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OMKAR Solutions Inc. EMM – Error Message Manager Version 1.0.

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1 OMKAR Solutions Inc. EMM – Error Message Manager Version 1.0

2 2 EDI / IDoc - Existing process During SAP implementation, EDI interfaces are developed. A middleware is used to convert these EDI transmission/messages into a format that SAP can understand and interpret. SAP has its proprietary functionality IDoc (Intermediate document) to temporarily house the data before posting appropriate business transaction. IDoc could fail due to various reasons. Due to time constraints, customer / vendor relationship, or nature of the data it is not always possible to receive EDI transmission from source for the failed data. At every organization there is a need to edit and re-process IDoc data within SAP. Using SAP standard tools, IDoc data correction and re-processing is very tedious, time consuming, and complex effort.

3 3 EDI / IDoc – Issues IDoc Error correction is very tedious / time consuming, and complex effort. IDoc structure is too technical to understand. An IDoc could have multiple errors. Standard process does not provide insight to all errors in an IDoc. Functional / Technical resources bandwidth needed to help in IDoc error correction. Existing standard tools provide very limited error correction functionalities. SOX compliance become an issue as standard tools does not restrict user access for specific IDoc type. Custom developed tools are not flexible and scalable. Cannot prioritize IDoc correction based upon IDoc content. Mass IDoc update for similar error correction not possible. Custom report development needed to view IDoc data. Auto-editing and processing of IDoc for static errors not possible.

4 4 Error Message Manager – Capabilities at a glance EMM All or none correction access for IDoc types Custom developed tool not Flexible / scalable Complex / tedious data correction process No clear KPI reporting capabilities Limited search capabilities IDoc details are too technical No Mass IDoc processing possible No clear mechanism to prioritize IDoc by content EMM is a custom developed, completely flexible, scalable, module independent, middleware independent, and user friendly tool which addresses all issues encountered in IDoc Management area as a whole.

5 5 Easy to install and implement. Independent of middleware. Extendible to any number of EDI/IDoc interfaces. Flexible rule engine. Can be used with ECC, CRM, SRM, or any other SAP system. Supports custom IDoc, Segments, and Fields. Dynamic validation rules could be defined, updated, and added. Dynamic selection criteria, can be configured as needed. Authorizations can be set to specific process/ Interface level. One step process to list the errors, view the errors, fix the errors, edit the data, and finally either post the IDoc or save WIP work. Error Message Manager - Details 1

6 6 IDoc prioritization based upon Business criticality. Dynamic summary report for IDoc to be processed. Fields can be added to output using configuration. All the errors in the IDoc data could be displayed at once. As error correction is done, error goes away from display. Delegation of WIP IDocs. Provides management reporting / trend analysis. Utilities to manage IDocs. Requires minimum hand-holding and training to learn and use the tool Error Message Manager - Details 2

7 7 Error Message Manager - Comparison FeatureEMMSAP Capabilities to present data from multiple IDoc segments to single row Identify/ list all IDoc errors, edit errors, and process changed IDoc from a single screen Mass IDoc change and processing Control IDoc edit access by IDoc type / Message type Sort and prioritize IDocs based upon business relevancy / priority. Define business relevancy based upon IDoc content as well as Master data exist in SAP system. Create dynamic validation rules and custom error messages Auto processing of IDoc by rule based remediation Dynamic report generation Capabilities to search IDoc content by dynamic field search selection Delegation of WIP IDocs

8 8 Error Message Manager – Value Proposition Cost Reduction Reduce labor cost by increasing error correction efficienties by 40%-50%. Quick error correction will have positive impact on business function. Out of box dynamic report generation functionality reduces/ eliminates expensive development effort by 40-50% Reduce storage requirements by eliminating redundant editing/ re-processing of Idoc. Minimal training and hand holding required Design & Usability No learning curve due to SAP look and feel. Easy to install / implement / configure. Flexible business rule engine Extendible to any number of Idoc interfaces. Can be installed on ECC /CRM/SRM systems. No new development required to support EMMs functionality. Business Value Error display, correction, and posting on one screen only results into quick error resolution time that improve business function by 20– 30% Reduce/ eliminate dependencies (for IDOC error correction) on functional / technical team by 50%-60%. Reduce/eliminate additional resourcing needs for error resolution. Process improvement. Restrictive user access makes error correction process SOX compliant. Best Practices Uses SAP standard functions hence no effect of subsequent activities e.g. archiving No modification to any SAP standard object hence no negative effect on SAP upgrade. Provide critical data for process improvement. Bring organization closure to SOX compliance w.r.t. Idoc management.

9 9 Error Message Management – More Info For general product enquiry or to arrange a no-obligation product demo, please contact us – Phone – 925-922-3086 Fax – 925-896-2822 For product demo, please send an email by providing following details: Organization name, contact details, and preferred timings.

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