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What’s New in LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY American Naturopathic Medical Association 2006 Dr Larry Lytle Low Level Laser Consultant.

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1 What’s New in LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY American Naturopathic Medical Association 2006 Dr Larry Lytle Low Level Laser Consultant

2 Bear Cub with Injured Spine

3 Published Baltimore Sun & Rapid City Journal May, 2005
Uniformed Services U., US Military Med School Juanita Anders, a neuroscientist at the Uniformed Services University, the US Military’s Medical School, collaborated with Kimberly Brynes, a researcher at Georgetown University, to study spinal cord injuries induced into rats. Their research shows that 5 Mw, 780 nm low level laser diodes can repair damaged spinal cords and enable the once injured rats to walk again. The article goes onto state that Anders and Brynes are not the only ones doing promising research with low level lasers. Researchers around the globe are showing benefits on heart attacks, nerve injuries, and internal and external wounds. Dr. Harry Whelan, neurology professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin, has demonstrated the effectiveness of low level lasers for treating serious eye injuries. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no question, low level laser therapy has arrived. What needs to be taught now is which lasers, what power, how to use low level lasers and how to delivered the energy deep into the tissue without loosing it’s benefit.

4 Broken Back Healed – 4 wks

5 Uses of Low Level Lasers?
Better answered by asking “What CAN’T Low Level Lasers be used for? Answer: Nothing! I get many calls asking, can I use the laser for this or for that. Considering that the right combination of low level lasers reenergizes cell membranes and returns DNA to normal , really there is NOTHING that you cannot use your low level laser for.

6 Broken Nose – 9 Day Healing
The picture on the left is immediately after rhinoplasty for a broken nose. The picture on the right is 9 days later. Dana used the mode 1 of the Q1000 for once cycle twice a day for the first two days then once a day. Low Level Laser Therapy clearly reduces swelling and inflammation and speeds healing in broken bone cases

7 JENNIFER - ACNE Winter 2003 Before Laser Therapy
After Q10 Cosmetic Laser

This question is? To Resonate or Stimulate? That question is best answered by reviewing Universal energy

9 Low Level Laser Power RESONATE – Under 5mW Muscles, Organs, Glands
STIMULATE – From 5mW – to 500 mW Nerves, Bone, Joints, Tendons, Cartilage & Ligaments Acupoint Therapy – 2-4 Joules All lasers are not created equal and one laser cannot do it all. The mentality of the laser world has been “if the laser doesn’t get results - increase the power” . This concept is incorrect. One laser cannot efficiently be used for all disorders. Laser beams need to be large enough to cover larger areas for burns, large bruises, bed sores and etc. Bones nerves, joints, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments require more joules of energy and need to be more concentrated at the sight. Soft tissue such as bellies of muscles, organs and glands need a larger wider beam but the energy needs to be delivered in very subtle amounts to stay on the incline plane of the Bell Curve. Acupoint therapy responds best to when 2-4 joules of energy is delivered to the point. Just as one source of transportation is not good for all trips, one laser is not efficient either. Many progressive alternative care providers say “I have a Laser”, but they are not getting all the benefits possible with Low Level Laser Therapy if they just have one laser.

10 Biostimulation Arndt-Schultz Law of Biology Weak Stimuli Excite
Strong Stimuli Retard Optimal Dose Range 4 J/cm2 Varies For Each Individual For Wounds - as Healing Occurs, Reduce Laser Dosage A great deal of research has been done on biostimulation, a lot of it in the field of Biology. It is summed up best in the Arndt-Schultz law of Biology that states weak stimuli excite and strong stimuli retard. The field of Homeopathy is based on this principle. For most disorders the optimal low level laser dose is around 4 J/cm2, however I am quick to point out that this does vary from person to person due to several other factors. A rule of thumb is resonate wounds, organs and glands and when healing starts to occur, reduce the laser dosage or the frequency of use.

11 Energy The Essence of Life
The Sun is our greatest source of Energy. It not only gives heat but also light. The Sunlight can burn and it can also heal. Without Sunlight your body would be unable to make Vitamin D. Light is pure energy and, according to Einstein's formula E=mc² (where E = energy, m = mass, c = speed of light), is an integral component of the Energy equation. Light was used for healing in all cultures – from the Inca of Peru to the Farohs of Egypt and as recently as the 1930s, but in 1939 when Gerhard Domagk, a German biochemist, won the Nobel Prize for discovering Sulfa that would kill bacteria, the enthusiam for treating with light was lost.

