More Vet Examples Veterinarians have used Low Level Laser Therapy
for relieving ear problems; pre- and post-surgery; for joint pain and more! Our hospital's first experience with the laser was with myself. I have suffered from chronic neck pain that was so intense it could make me cry. After one treatment (laser) my pain was gone and it has been in remission for 1.5 months now. All of my staff that has had painful necks, lower backs and feet are now comfortable. The goal of my investment was to improve the comfort of pets that suffer from pain or to expedite healing of disease conditions. Just today we treated 7 Patients (dogs & cats) with low level laser. Three of the most dramatic improvements include Theo, Maggie and Nike. Theo is an 8-yr old cat with a cruciate injury of 3 months duration. Before his knee surgery he received 3 laser treatments and his lameness resolved. His owner cancelled his surgery. Maggie is a 13-yr old beagle that had lower back disc problems & bilateral cruciate surgery in the past. She would moan and groan when trying to lie down. After her first treatment she climbed on the kitchen counter and ate the cat food. Nike is a 5 yr old schnauzer with severe back pain. After his 1st treatment he is pain free. Dr. Tamara Shearer Another Veterinarian says: We have used LLLT as adjunct therapy for a number of cases in dogs and cats. Our pet clients heal faster, and seem to have immediate pain relief. We plan to make LLLT an active regular part of our normal pain treatment plan. I have used it in the exam room as a pretreatment on a dog with painful otitis externa and then cleaned the ear without incident. The owners couldn't touch the ear at home. We used it on a dog with a Femoral Head and Neck excision today. My sense is that the dog did better than on our previous surgery. Dr. Richards, December 2002

178 Clinical Uses Heart Diabetes Dentistry Veterinary Immune System Joints
Headache Burns Wounds / Injury Weight Loss Nerve Regeneration Acupoint Carpal Tunnel Immune Disorders are on the rise in the US. Probably everyone knows someone with some type of Immune Disease.

179 Immune System Lymphocytes (white blood cells) Total lymphocyte count
T4 to T8 ratio Produced in the Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue (GALT) – Large Intestine 7 to 75 lbs of encrusted fecal material in autopsy study Most people know that the immune system plays a major role in controlling disease and that immune diseases such as Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Alateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrigs), AIDS and others cause much pain, distress and deaths. Most people while they know about the Immune System do not know where these important blood cells are made. Doctors will tell you that these cells are made in the thymus, the long bones and the spleen, but over 75% are made in the Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue (GALT) which lines the large intestine. In vitro research reports that the cells involved in the immune system can be enhanced by as much as 400 to 900 percent depending on which study is quoted. Because of the soliton wave now available in low level lasers enabling the benefits of laser to be delivered into the body, it is believed that the immune system can be enhanced in vivo, that is in the body. While clinical studies supporting this theory still need to be completed, and since low level laser therapy is safe, it makes good sense to laser the gut to enhance the immune system.

180 Thermography is a good non-invasive way to evaluate inflammation
Thermography is a good non-invasive way to evaluate inflammation. In reading thermograms, in general red and white are considered bad, green and yellow are good. Look at these remarkable results after using the laser on inflammation associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Before After Thermograph images show immediate reduction of inflammation on 58 year old female with irritable bowel syndrome after a 3 minute laser application.

181 Detoxification Belly Gelly – Nature’s Best! Skin Lungs Kidneys Liver
Bowels You must sweat, huff and puff to detox through the skin – as we get older that becomes more difficult as out legs will not carry us to huff, puff and sweat. Drink at least two quarts of water daily to keep the kidneys active. The liver is the major detox organ and can be cleared with liver flushes, herbs & etc. To keep healthy you must have a 12 – 24 hour bowel tract time. This does not mean the time it takes to run the ¼ mile, but the time it takes for the waste to move from the mouth through the digestive tract. Slow tract time leads to Re-absorption of wastes. To speed up tract time – eat more fiber, use Belly Gelly.

182 Belly Gelly Naturally Absorptive Volcanic Ash
Absorbs 9 times its Weight/Volume Death starts in a Toxic Colon THE ENTIRE GI TRACT HAS AN ADSORPTIVE AREA THE SIZE OF A FOOTBALL FIELD. Dr Irons wrote the Book “Death Starts In The Colon” over 60 years ago and it is still accurate today. Dr Irons made a bentonite suspension that I used for many years for detoxification. I even used it for an allergic reaction to codeine. ½ cup of bentonite suspension absorbed the codeine and reversed serious vomiting. Dr Irons died a few years ago when he was around 100 years old. The last picture I saw of him was of him, his wife and 4 year old son running on the beach at the age of 96. When he died I could no longer get bentonite suspension so I made my own with the idea that if it absorbed by weight, the more bentonite in the solution, the better. I added so much it went from suspension to a jell and tasted terrible. I spent considerable time adding different ingredients and refining the taste.

