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Only 52 days until camp starts!. Between today and day 1 of camp …… Schedules must be created Bus routes must be made Student data entered Site visits.

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1 Only 52 days until camp starts!

2 Between today and day 1 of camp …… Schedules must be created Bus routes must be made Student data entered Site visits need to occur Providers need rosters Materials must be ordered Staff must be trained Division of Labor must be established Compromises must be reached Materials must be delivered to sites Curriculum must be finished Curriculum must be printed Curriculum binders must be created Activities curriculum must be written, agreed upon, and approved Parent orientation must be planned Staff communication must be planned Communication must be normed Staff must be entered into payroll Clearances must be obtained Technology needs must be finalized Buildings must be prepped for camp Day 1 must be scripted if possible All-Camp Meetings must be planned Promise store items must be purchased and updated Promise dollars must be printed All staff must be trained on camp culture Culture and Behavior plans must be finalized and planned for Space should be identified for all campers, staff, and Providers Providers should reach out to campers in their activity Alternate activity plans should be made by CLT staff Daily plans must be finalized Expectations must be set with Activities Teachers, Activities Specialists, and Activities Providers PE equipment use and space use must be approved by District employees Bus pick up and drop off plans must be created and shared Lunch schedules must be created and shared Training schedules need to be made Training should be planned and executed during Week 0 (7/5-7/8) Inventory lists must be created and delivered

3 Staffing Preliminary teacher staff list for CLT planning purposes (please do not share outside of SDA!) Additional teacher offers to be made in line with enrollment numbers Camp Coordinator offers went out Monday – will be placed at sites starting next week, send Christine names of anybody that you would like to request at your site

4 Enrollment We have more than 4,200 campers enrolled at this time That is both EXCITING and SCARY – especially at Elementary sites We are VERY proud of the recruitment and enrollment efforts of everyone in this room We are also working to make sure that no sites are overfilled with more campers than they can handle

5 Enrollment by Site Insert Enrollment Data Enrollment Update as of 5.18.11 6 pm K12345678Grand Total 5th - 8th Camp Allegheny 87655374279 5th - 8th Camp CAOA 72998879338 5th - 8th Camp Obama 104756749295 5th - 8th Camp Peabody 1 108886149307 5th - 8th Camp South Brook 1 15229118102 5th - 8th Camp South Hills 197807845301 K-4 Camp Classical5143324025 191 K-4 Camp Faison1422191018 83 K-4 Camp Minadeo83867264661 372 K-4 Camp Phillips4663494257 1 258 K-4 Camp Roosevelt104119122115 1 576 K-4 Camp Spring Hill9391738074 411 K-4 Camp Sunnyside1311241161191031 594 K-4 Camp Weil1622141523 90 Grand Total5385704994854835234363593044197

6 Scheduling Field Trip & Guest Speaker Schedule for K-4 and 5-8 Use as working dates for planning purposes, officially they are still pending board approval June 22nd

7 Pre-Camp Communications 5/15 Enrollment confirmation postcard 6/30 Pre-camp mailer We can’t wait to see you on July 11 th Date of scheduled parent orientation Transportation info, camp site info & schedule 7/8 Alert Now reminder about Day 1

8 June 4 th PD @ Greenway 8:00 – 11:30 for teachers, 8:00 – 4:00 for CLT All teachers and CLT are expected to be in attendance 2 hrs - Whole Group Overview 1 hr – Camp Team Breakout Session led by Camp Director

9 July 5 th – 8 th At Your Sites All CLT members, teachers (full and half day), and Camp Coordinators will be on site all day (7:30 – 4:15) for up to 40 hrs of pre-camp work and PD Activity providers welcome, not required Get up to speed on curriculum, logistics, camp culture, behavior plans, rules and procedures, roles and responsibilities, attendance processes, etc. Bond as a staff Prep the camp site for 7/11 Detailed goals and to-do’s for these 4 days to be shared June 4 th, plans for the week due 6/18. CLT members will lead sessions.

10 General Camp Materials Bulk of classroom supplies and camp site materials will be at your camp site when you arrive July 5 th Any special supplies/materials you anticipate needing outside of regular camp curriculum - please tell us ASAP! Inventory list, procedure for unpacking and distributing materials will be shared prior to July 5th


12 Books & Games! On-site book fairs planned at each camp site (week #1 for middle grades sites, week #3 or 4 for elementary sites) Elementary curriculum books distributed by class and grade level Classroom libraries and books distributed by class and grade level Detailed instructions for sorting and distributing to be shared prior to July 5 th Over 10,000 GAMES!!!

13 Site Visits Eddie is in the process of scheduling site visits to each SDA Camp Site – the process is moving slowly – our apologies ID classrooms SDA will be using, see cafeteria, auditorium, gym, etc. to begin planning logistics for arrival, dismissal, ACMs, lunch, guest speakers, Promise Store/Whale Done Store etc. Determine technology needs and final supplies (white boards vs. chalk boards, pencil sharpeners, etc.)

14 Operations Resources Best practices, resources and suggestions for: Receiving materials & supplies Camp site bulletin boards Day #1 procedures Camper attendance tracking Staff attendance tracking Breakfast, lunch & transitions Utilizing camp coordinators Promise store

15 Park Your Questions in the Parking Lot

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