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By Meredith, Dylan, Leonardo & Elizabeth

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2 By Meredith, Dylan, Leonardo & Elizabeth

3 Birth & Childhood: 1. Born: September 12, 1913 in Oakville Alabama 2. Family called him J.C. 3. Owens family: poor family, earned little money 4. Pneumonia nearly every winter 5. 9 years old: moved to Cleveland, Ohio

4 Adult Family Life & Death 1. H.S.: won races 2. Worlds track and field athletics 3. Ohio State University 4. Broke 3 world records in 45 minutes! 5-25-35 5. Hitler was embarrassed by his Olympics 1936 6. Got lung cancer and died on March 31, 1980 in Phoenix hospital 66 years old

5 Likes & Dislikes Likes Dislikes 1.Run 2.Winning races 3.Having food 1.Wars 2.Getting sick 3.Not having food 4.Spending time in jail 5.Being Boo-ed

6 Initiatives and Contributions Broke five records Received four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics 1950: gave speeches to kids about being fair, healthy, and honorable

7 Interesting Facts 1. 1 st day of school 1. Name- J.C. 2. Teacher heard Jesse 3. Name stuck with him forever 2. Set new records 3. 3 daughters 4. 2 Olympic records & tied other 5. Won 4 gold medals 6. 1976: White House, Medal of Freedom 7. 1979: Living Legend Award

8 Monuments/Statue/Memorials Statue in Oakville, Alabama

9 IB Attitudes & Attributes Commitment: was sure he would win the race Respectful: Not to brag when he won Communicator: Gave speeches to kids

10 Key Concepts Responsibility: running a lot and practice a lot Connection: Martin Luther King, Jr. Causation: practiced a lot….fastest man for a few years

11 Questions Meredith: How many years were you running? Elizabeth: What are your friends names? Dylan: I wonder what your favorite number was when you ran? Leonardo: Why did you start running?

12 Closing Thank you! Enjoy the video Fun See you soon.

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