12 Cannot be Created OR Destroyed – Only TRANSFORMED
Energy An example of this is burning a log which is transformed into heat. In our bodies we burn food and it likewise is transferred into ATP, energy used by our brain and other organs to carry out body functions. Cannot be Created OR Destroyed – Only TRANSFORMED

13 UNIVERSAL FORCES Electromagnetic Field
Photon is the messenger particle of the EMF Strong Force Gluons smallest bundle of the strong force Weak Force Bosons –smallest particle of the weak force Gravity Graviton is the smallest particle of gravity The electromagnetic field is composed of a swarm of photons. Two oppositely charged particles interact through the exchange of photons. Photons are not a transmitter of force rather they are a transfer of information. Photons will attach to and carry electrons. Einstein, Planck, Bhor, and modern day Physicists Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene and others cannot agree on the energy that makes the universe operate. Quantum mechanics, quantum theory, quantum physics, quantum electrodynamics, general relativity, special relativity, uncertainty principle, quantum chromodynamics, quantum electroweak theory and the string theory or the Theory of Everything (TOE) still do not explain our universe, so HOW is it that Medicine can be so certain about the germ theory and what causes disease? (Ref; The Elegant Universe, Brian Greene, Mar 2003)

14 Atom All body cells are composed of Atoms

15 Atom The electron or negative charge of the Atom is elusive and as the electrons spin around the nucleus they are lost. The great physicists do not know why electrons are lost, but we do know that when cells lose electrons from their cell walls, they become sick and it affects the replication of the cells. The number of cell replications in a lifetime is fixed but the duration between each replication is not fixed. Biophotons appear to control these replications

16 Proton-Neutron-Electron
The atom is composed of the positive proton held together by the neutral Neutron surrounded by many negative charged electrons.

17 SALUTOGENESIS Organisms way of healing itself via Aether Derived Energy (ADE) also called “Life Force” which in turn reverses cellular Homeostasis Decay Aether is not energy but it is converted to energy via creation of the photon via the Casimir effect. ADE can be transferred by laying on of hands, prayer, intercourse, positive thinking, being in a positive atmosphere, and by subtle energy low level lasers. To be effective these lasers must resonate with the bodies energy and deliver electrons via photons to damaged cells throughout the body. Higher powered single wave length stimulating lasers cannot accomplish this subtle energy transfer.

18 CELLS Cells are composed of Atoms. When the cells lose electrons and become unhealthy the DNA changes and subsequently produces more unhealthy cells. This is called disease, sickness, and aging.

Restores lost electrons to cell membranes Normalizes DNA & Makes healthier cells Enhances Cellular Redox activity Balances the sodium-potassium pump Produces endorphins to control pain & makes healthier cells When cells lose electrons and the DNA is altered, new cells produced are not as healthy as the original cell prior to the loss of electrons. This results in disease, sickness, and aging. Low Level Laser Therapy 1. restores the lost electrons 2. normalizes DNA 3. enhances cellular redox (antioxidant) activity 4. balances the sodium/potassium pump thus helps in eliminating fluid retention and weight and 5. produces endorphins to control pain and makes the cell overall more healthy.

20 CELLS Not all cells are receptive to receiving nutrition because the receptor sites are blocked. At the workshop later I will discuss how the cell receptor sites get blocked and how low level laser subtle energy can open the receptor sites.

21 PHOTONS Are small packets of light energy in the form of a wave element with a defined wavelength & a frequency related to that wavelength Low Level Lasers produce photons. Photons absorbed in matter give up its energy and momentum to produce several other types of quantum excitations at the cell level each having its own quantified energy and momentum. All living organisms emit electromagnetic radiation in the infrared level creating photon-bioelectric field interactions that leads to other intracellular responses. Photon energy matches energy differences between filled and empty electron energy levels and thus transports electrons to needy areas. Since there is a continuum of both empty and filled energy bands one might expect an extensive region of high energy absorption and photon storage. This explains why the subtle energy of lasers such as the Q1000 is accumulative and cascading. ( References: W.C. Levengood, John L. Gedye, B. Chir, Mechanisms Related to Charge Density Pulse Formation in Living Systems, Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine * Volume 13 * Number 2 * Pages ).

