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Welcome to CHS Open House April Brewington AP/IB English Literature Room 108.

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1 Welcome to CHS Open House April Brewington AP/IB English Literature Room 108

2 Contact Information Email address: (best way to contact me) Phone number: 480-812-7758 (please do not call during class time)

3 Course Description In order to give students who wish to take the IB or AP tests a wider reading background, this class will focus on European writers and authors from other parts of the world. The works selected will be studied in depth and will include fiction, drama, essay and poetry. Composition will also be an integral part of the course. This is a rigorous course designed to prepare students for the IB/AP examinations in this subject area. Please note that this class uses a college-level reading list, which is available from the instructor upon request. CUSD Course Catalog

4 Textbooks The Norton Introduction to Literature Ninth Edition How to Read Literature Like a Professor Thomas C. Foster

5 Assessment Information AP Literature Thursday May 8, 2014 60 Minutes multiple- choice exam (45% of AP score) 120 Minutes Free-response essay questions (55% of AP score) Poetry Passage Prose Passage Free Response IB Literature Exam Thursday May 8, 2014 A late AP exam is offered for students testing both AP & IB See IB Language A1 Assessment Overview

6 Texts Fall Semester Siddhartha Oedipus Antigone A Dolls House Trifles The Metamorphosis The Stranger Waiting for Godot Spring Semester James Baldwin (selected Essays) Hamlet Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead John Donne (selected poetry) The Importance of Being Earnest

7 Policies to highlight Students are required to act in a responsible and ethical manner throughout their participation in the AP/IB programs. In particular candidates must avoid any form of malpractice. Students found to have engaged in academic dishonesty may be subject to disciplinary as well as academic penalties. Grades are weighted and categories are as follows: Formative Assessments: 30% Summative Assessments: 50% Practice Activities: 20% A PRACTICE SESSION FOR THE AP AND IB TEST TAKERS ONLY WILL BE SCHEDULED IN THE SPRING. STUDENTS ATTENDING THE ENTIRE SESSION AND COMPLETING THE ENTIRE EXAM CAN RECEIVE FINAL EXAM EXEMPTION AND UP TO 4% ADDED TO THEIR SEMESTER GRADE.

8 Policies continued The final exam will count for 20% of the final semester grade. Every student will take the final exam as I am preparing them for college, and exemption status will be determined after the exam is completed.

9 Assessment Standards Essays will be assessed using the AP and IB Literature rubrics Major projects will be evaluated using a teacher-created, content specific rubric

10 Thank you for coming tonight. Please check you students grades online often, and email or call me if you have any questions. There is a wish list of items that will help me provide for my students; if you wish to donate, please make a note and send the item(s) to school with your student.

11 Wish List Markers Colored Paper Used Magazines Glue Sticks Tissues Pencils

12 Brace yourselves. The website is coming.

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