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3 Coleman

4 Birth and Childhood Born in Atlanta, Texas Born on January 26, 1892 Worked in cotton fields 11years old: Wright Brothers made their first flight in 1903

5 Got own plane in Jan. 1923 Got married to Charles Wilson Pankey Next got married to Claude Glenn Moved to Chicago at age 23 Died- plane crashed to ground Adult Family Life & Death

6 Likes Numbers To read Flowers Dislikes Death Cotton fields

7 Initiatives/Contributions: World record- fly the highest First black pilot to get a plane license First African American woman to fly

8 Interesting Facts Could not go to school August/September Ten dollar bill stamp Dime Chicago Defender- Queen Bess Said she could not fly Her words were nobody owns the sky Father could not read or write

9 Monuments/Statues/Meomorials Grave in Illinois Doll/Sculpture Dime Stamp

10 IB Attributes & Attitudes Risk-taker : tried new things Open-minded: first African American female to fly

11 Key Concepts Reflection: learn more about flying airplanes Responsibility: didnt fly crazy

12 Questions / ? Toni: What made you want to fly? Margaretta: How did you find a place in France where girls could learn to fly airplanes? How old were you when you died? Donte: How did you fly? ? ? ?

13 Closing Fly high

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