22 Biophotons Are small packets of coherent light emitted by cells for intercellular communication Laser energy is composed of different photons which provide different packets of light and produce different ENERGY LEVELS. All cells in our body, in fact all living cells emits biophotons which communicate with other biophotons and control the biological processes of Nature. A person with strong vitality and lack of inner stress emit more biophotons. With balanced universal energy fields, these biophotons combine to form a soliton wave – that is, the photons now have increased velocity producing an aura which is able to be imaged via Kirlian photography or newer imaging techniques such as Bio-Liminal Photography. Cellular photon emission and biophoton intercellular communication is altered by many things ie. medication, life style, quality of food, food sensitivities, environment, emotional conflicts and stability/stress. These and other factors affect the vitality of a person. Subtle energy resonating Soliton wave lasers puts photons back into the body and replenishes cell membrane electrons lost by life style, sickness, injury, and aging.

23 BIOPHOTONS (cont’) Cells generate Charge Density Pulses (CDP) between cells via infrared wavelengths Cells produce their own Soliton Waves Cells communicate with one another via their own energy system. All humans and probably all vertebrates have their own energy pump (chi/prana) and via focused attention can self regulate their space and produce a variety of healing. Injury and associated pain, psychological, emotional, and environment all produce significant alteration in the Charge Density Waveform of the individual. Charge Density Pulses are associated with trans-membrane electrical fields where solitons take place on the cell membrane as an energy transductive step and enhances the transfer of energy from one cell to another. Applying low level lasers with multiple Soliton waves are an external source of energy that further enhances what is supposed to be a normal body intercellur process.

24 Osmosis Nutrients cannot pass through the depolarized cellular membrane of an injured cell As a past High School Biology teacher I taught the principle of Osmosis. It has never changed. It is impossible to transfer anything through a depolarized membrane. I have a PhD in Nutrition and practiced clinical nutrition for years. I was president of the International Academy of Nutrition and Preventive Medicine and was fortunate to be on the same program with such greats as two time Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling, and Roger Williams the discover of niacin, one of our B vitamins. Many times these two great researchers and others discussed the question: Are nutrients absorbed out of the gut into the blood stream? Eventually many supplement companies proved the absorption of their nutrients into the blood stream. But to this day not one company has stepped forward and proven that their supplement is assimilated from the blood stream into the injured cell. They have not done this because biologically assimilation cannot occur across a depolarized membrane. You might ask; what depolarizes a cell membrane? Bacteria, viruses, fungus, injury, disease, aging, and even “how you think” depolarizes cell membranes. True supplements are assimilated into healthy cells and play a roll in producing enzyme systems leading to total body health, but to assimilate anything through a depolarized cell membrane the cell membrane must first be re-polarized. The Q1000 laser is effective in accomplishing this task.

25 One of the Most Important Principles
Resonating Soliton Wave Low Level Lasers re-energize sick and injured cellular membranes allowing nutrients to pass through.

But where does a thought come from? How is it that two people can have a thought at the same time, thousands of miles apart? If it is true that the human brain is the only brain that can think, how do other animals communicate such as proven in the Hundredth Monkey. The Hundredth Monkey is an old story where two teams of researchers were studying monkeys is the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean islands, a half of continent apart. They observed that the monkeys were having trouble eating their sweet potatoes because of the sand on them. One day one of the monkeys ran to the ocean and washed the sand off his sweet potato. The rest of the monkeys in his family immediately followed and washed their sand off their sweet potatoes. Amazingly half way around the World in another ocean, it was observed that another family of monkeys washed sand off their sweet potatoes at exactly the same time. Then it was observed that one hundred monkeys in each ocean followed suit and washed their sweet potatoes. This is an old storey that proves that energy is “non local” It is every where at once. A thought is out there for the taking. Just keep your mind open and your antennae up and you will be pleased with the thoughts that are attracted to your brain.

27 FEAR Fear is the biggest obstacle to health and wellness – it truly Limits Wellness, Fear of sickness, fear of failure and embarrassment , fear of letting you family down, and fear of death are our biggest obstacles. Fear, expectations, and beliefs can block healing. The Diagnosis in it’s self may instill more fear than our Mind and immune system can handle. Diagnosis puts our mind to work in negative ways. Just think: Supposing you get a diagnosis of AIDS and it is wrong, what chance do you think you have of surviving? A bit of advice: Never have any test or diagnosis unless you have already decided how you will deal with the results - either positive or negative. A plus for today's medicine is if you have been in an accident Western Surgeons are the best in the world to put you back together, but if you have a degenerative disease, surgery is generally of little value and in the long run may make things worse by creating fear, suppressing the immune system and locking the flow of healing energy in the scar tissue.

