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EOC AWARE Always Working Around Recruitment Efforts.

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2 EOC AWARE Always Working Around Recruitment Efforts

3 EOC Tech—Who Are We? Serve Choctaw-Nicoma Park, Jones, Harrah & Luther School Districts and Adults. Been around for 29 years; Average 600 students per year. % of Eligible 11 th & 12 th Graders Served:

4 Student Services Staff Nancy Seeley – Student Services Coordinator Chris Allen – Counselor/Special Needs Jennifer Burch – Tech Prep Coordinator Susan Gierhart – EXPLORE Coordinator Kristy Baker – LEAP Coordinator Vickey Davies – Transition Specialist Janie Prior – Financial Aid

5 5 th Grade Summer Career Safari Save the Date Postcard sent to all eligible students Front & Back:

6 The Good Simple Design – format same as regular school day. 2 Sessions AM and PM Groups – Navigators, Travelers, Adventurers, Voyagers and Explorers – 1 class per day! Badges for students to identify group.

7 The Bad Same lesson for teachers all week! Parents still dropped kids off up to ½ hr before class! – Supervision issues! Send Application; not “Save the Date Cards.” Send application electronically as well as delivering paper apps to schools

8 6 th Grade – “Carnival of Careers” 6th Grade students from all feeder schools attend either AM or PM session. Students play “Carnival Games” developed and run by EOC Tech students and attend “Minute to Win It” show

9 Carnival Tips Use students to attend games Provide small sacks for prizes Large prizes: Given at “Minute to Win It” show. Purchase gift cards, games, etc. Have assortment of candy and prizes We used Oriental Traders – purchase candy at Halloween at Wal-Mart or Sams’s

10 Summer Career Class Offered to all feeder school districts. 4 weeks, 2 times per week, 1 hr each group 5 th -8 th Grade students Either “At Risk” or Enrichment OKCIS – Junior Educational Motivation Success in life- Education Team Building Promote good habits Promote EOC Tech!

11 Reality Store-7 th Grade EOC Tech Student run Develop life/career awareness in students.

12 EXPLORE Testing – 8 th Grade Different schools – different needs 1. Go to the schools prior to testing 2. Go to schools after testing to go over test results. 3. Some come to EOC Tech for the actual testing. We feed students lunch and have short recruitment presentation.

13 Freshman Walk Through Down and dirty—fast and furious— get them in –quick tour and OUT!!

14 PLAN TEST EOC Student Services Staff sets up Seminar Center – tests, pencils, scrap, sound system. EOC does not administer the test—the Staff from the feeder schools are tests adms. EOC provides lunch Brief EOC promotion activity presented to students

15 10 th Grade EXPLORE Class Open to 10 gr only Students attend for only 9 week period. Each feeder school has specific time schedule EOC Provides transportation Students have orientation – Interest Inventory, True Colors, etc. Sent to several classes and spend appx. 2 weeks in each class.

16 SummerUP!

17 SummerUp! HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Student & Parent required to attend Application, confidential info, permission forms filled out and signed. ID Picture taken – Badges given on first day of class Show student classroom ADULT STUDENTS Same as High School Student for paperwork Financial Aide College Alliance


19 What’s Next??

20 QUESTIONS? Presenters: Chris Allen – (405) 390-5309 Nancy Seeley – (405) 390-5345

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