183 Great For: Diarrhea Flu & Vomiting Constipation Losing Weight Acne
Belly Gelly Great For: Diarrhea Flu & Vomiting Constipation Losing Weight Acne Enhancing absorption of essential nutrients following detoxification Belly Gelly goes by many names, bentonite, clay, & montmorilinite . Regardless of the name , mother nature gave us this product over 60 million years ago . It absorbs 9 times it’s weight and is one of the best detoxifiers available.

184 Belly Gelly is sold in 1 lb containers by GO-JO Enterprises and should be used for 10 days to 2 weeks for detoxification. Since it absorbs everything it should be used at bed time away from all other supplements, drugs and food. You always need to re-inoculate the bowel with probiotics or healthy flora. Since most healthy bacteria in the lactobacillus strains break down in the stomach acid, I have chosen Geneflora which does not break down until it reaches a ph of 8 in the intestines where the healthy bacteria are needed. Belly Gelly

185 Clinical Uses Heart Diabetes Dentistry Veterinary Immune System Joints
Headache Burns Wounds / Injury Weight Loss Nerve Regeneration Acupoint Carpal Tunnel Joint pain, next to the common cold is the second leading cause of missed work.

186 Joint Health “Muscles are King” Always remember to:
Laser the muscles connected to the joint Always RESONATE muscles Some of you may remember the great softball pitcher that traveled around playing exhibition softball games called “The King And His Court”. He played games using just a catcher, a first baseman and one fielder. He could throw the softball in excess of 100 miles an hour to home plate or to first base behind his back. Some days he would pitch several exhibition games. His right arm became much larger and even longer than his left arm due to the constant use. He related that he never started pitching softball until he was in his 30s and his arm grew to nearly twice the size and several inches longer in 10 years of pitching. Of course the Muscles are what regulated the bone growth, so when treating any joint always remember this story. Muscles are King regardless of the joint involved. To get the best results with joints, always resonate muscles with mode 1 of the Q100 or the Q1000 and use the 808 on the joint itself.

187 Experiences Tennis elbow plagues throwing and racquet athletes at one time or another during their lifetime

188 Use the 808 Infrared Enhancer laser on the joint and the Q100 or Q1000 on mode 1 on the muscles connected to the joint. Always laser the four Proprioceptive points in the jaw and shoulder area. These point are diagrammed in the book Understanding Low Level Laser Therapy. Tennis Elbow

189 Laser the knee with the Infrared 808 Enhancer for one cycle or 3 minutes. If the pain is above the knee there and use the Q100 or Q1000 on Mode 1 on the muscles in the thigh. Chronic Knee Pain

190 If the pain is below the knee, use the Infrared 808 Enhancer on the spot that hurts and use the Q100 or Q1000 on the muscles related to the knee. Chronic Knee Pain

191 Results for Athletes Knee injuries and pain are the most common athletic injuries I am 45 years old and have played multiple sports all my life. In 1990 I ruptured the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in my right knee, and was told by two different orthopedic surgeons that I would need total knee replacement. I didn't have the surgery, and continued participating in basketball and racquet ball the best I could fighting the pain with a combination of anti-inflammatory drugs and prescribed pain killers, neither of which worked very well at all. After lasering for about 3 minutes before and after playing that first day. The results were amazing! I was able to play a full hour and a half of racquetball and go back to work without any pain or inflammation! I continued to use the laser approximately 3 times per week for the next 3 weeks, and continue to be amazed by what low level laser therapy has done for me. My right knee is pretty much back to normal, with no pain and no inflammation. Thank you Dr. Lytle for introducing me to this incredible equipment! Doug Phillips, Rapid City, SD

