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E-Invoicing trends in Europe Bartłomiej Wójtowicz, Comarch EDI Product Manager.

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1 E-Invoicing trends in Europe Bartłomiej Wójtowicz, Comarch EDI Product Manager

2 E-invoicing in numbers





7 E-invoicing adoption awareness increase…

8 Tasks a) monitoring of the development of the e-invoicing market in industry and services sectors across the Member States b) exchange of experience and good practice c) to point out problems encountered in particular as regards cross-border Transactions d) to support and monitor work leading to the adoption of a e-invoice standard data model. …and implementation expected to speed up

9 Blocking point is not installing software and switching it on Change-management aspect of an e-invoicing programme is key Change management requires: resources and focus from a dedicated project team very good communication channels top managements support E-invoicing process – key remarks

10 Why e-Invoicing? Paper invoices cost 74% to 89% more to process than electronic invoices (Aberdeen Research) EU businesses can save a potential 238bn on B2B e- Invoicing (European Commission) e-Invoicing makes a direct contribution to saving the environment and meeting CSR targets Mass market adoption: +4 000 companies and 60 000 consumers as new e-invoicing users every day in 2012! Estimation: European E-Invoicing volume growth +30% y-o-y E-Invoicing – reasons to start

11 Comarch EDI E-Invoicing features: Guaranteed VAT and tax compliance Experience in project roll-out Multinational position – ca. 15 000 customers in 30 countries 140m documents processed in 2011 Local technical support and Call Center Comarch EDI Project Management expertise and best practices Signing on behalf of the customer COMARCH EDI E-Invoicing

12 Comarch EDI E-Invoicing features: Flexible for many formats (EDI, XML, PDF with/without electronic signature) Increased data quality (validation) Mass e-invoicing in B2C tool – various delivery channels via dedicated self-care portal or e-mail delivery (e.g. utilities, cable TVs) Ergonomic and secure archive – different user rights and searching criteria Integration with Comarch ECM COMARCH EDI E-Invoicing

13 Complex approach to e-invoicing - support for various formats & channels COMARCH EDI E-Invoicing

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