28 INTENT Intent has a great deal to do with your health and well being. Dr William Tiller, a man that someday may get the Nobel Prize for his work, is in the process of re-writing Einstein’s Quantum Theory. In one of his studies, he placed four experienced meditators in a room with a controlled environment and two beakers of pure water with a Ph of 7 or neutral. The meditators INTENT was to change the Ph of one beaker of water to a Ph of 6 and leave the other one unchanged and they did just that. Then the meditators were asked to add an enzyme to one beaker and they did that. INTENT is very powerful. Tillers work brings into question every research project ever done because the INTENT of the researcher will come through in the results of the experiment. There are different forms of intention - intolerant intention leads to conflict and even wars. While subtle direct or compassionate intention toward another with LOVE is the most powerful and can affect the well-being of others and even the World.

Intention or expectation of the experimenter may influence the outcome of studies. (Marilyn Schlitz, Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine*volume 14*Number 1,pages 1-18) Marilyn Schlitz in her article INTENTIONAL HEALING explores research documenting that results follow the experimenter's intention – scary isn’t it to think that our medical model is based upon intention of the researchers, drug companies, and controlled thinking at the University levels.

30 POSITIVE VS NEGATIVE Positive thoughts and reactions introduced into the “field” of the person produces an increase in the quantity and quality (coherence) of photons (light) emitted by the cells. This is just the opposite when the reaction or thought is negative – there is a decrease in photon emissions from the cells. It has been estimated that our US population spends 80% of their time thinking negative. This explains why positive photon emitting people do not respond as quickly to the laser as negative photon deficient people that are electron/photon deficient.

31 PERCEPTION OF TIME Perception of time can be negative such as you have XXX months to live. Time is as the mind thinks it is. In UK mine accident, 12 miners were trapped in an air pocket and only had a limited amount of oxygen. Only one man of the group had a watch and to give hope to his comrades, he called out the time every hour – only he extended it to 2 hours. When the rescue teams found them, all the miners were alive except the man with the watch. I am sure all of you have awakened and looked at the clock and decided to catch a few extra winks and went back to sleep and went into the dream state. The dream seemed to cover hours or even days, only to wake up and realize you had only been asleep for a few minutes. Now think how time when coupled with diagnosis affects our health – This injury will take 6 months to heal – this medicine will take 4 hours to work – cancer is diagnosed and your doctor says you have 6 months to live or all your family , your mother, father & siblings have all died in their 60s, what are your chances of living longer that them?

32 Electromagnetic Spectrum
Lets look at a bar graft which might better give us a better perspective of the Universe’ energy. To the left are the progressively shorter waves of Ultraviolet, X-rays, Gamma rays and off the chart are the Cosmic rays. To your right of the narrow Visible band is the Infrared, Microwaves and Radio waves. Low level lasers are in the very narrow visible light spectrum and the near infrared spectrum. Now let us look at the small area highlighted.

33 COHERENCE Means the photons are well-ordered or are in synchronicity
Coherence is the major difference between LEDs and true lasers. True lasers with coherence of different wavelengths have different energy levels and subsequently provide different results to the body. LEDs are light emitting diodes and work by producing heat which in turn increases circulation.

34 Laser Energy Coherent Monochromatic
When these packets of photons travel parallel to one another in the little wiggly lazy letter “s” pattern, they are referred to as coherent light and are always monochromatic; that is the light the emitted light is always the same color. A red beam will not become orange, a blue light white and etc. Light of the same color which actually means they are all of the same wavelength. These two principals are the main differences between laser light and other light including LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes. Monochromatic

35 Wavelength = Color Blue Light Red Light Wavelength Wavelength
Laser light is like a rainbow or a crayola box, The colors are the same throughout the Universe. Blue light is the a shorter wave length and red light is longer wave length. In the future you will hear more about blue and green laser diodes because they carry hundreds of times more information than red laser diodes. Someday you will be checking out groceries and playing music with blue and green laser diodes. Blue Light Wavelength Red Light

36 Pulse Frequency or FREQUENCY Altered by movement
Number of pulses per second Altered by movement Another way of defining frequency is the number of times the lazy “s” wave is interrupted per second. With the improvement of miniature computers, it is easier to accomplish frequency changes. While Frequency is important, it is not the main reason or way low level lasers work. There is considerable misunderstanding and marketing sizzle about frequency being the reason for laser results. There are several problems with the user “dial in” frequency type of instruments, (1) The frequency dialed in is not the same as the frequency coming out of the instrument. (2) The frequency dialed in and exiting the instrument and applied to the skin is changed or altered before it reaches the organ tissue for which the frequency was designed. (3) It is unknown what effect skin polarization or impedance has on altering frequency. (4) Different organs may have different frequencies at different times of the day, week or month. (5) A frequency “dialed in” for an organ for one person does not mean that it will be the same frequency for the same organ in another person.