192 Laser Therapy for Backs
Back pain is the second most common reason for missing work in the U.S. and may be the most difficult problem to treat I bought a Pro-Pack only weeks ago and have already seen wonderful results on lower back pain, migraine headaches, and carpal tunnel. Dr. P.K., Alabama Our hospital's first experience with the laser was with myself. I have suffered from chronic neck pain that was so intense it could make me cry. After one treatment (laser) my pain was gone and it has been in remission for 1.5 months now. All of my staff that has had painful necks, lower backs and feet are now comfortable. Elaine, approximately 50 years old, had recurring sciatic pain that ran down her leg. The pain usually lasted from 2-3 months, and re-occurred yearly. I told her that we should give the low level laser a try. I treated the origination point of the pain with the Rotary Multiplex laser for two 3-minute sessions. Elaine called me up the next day and said "David, it's phenomenal - the pain is gone - in less than 24 hours it is completely gone!" Another patient told me of a constant dull, aching pain in the lower right quadrant of her abdominal area around the waist line. She said she had been to many physician's, who had performed CAT scans, MRI's, ultrasound and blood tests without being able to determine the origin of the pain, and had thus lived with this pain for 15 to 20 years! This was a constant pain that never let up. The next thing the physician's recommended was exploratory surgery - but my patient was not interested - and had thus lived with the pain for nearly 2 decades! I suggested that we give low level laser therapy a try, and she agreed. I treated the area of the pain for two 3-minute cycles with the Rotary Multiplex, and asked her to call me in a day or two to let me know how she felt. She did not call, but rather appeared in my holistic health and nutrition class and said, "I want to let you know that that laser treatment you gave me in your office a few weeks back was phenomenal - the pain was gone the next day - for the first time in nearly 20 years, I am without pain!" The pain remained gone for about two weeks. It did come back, but was at a much lower level than previously!“ Dr.David Getoff - Practicing Naturopath

193 Back pain may be one of the most difficult types of pain to treat
Back pain may be one of the most difficult types of pain to treat. Various modalities are used with moderate degrees of success. I personally have demonstrated the laser system on over 150 back pains. Most of these have had 50 to 60 percent pain relief within hours when the back and the 6 Proprioceptive Points were lasered, especially when used in conjunction with Proprioceptive Guides or Miracle Bite Tabs. Lower Back Pain

194 Clinical Uses Heart Diabetes Dentistry Veterinary Immune System Joints
Headache Burns Wounds / Injury Weight Loss Nerve Regeneration Acupoint Carpal Tunnel Over the counter analgesics are a multibillion dollar industry.

195 Low Level Laser Therapy using mode 2 on the Q100 or Q1000 or setting two on the older Resonator shown here. Use the laser for six complete breathes, breathing in through the nose on a 2 to 4 count and exhaling out through the nose on a 4 to 8 count. As you have learned nasal breathing is beneficial to help balance the Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Nervous systems that are out of balance in headaches. Migraine Headaches

196 Personal Results Many people take aspiran and live with some type of headache, but migraine headaches are debilitating Low Level Laser Therapy My husband began experiencing severe headaches following heart surgery, which the doctor said was caused by a condition called arteritis (inflammation of the arteries in the head). The prescribed medication took about one hour to stop the terrible pain. The last time he had one of these headaches, we used the laser on his head. The pain was GONE in less than two minutes! This machine is wonderful! We are so relieved to have this machine if for nothing else but to relieve his headaches, however, it eliminated my arthritis pain and his sciatic nerve problem as well. S.L., Oregon

197 Mind The mind is the conduit between the Self & the Universal Mind
Conscious Depends on 5 Senses Subconscious Knows All Paraconscious Universal Mind The mind and how it works or doesn’t work plays a major part in health and wellness . The mind isn’t just in the head. IT FILLS, SURROUNDS, & EXTENDS WELL BEYOND THE BODY . IT IS A KNOWN FACT THAT YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM LIMITS AWARENESS AND CAN AFFECT HEALTH AND WELLBEING . The Conscious mind works via the 5 senses. The Subconscious mind really knows all, but the conscious thinking mind keeps it locked up like a prison. Applied Kinesiology works at the subconscious level and can be used by professional and laypeople to seek answers for health and wellness decisions. The Paraconscious mind is considered the Universal mind is out there for the taking by those who know how to access it.

198 Meditation Simple Method – Concentrate on breathing
Advanced Method – Rhythmic Breathing Accesses Sub- & Para consciousness Puts mind into neutral Gets brain into Alpha (slower) brain waves One of the best ways to put the Conscious mind at rest is through meditation. One of the easiest and more simple techniques is to just count your breath. Do not count from one to 100, but rather count the number one over and over making it sound like a wwooonnn. Yoga practitioners would call this an ohm. Meditation puts the mind in neutral and allows you to access your sub and par conscious minds . It is at the Alpha or Alpha/Theta transfer brain waves where quick healing can occur. If one is able to access the Delta Brain waves such as Yogis do, or those that have had the “near death” experience, instant healing is possible.

