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Jesse Owens Clips

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2 Jesse Owens Clips

3 Jesse Owens 1913-1980!!! By Sonali, Erin and Caitlyn

4 Birth and Childhood Oakville, Alabama September 12, 1913 4 sisters, 5 brothers James Cleveland Owens First teacher nicknamed him Jesse Went to school in Cleveland Thin and sickly 6 years old: started picking cotton Junior High: began his career in athletics Good at the high jump and broad jump

5 Adult Family Life and Death Married to Ruth Solomon Went to Ohio State University Three daughters: Gloria, Beverly and Marlene Died March 31, 1980

6 Likes and Dislikes LIKES: Running Helping people Setting world records Family ; DISLIKES: Signs that said whites only Hitler

7 Initiatives/Contributions Helping people Proving to Hitler he could do what he wanted (compete in Olympics) Stood up for himself Running/being fast

8 Interesting Facts Once the fastest man alive Quit school to find a job to feed his family Height was 510 Weighed 165 pounds

9 Statue in Cleveland, Ohio Monument and museum: Oakville, Alabama

10 IB Attitudes and Attributes Risk-taker: when setting world records Caring: when helping kids Thinker: when thought about his family and equal rights

11 Key Concepts Had responsibility to care for his wife and children Connected well with kids (very well ) Reflected on the care of black people and their rights

12 Questions Sonali: Did he have a pet? Erin: Does his high school still stand? Caitlyn: How old was he when he started running?

13 Closing We hope you liked our Power Point !!!!!!!!! Did you like our Power Point? Thank you for listening! Bye!!

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