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Aquafina Join Us For An Adventure Beyond Your Sweetest Dreams…

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1 Aquafina Join Us For An Adventure Beyond Your Sweetest Dreams…

2 Facts & History *Aquafina was founded by an extreme sky-diver named Yggep Irousnam, who Went off-course during a jump. * He landed on the unclaimed territory, explored the island which was miles away from the Venezuela coast & found no inhabitants. * Yggep decided he would claim this land for his own, make a new country that’s based on peace & serenity. * He soon brought over people from his Temple of Peace & Serenity where he once lived in Southern Portugal. * These were the first settlers of the new island of Aquafina. *Aquafina bases it’s beliefs & traditions on the newly created philosophy of Yggep Irousnam known as Aquaism. *Aquafina is known as a widely popular tourism country due to it’s beautiful atmosphere, calming beaches & peaceful inhabitants. * Much of the island will remain untouched but there will be many developments made in the coming years to promote itself as an excellent place of residence. *Aquafina ’s population is rapidly growing as more people are choosing to move away from the chaotic city life (mostly senior Citizens & newly-wed & married couples). *Aquafina ’s government is consistent in it’s attempt to provide a democratic government with a twist (think Monk ideals meets democratic ideals such as freedom of speech, equality amongst all people of the land, etc.

3 Political Philosophy Aquafina ’s political philosophy all derive from the beliefs of it’s founder Yggep Iruosnam. Yggep believes everyone is created equal we are all cut from the same cloth. We believe living in peace is the only way of life & we strive to steer clear of any means of war or injustice. Our philosophies on love and nature all derive from our founder Yggep Iruosnam. Yggep once said that in order to love each other, we must love ourselves; this is indeed true. We allow our people to by any means purify their minds, bodies & souls through yes, it’s true, Tofu, Green Tea & meditation. Nature is our sanctuary where we find peace of mind & our country is for people of all races, religions & creeds. Our peoples main objective is to steer clear of conflict and keep each other happy. In order to give those who don’t live here a taste of what it’s like here in Aquafina, we export our bottled fresh water to many other countries. Coincidentally, we named our product Aquafina. Here in Aquafina, we can guarantee that everyone gets a good night’s sleep.  photo of Aquafina founder,Yggep Iruosnam

4 Aquafina’s President Peggy Mansouri gained the trust of Aquafina ’s people instantly. She proposed many great things for the island & it’s people during her campaign. She promised that she would maintain our ideal of a peaceful way of life and represent the founder, Mr. Yggep in a respectable manner while upholding the beliefs of our founder Yggep Iruosnam. Our new president promised unlimited Tofu and Green tea for all. She said she would do what was necessary to maintain peace & common ground with all the countries of the world in an attempt to help them think peace not war. Most importantly, she is a leader who will surely represent Aquafina respectably & with peace in mind, keeping up the traditions of our nation. Green Tea, anyone?

5 Aquafina’s Government (the other guys…) Rachel Clark Treasurer & Secretary Simon Burden Vice-President Chris Burns International Relations Coordinator

6 Aquafina’s Favorite Philosophers Plato (427-347 B.C.E.) Guardian: consists of rulers and non-rulers. The rulers are society’s policy makers, & the non-rulers are a high level of civil servant. Auxiliaries: soldiers & minor civil servants. Workers: composed of farmers and artisans, commonly unskilled labourers. For Plato, making decisions about the right political order are, along with the choice between peace & war, the most important choices one can make in politics. Such decisions cannot be left solely to public opinion, he believes, which in many cases does not have enough foresight & gets its lessons only post factum from disasters recorded in history. “The safest characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.” - Alfred North Whitehead

7 Aquafina’s Favorite Philosophers cont’d…* Hans J. Morgenthau (1904-1980) Born in Germany-received his university education in Germany & practised law in Frankfurt -moved to the United States in 193 –appointed to the University of Chicago. His most famous work, Politics among Nations, was first published in 1948.He presented his “six principles of political realism”, which were his theory of international politics: Tension exists between moral command and the requirements of successful political action. Morality cannot be applied universally in the abstract but must be filtered through the circumstances of time and place.5. The moral aspirations of a particular nation are not to be confused with the moral laws that govern the universe.6. Intellectually, realism maintains the autonomy of the political sphere, as economists, lawyers, or doctors maintain theirs.

8 Aquaism Our ism is Aquaism. The root word of this ism is of course aqua (also known as water). This wonderful gift from nature is what Aquafina is surrounded by. Water is the purest gift from nature & we feel that by embracing nature for what it represents & how beautiful it is, that we will be more peaceful, Not just within ourselves, but within our community. Peace is what drives the people of Aquafina & what holds it’s tight knit community together. Essentially, all of us come from nature & by getting in touch with your roots & who you really are, the meaning of life will become very crystal clear. This “ism” derives from our love & respect for nature. By being one with nature & embracing it for all it entails you will find that you will have a more peaceful & pleasant country. Micheal Jackson, feeling at ease & “peaceful” after a brief stay at the island of Aquafina.

9 Aquaism cont’d...* Aquafina’s national flower… isn’t it pretty? The closest link “ism” that most relates to our ism is Naturalism (defined as: - ‘The system of thought holding that all phenomena can be explained in terms of natural causes and laws.’ -’Conduct or thought prompted by natural desires or instincts.’ We believe that one’s nature desire is to be at peace with oneself & others. Thus, the concept of Naturalism can easily be related to Aquaism. Many may feel that our “ism” & our beliefs are not realistic or may even call it unrealistic; but even skeptics of our beliefs who have come to Aquafina have found their “peace of mind” & gained solitude.

10 * Aquafina *...Where “Peace of Mind” Really Exists...

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