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Parent Informational Meeting

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1 Parent Informational Meeting
Honors Program Parent Informational Meeting

2 Welcome Parents Overview of the Honors Program
Overview of Evaluation Process New Online Testing Requirement Questions

3 Honors Program Grade 7 Grade 8 Honors Math
Honors English Language Arts Honors Science Honors Social Studies Grade 7 Honors Math Honors English Language Arts Honors Science Honors Social Studies Grade 8 Algebra 1 (Freshman Math) Honors English Language Arts Freshman Science Honors American History

4 What is taught? Math English Language Arts Science Social Studies
6th Grade Glencoe Course 2 7th grade Math Springboard Level 1 Life, Earth, and Physical Science enriched each year Western Hemisphere enriched 7th Grade Glencoe Course 3 8th grade Math Springboard Level 2 Eastern Hemisphere enriched 8th Grade Algebra I 1.0 credit Springboard Level 3 Freshman Science .5 credit Physics .5 credit Chemistry Pre-req. Life Science US History

5 Springboard is a College Board AP preparatory curriculum

6 High School Credit Options in 8th Grade
Algebra I (yearlong course)-- Final grade after all three trimesters of a C- or better = 1.0 HS Credit Freshman Science (trimester based) Trimester Physics 1 trimester grade of C- or better = 0.5 HS Credit Trimester Chemistry 1 trimester grade of C- or better = 0.5 HS Credit Trimester Pre-Requisite Skills Life Science required for Honors Biology = No HS Credit

7 Honors Program Evaluation Process
To be scheduled for Honors Classes in the Middle School students must qualify. Families will need to confirm that they are interested in having their child considered for Honors Classes. Qualifications are the result of the evaluation of the student’s academic performance. Students are evaluated with the following measures: State testing in Math, Reading, Writing, Science and Social Studies District testing in Math, Reading, and Writing SAGES-2 Math/Science and/or ELA/Social Studies online test* Teacher Recommendations Grades Attendance/discipline It is the overall profile that is created that determines a student eligibility in each core subject area.

8 Confirming Interest By February 9th please visit the Gifted and Talented Click on the yellow link and fill out the form. This will send you an with all of the information regarding the online testing requirement. You will need your child’s student number to complete this form.

9 Online Testing Requirement
Why the new requirement? The GT office depended on information from the fall MEAP testing results to help determine a student's placement. Since this testing window has moved to the Spring of 2015, a measure of academic achievement was needed. What is the test(s)? Where did it come from? The tests are from the Screening Assessment for Gifted Elementary and Middle School Students. There are 2 subtests that are available for a student to complete. Math/Science <and/or> English Language Arts/Social Studies Each test has 32 questions. Thirty questions are multiple choice. Two are open-ended questions. That is, students are asked to respond to a question. The test(s) can only be taken one time and are timed (30 minutes).

10 Online Testing Requirement
When can my student take the test(s)? Students can take the test any time beginning February 9th at 12:00 am through February 13th at 11:59 pm. Do they have to take both tests? That depends on what classes they are being considered for. See the chart below. Class desired Test to take Honors Math Math/Science Test Honors Science Honors English Language Arts English Language Arts/Social Studies Test Honors Social Studies

11 Online Testing Requirement
What if they already have Honors Math but want Honors Science? Yes, they will have to take the Math/Science test. The questions are intermixed so an overall aptitude to this type of thinking is what is being evaluated. If they already have an Honors class please have them respond to the open-ended question related to that class as “I am already in Honors Math”. Can a student leave a testing session in the middle and pick back up at the same spot later? No. Please plan on at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete a test. The time starts when you enter the test. When a student is finished they MUST submit their answers. If they close out of the test they will NOT be allowed back in to submit the test.

12 Online Testing Requirement
Is this test the determining factor if my child gets the Honors class we want? No. This test is one of the many factors that is considered when qualifying students. While this is an important factor, it will be combined with other testing results and teacher recommendations to try to paint an accurate picture of the student’s performance. How are these tests scored? The tests are designed to be given to students in grades Each student is scored based on their age. A chart is used to determine the score based on the number correct and their current age. Therefore, a 7th grader will need to get more correct to obtain the same score as 5th grader. The scores are adjusted based on the amount of knowledge that is generally acquired by a particular age.

13 Online Test--How To Go to
Select Bay City Schools in Course Categories Now select Administration

14 Online Test--How To Select Honors Program Testing
Log in using the username first five letters of last name+first three letters of first name +graduation year ex. baskeamy1990 and password Student number

15 Online Test--How To At the bottom of the screen there will be a Self enrolment (Student) enter the enrolment key t3$t1n9 Now click on Enrol Me

16 Online Test--How To Select the test you wish to take. You may take them in any order

17 Online Test--How To This is the warning screen saying that: Take the test ONE TIME 30 minutes to take the test If the student is ready click attempt quiz now.

18 Online Test--How To This is an example of one of the question screens. There is a quiz navigation area to show you where you are in the test. When you complete a question click on NEXT. Numbers that are greyed are answered. The navigation area also give the amount of time left to take the test.

19 Online Test--How To When the student has answered all of the questions the screen will look like this. In order for the test to count they must click on the button submit all and finish

20 Questions

21 Thank you Contact the Gifted and Talented Office @ 989-671-8170

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