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OPEN HOUSE – September 17, 2014 Español 3 (Please sign in) !GRACIAS! Mrs. Heather Puchta

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2 OPEN HOUSE – September 17, 2014 Español 3 (Please sign in) !GRACIAS! Mrs. Heather Puchta



5 SPEAKING 24%  Composed of 2 situations in which you must speak 6 times each.

6 LISTENING 30% SSecond part = 6 passages read in Spanish with the settings in English and the questions in Spanish. FFirst part = 9 passages read in Spanish with the settings and questions in English

7 READING 30%  1) 1 long reading passage with the questions in English  2) 5 short Spanish readings with the questions in Spanish, (advertisements) 33) 1 long Spanish reading with questions in Spanish.


9 What do we do during the year to prepare?  1) Participation - The students are required to speak in Spanish with the teacher about certain vocabulary topics. (Weekly)  2) Listening Activities - Throughout the school year with each unit. Podcasts on website  3) Reading Activities - short stories, and practice reading passages from old Regents exams.  4) Writing - Picture compositions, letter writing, Journal writing -etc.

10 GRADING  20% PARTICIPATION( Speaking topics)  80% TOTAL POINTS (Everything else)  Every student should have a SEPARATE notebook for Spanish

11 GRAMMAR  Review of Present & Progressive Tenses.  In depth work with Preterite and Imperfect Tenses. (Past)  Introduction of Future Tense = will _____  Introduction of the Conditional Tense = would  Introduction of the Perfect Tenses  Commands  Present subjunctive


13 How does Spanish 3H differ from Spanish 3 Regents?  The students must have a certain average in Spanish 2 and be recommended by their teacher to go on to Spanish 3 Honors.  The first semester of 3H is when the entire Regents Curriculum is taught.  The second semester we start reading Literature and working on the AP format that these students will need to get used to for when they take the Spanish AP Exam in May of their 12 th grade year.

14 EXTRA HELP -WEDS & THURSDAYS IN ROOM 317 Please contact me anytime: E-MAIL:

15 SIS GRADEBOOK The Parent Portal is open on SIS Gradebook. So you are able to view their grades online.

16 What does the LOTE classroom look like? Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking and culture with every single unit. Please encourage your child to go to the links on my teacher webpage and practice listening to the podcasts. Also go to to the online textbook to practice every week!

17 Thank you for coming tonight! Have a great evening! Español

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