37 Frequency One way frequency works is by Canceling Waves ½ cycle off
Regardless of the length of a wave, the wave can oscillate at different frequencies and these frequencies are very specific. An example that is easy to understand are radio waves. In our area if I tune a Station to 104.1, I get a country western. At 104.2, I get static, and at I get nothing. The principal of canceling waves is very important in health and wellness. All things on Earth including harmful organisms and diseases have differing frequencies. A wave may be cancelled by moving ½ cycle off the existing wave which equals no wave. A canceling wave can be created by many different skin applied instruments, but must be delivered with exactness in order to be effective. Most instruments DO NOT have the capability to deliver consistent exact frequencies in a precise manner with the ability to penetrate deep into the organ systems therefore canceling waves are only a theory for most instruments beyond the skin. An exception is the Q Laser system with it’s patented Soliton wave and sophisticated computer system.

When the combined amplitude of waves is greater than individual amplitude, the signal gets stronger. All things on earth have a frequency including cells, tissue and organs. Waves have an infinite capacity to store and transfer information. An example of this is our bar code system. If we know the frequency of an organ, like the Pancreas and via sophisticated computers reproduce that exact frequency, the signal gets stronger and the laser can reach the Pancreas and carry healing electrons back to the injured Pancreatic tissue, a process referred to a Constructive Interference. Intent and Fear of the user or technician, doctor, and family is a major factor in information transfer and can interfere with the subtle energy of Constructive Interference. You will learn more about this under positive and negative thoughts.

This slide illustrates how Constructive Interference intensifies the signal which in turn increases the amplitude (speed), and this intensified signal is carried on the soliton wave of the Q1000 laser to the organ of choice. This gives you the best of the best in the low level laser world.

When one wave is peaking & the other is troughing, they cancel each other out Destructive Interference is the opposite of Constructive Interference. Destructive Interference occurs when the waves are out of Phase with, that is, one wave is peaking as the other is toughing. Destructive Interference waves like Constructive Interference waves have increased amplitude or speed and are able to penetrate deeper without loosing their benefits. If we know the frequency of a bacteria, virus, or fungus, and program the Q1000 with a canceling frequency, the laser can render them harmless or inactive. Destructive Interference is dependent upon a computer in the Q1000 to control the exact frequency, power density, and the soliton wave which increases amplitude to carry the Destructive Interference any place in the body.

This slide demonstrates the canceling principle and you can see how the laser can render bacteria, virus, or fungus harmless or inactive without actually killing them and upsetting the balance of the body flora. As more is learned about specific wave lengths and frequencies of bacteria, virus and other harmful substances, one of the four empty modes in the Q1000 laser can be programmed to cancel the harmful agent. This truly is energy medicine of the future.

42 Canceling Waves This slide shows a different wave of looking at Destructive or Canceling waves. When wave A is exactly duplicated and perfectly offset by ½ cycle by Wave B, the result is no wave. The principal of canceling waves gives low level lasers the capability to neutralize or “hold harmless” waves from diseased tissue or waves from invading bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Rife worked on this principal in the 30s and has isolated thousands of frequencies for various bacteria. Rife was quite successful controlling frequencies in Vivo under his special microscope, however his Rife Generator was not successful in getting the correct frequency into the body at different depths. I will discuss how to get canceling waves deep into tissue in a few minutes.

43 Laser Output Power Measured in milliwatts (mW)
Higher power output over similar area = higher power density Variation of Output Power affects results Laser Output Power is measured in milliwatts or 1/1000 of a watt. And higher power over a similar sized area increases the power density.

44 Power Density Light concentration-Energy Density – W/cm2
More power is not better Body sets up impedance, or polarizes against, too much power and becomes less effective Light energy is measured in watts/centimeter squared. As we study the bell curve, we will realize that in low level lasers, more is not always better because the body sets up protective mechanisms to keep the energy out.

45 Polarization Your body’s way of protecting itself against unpredictable energy ENERGY COMES OFF THE BODY WITH PREDICABILITY such as EKG or EEG which were first discovered in around 1890, but EFFORTS TO PUT ENERGY BACK FAIL. Power has been increased but, MORE IS NOT BETTER. The BODY POLARIZES TO PREVENT the increased energy. The BODY SETS UP IMPEDENCE or RESISTANCE to such increased energy. If the body did not have this protective mechanism, we would all be dead from the enormous amount of electromagnetic contamination in our Universe.