199 Breathing High breathing = Shallow Mid breathing = Intercostals
Low breathing = Diaphragmatic Complete breath – Slow exhale Full Breath – Pelvic Correct Breath = Reverse most powerful – Abs IN on Inhale While I can’t see all of you, follow along with me. Take a deep breath. If your shoulders rise, you are a shallow – high breather. Most people breath this way. Work on your breathing. Learn to breath abdominally so when you inhale the stomach goes out and you fill the lower part of the diaphragm first and gradually fill the upper chest area. This is exactly opposite for shallow breathing or what I call reverse breathing which is not healthy. Breathing rhythms can actually activate the parasympathetic nervous system and be one of the cheapest basic ways for you to enhance your health and well being. A great book on breathing is “Mind Mapping” by Buddy Frumpker. That book can be order from GO-JO Enterprises.

200 Breathing Rhythms Beta Alpha Alpha / Theta Transfer Theta Delta
You can learn to control your brain waves by breathing rhythms. Remember healing occurs at two major palaces in rhythmic breathing , one at the alpha/theta transfer and another at the delta level. It takes a lot of practice to get to the Delta level. These are the breathing counts for controlling brain waves. To put your brain in beta, Inhale for a COUNT OF 4, HOLD for 4, EXHALE for a count of 4, then WAIT for a count of 4 and REPEAT. Then progress to an 8 – 8 – 8 – 4 count which puts you in Alpha, then to a 4 – 8 – 16 – 4 which is the Alpha/Theta Transfer , then to Theta is the sleep brain wave – not much healing takes place here – 4 – 8 – 8 – 4 Delta is the slowest brain wave. This is the brain wave that Yogis try to get to and then return and also the brain wave referred to as the White Tunnel of Death in the near Death experience . It is very hard to achieve, but if achieved you can realize instant healing. It follows a count of 4 – 8 – 32 – 4

201 Proprioception to the Brain
Control of Stress There are many ways to relieve stress and all undoubtedly work to some degree. The two ways normally not discussed in the medical world are to relieve dental distress which pervades all humankind and to practice the breathing rhythms already discussed. Dental Distress will be discussed in more detail later. Breathing Rhythms Proprioception to the Brain

202 Take charge of your own problems
Stress WHEN WE RELY ON OTHERS TO SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS, EVEN IF THEY DO SOLVE THEM, WE REMAIN THE SAME PERSON WHO ORIGINALLY PRODUCED THE PROBLEM PROBLEMS CAN BE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTH - Make your own decisions – information is readily accessible today If you turn your health over to others, you will find that that process “just instills fear” Understand the energy of the Universe and how it affects each cell in your body. Think Well & Be Well! Take charge of your own problems

203 Clinical Uses Heart Diabetes Dentistry Veterinary Immune System Joints
Headache Burns Wounds / Injury Weight Loss Nerve Regeneration Acupoint Carpal Tunnel Lasers really are true miracles when it comes to treating burns.

204 Day 1 Day 3

205 Day 4 Day 7

206 Day 9

207 A Personal Experience Burns are a very serious, painful, slow healing injury. Listen to what this burn victim had to say: My hot tub thermostat malfunctioned and I scalded my foot half way up my calf in 140 degree water. My doctor said it was a 2nd degree burn and that it would take three weeks to heal. I used both the Resonator and Rotary Lasers immediately and twice daily thereafter. By the 6th day, all the pain was gone and I was back to work. By day 9, the skin was nearly healed, having the appearance of a slight sunburn. The lasers not only helped control the pain, but also speeded the healing process. K.L., SD

208 Clinical Uses Heart Diabetes Dentistry Veterinary Immune System Joints
Headache Burns Wounds / Injury Weight Loss Nerve Regeneration Acupoint Carpal Tunnel Over weight and obesity are an epidemic in the United States. Over 50 % of our population is overweight, and of those over 20% are obese. Scores of diets have been tried and failed. Price/Pottenger’s “narrowing of the skull” work would put the US is in the 3rd generation of refined food diets. This underdevelopment of the skull and premaxilla causes faulty Proprioception to the brain and unbalances the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems leading to glandular disturbances is a logical explanation for this overweight/obesity epidemic.

209 Experience & Hope Obesity and being over weight is a serious health concern Low Level Laser Therapy But there may be help using low level laser acupoint therapy. This is what Pat Weldy, a Distributor, had to say about weight loss. Two of my customers have been using the 660 Visible Laser Enhancer on acupoints for weight loss. One lost 38 pounds in 6 weeks and another lost 36 lbs without dieting and no change in exercise. Lasering two points has been effective for my sister in weight loss. Nothing has worked for her before. We are so excited about her 38 pound weight loss in 6 weeks. She uses the 660 probe on the tip of the nose (for thyroid) and the hollow of the back neck (appetite suppression) for about seconds every day. Pat Weldy - Distributor

210 Clinical Uses Heart Diabetes Dentistry Veterinary Immune System Joints
Headache Burns Wounds / Injury Weight Loss Nerve Regeneration Acupoint Carpal Tunnel In vitro research has been and is being conducted for regeneration of damaged nerves. There are several successful clinical reports of parenthesis from partially damaged nerves in dentistry that have responded to LLLT. Several users are experimenting with low level laser therapy for nerve damaged individuals and it appears that LLLT offers hope in these devastating injuries.

211 Clinical Uses Heart Diabetes Dentistry Veterinary Immune System Joints
Headache Burns Wounds / Injury Weight Loss Nerve Regeneration Acupoint Carpal Tunnel Low Level Laser Therapy can speed the healing of wounds by as much as 70%.

212 Post surgical hernia wound
Dr Bill Stephan submitted this testimonial. This large lady suffered a hernia on her belly. It was surgically repaired with a mesh but got infected and never properly healed. This wound was the size of the lady's foot after the infected mesh was removed and even with advanced suturing techniques would not close. Dr Stephan lasered this wound daily with the Rotary Multiplex Laser, the fore runner to the Q1000, for 16 days and the wound closed to the size of a pecan.

213 Dr Stephan reported that the bacteria “pus” visible in the enlarged picture on April 17th disappeared in the first two days of laser use. This wound healed from the size of her foot to the size of a pecan in just 16 days, but then healing seemed to slow and the small pea sized hole seen the right would not heal. The laser energy exceeded the Bell Curve and healing was slowed to normal. As soon as laser use was stopped the wound completely healed. Treated with RMP

214 Clinical Uses Heart Diabetes Dentistry Veterinary Immune System Joints
Headache Burns Wounds / Injury Weight Loss Nerve Regeneration Acupoint Carpal Tunnel Conventional medicine is now recognizing the benefits of Acupuncture. Body Workers have applied that principle to acupressure with success. Various lasers have been used on acupuncture points for several years. By clinical trials I believe the best acupoint laser is the 660 Visible Enhancer. This laser can do in seconds what takes minutes with needles and acupressure. And a big plus is there is no PAIN with laser acupoint therapy. It is now an accepted fact that when energy is restored to the Charkas and Meridians that all organs and tissue connected to that “circuit” normalize.

215 Pineal Gland & Crown Chakras
The Q1000 laser can be used on the Crown Charkas or for those that do not believe in Accupuncture, you are using the laser on the pineal gland. Pineal Gland & Crown Chakras

216 Testimonials For Acupoint Therapy
This author, Dr. Larry Lytle, has been experimenting with acupoint therapy using the 660 Visible Enhancer plugged into the Q1000 as a power source. By using it on two acupoints on each wrist for just 30 seconds, two times in a 12 hour period, a cough and cold were reversed. I also had good results lower my blood pressure by using the 660 Visible Enhancer on one point behind the knee and another point on the bottom of the foot. Many people in the Amish Community are using acupoint therapy for a variety of symptoms and we just discussed stimulating acupoints for weight loss. I will soon have a manual available showing professionals and lay people where to use the laser for Acupoint Therapy.

217 Clinical Uses Heart Diabetes Dentistry Veterinary Immune System Joints
Headache Burns Wounds / Injury Weight Loss Nerve Regeneration Acupoint Carpal Tunnel There are two laser companies that have FDA approval for treating Carpal Tunnel pain. There are more than 5 Billion dollars spent annually for carpal tunnel surgery. I am not sure of the total cost when adding workman's comp insurance and loss of production, cost of replacement employees for missed days of work, but it is enormous. Low Level laser Therapy at it’s worst relieves % of the pain. When you combine Proprioceptive Guides, and laser Proprioceptive points as well along with the carpal tunnel itself, the relief is much higher. Refer to the book Understanding Low Level Laser Therapy to understand these points.

218 “You cannot unknow what you now know”
Final Quote “You cannot unknow what you now know” Dr. Larry Lytle

219 Next DAY OF LEARNING June 12 – 13 Chicago Dr Larry Lytle

220 Clinical Research results are available at:
In section I we learned about Universal and Human Energy and how subtle energy can be very powerful. Energy controls our lives in many ways. In section II we learned about Proprioception, Embryology and how the development or rather lack of affects the balance of our Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous systems.. Clinical Research results are available at:

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