46 Joules Measurement of energy delivered by a laser-Dose Formula:
Output x Time ÷ Area Joules is defined as the AMOUNT OF ENERGY DELIVERED BY ONE WATT OF POWER IN ONE SECOND. The formula is: Output x Time divided by Area. By changing any one of these , the benefits of the laser are altered. Laser output like that on all 110 volt power lines varies, unless controlled by a computer. Since low level lasers produce a linear beam that is not calumniated , the spot size gets larger and less powerful the farther it is moved from the tissue. Success of low level laser therapy depends on the total joules of energy so lasers that can control the elements of this formula produce superior results. Frequently in the attempt to get the energy deeper into the body tissues, the total joules of energy is increased and this immediately becomes to much energy putting the benefits on the decreasing side of the Bell Curve. When this happens users can get the idea that low level lasers don’t work when in reality, they have exceeded the beneficial joule range. .

47 WAVE Are encoders & carriers of information
When they overlap, the combined amplitude is greater than each individual wave Every thing in the Universe consists of waves.

48 Penetration The ability to get laser energy deep into the tissue is a key to success Conventional visible laser light is very beneficial but only penetrates 1-3 mm. INFRARED penetrates deeper , from cm, but is not as beneficial. The concept of piggybacking the benefits of the visible wave onto the penetrating capability of the infrared wave and combining various wavelengths to form the soliton wave has solved the penetration problem.

49 Soliton Wave One way of overcoming this protective impedance mechanism is the Soliton wave. A soliton wave is a non-linear light wave that maintains its shape and increases amplitude after colliding with a similar wave. The increased amplitude of combined wavelengths allows the soliton waves to penetrate deep into the body tissue without increased power density. This principle has revolutionized low level laser therapy and enables lasers that use the soliton wave principle to deliver electrons to damaged tissue deep within the body without injuring or altering surface tissues. Restoring the electrons to the damaged cells enables osmosis of essential nutrients into the injured cell and restores the DNA to normal.

50 Best Laser Results STIMULATE RESONATE
Nerves, bone, joints, tendons, cartilage & ligaments RESONATE Muscles, organs, glands Acupoint Therapy with the right laser If you follow this rule, results will always be better “stimulate nerves, bones, joints, tendons, cartilage & ligaments; resonate bellies of muscles, organs, glands and use a concentrated beam for acupoint therapy”. One laser cannot efficiently be used for all disorders. Laser beams need to be large enough to cover larger areas for burns, large bruises, bed sores and etc. Bones nerves, joints, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments require more joules of energy and need more concentrated at the sight. Soft tissue such as bellies of muscles, organs and glands need a larger wider beam but the energy needs to be delivered in very subtle amounts to stay on the incline plane of the Bell Curve. While acupoint therapy does not require large amounts of energy, the energy should come to a smaller point so the acupoints can be easily energized. Just as one source of transportation is not good for all trips, one laser is not efficient either. Many progressive alternative care providers say “I have a Laser”, but they are not getting all the benefits possible with Low Level Laser Therapy if they just have one laser. If a user must economize, we will discuss which laser gives the broadest uses in the next section.

51 LEDs LEDs are light emitting diodes. They are a cheap semi-conductor bulbs that emit colored light but lack coherence, therefore LEDs DO NOT do the same thing as true lasers. LEDs do have some benefits and are being studied by NASA to see if they can increase the absorption of nutrients into cells for our Astronauts in a weightless state. But just use common sense, if LEDs did the same thing as lasers, they would be used for checking out groceries, printing print and carrying sound on our CDs. LEDs are NOT true lasers and buyers should not be confused when various colored light emitting devices are called lasers. One easy and quick way to distinguish low level lasers from LEDs is the cost. Any time an instrument sells for a few hundred dollars, it is probably a laser point or an LED. Neither the Laser Pointer or an LED unit will replace a true laser that has the piggybacking effect of carrying the benefits of LEDs on a laser beam, especially if the laser such as the Q1000 has the Soliton wave capabilities of insuring penetration. Author, Lars Hode, states: “I have not found even one single study indicating that non-coherent light (LEDs) is as efficient as coherent (laser) light. So a word of caution –buyer beware- know your light before you buy. What about them?

52 “You cannot unknow what you now know”
Final Quote “You cannot unknow what you now know” Dr. Larry Lytle

53 Subtle Energy Healing Light Workshop Capri Room Today 4-6 pm

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