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Could you put an image here? America’s Beginning Round 1 Could you put an image here?

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2 Could you put an image here? America’s Beginning Round 1 Could you put an image here?

3 500 400 300 200 100 EventsReligionDocumentsPlacesPeople

4 He developed the principles of separation and balance of powers in government. Categories People 100 Points

5 Categories Who is Baron de Montesquieu?

6 People 200 Points According to this man, the three natural rights of man are life, liberty and property. Categories

7 Who is John Locke? People 200 Points

8 People 300 Points These people were American supporters of the British during the Revolutionary War. Categories

9 People 300 Points Categories Who were the Loyalists?

10 This man led the Indian rebellion against white settlement west of the Appalachians. Categories People 400 Points

11 Categories Who was Pontiac? People 400 Points

12 This person became a noted poet and playwright and wrote an early history of the American Revolution. Categories People 500 Points

13 Categories Who is Mercy Otis Warren? People 500 Points

14 This southern colony became a safe haven for debtors. Categories Places 100 Points

15 Categories What is Georgia?

16 Places 200 Points This was the first college established in the colonies. Categories

17 What is Harvard? Places 200 Points

18 Places 300 Points This colony was created as a safe haven for Catholics. Categories

19 Places 300 Points Categories What is Maryland?

20 This region is defined by the Ohio River, the Great Lakes, and the Mississippi River. Categories Places 400 Points

21 Categories What is the Northwest Territory? Places 400 Points

22 55 men representing 12 states debated amendments to the Articles of Confederation and drafted a new Constitution. Categories Places 500 Points

23 Categories What is Philadelphia? Places 500 Points

24 Thomas Paine inspired many colonists to seek independence from England when he published this pamphlet. Categories Documents 100 Points

25 Categories What is Common Sense?

26 Documents 200 Points Supports of the Constitution such as John Jay and Alexander Hamilton are known as these. Categories

27 What are Federalists? Documents 200 Points

28 Documents 300 Points This document created a loose alliance of the 13 states while preserving the independence and most of the powers of each state. Categories

29 Documents 300 Points Categories What are the Articles of Confederation?

30 This document would only take effect after 9 of the 13 states ratified it. Categories Documents 400 Points

31 Categories What is the Constitution? Documents 400 Points

32 In the creation of the Constitution, Virginia would have supported a legislation based on this. Categories Documents 500 Points

33 Categories What is population? Documents 500 Points

34 William Penn led this religious group to settle in the New World. Categories Religion 100 Points

35 Categories Who are the Quakers?

36 Religion 200 Points These people were the most radical of the Puritans. They believed that they needed to separate themselves totally from the Anglican Church. Categories

37 Who are the Separatists? Religion 200 Points

38 Religion 300 Points This radical Protestant sect wanted to strip the Anglican Church of all traces of Roman Catholic influence. Categories

39 Religion 300 Points Categories Who are the Puritans?

40 This religious group in the Middle Colonies had no priests, ministers, or preachers. Categories Religion 400 Points

41 Categories Who are the Quakers? Religion 400 Points

42 In 1636, leaders of the Massachusetts Bay Colony banished this woman for committing what they believed was an act of heresy. Categories Religion 500 Points

43 Categories Who is Anne Hutchinson? Religion 500 Points

44 This event was a revival of intense religious expression that swept through the American colonies from the 1720’s through the 1740’s. Categories Events 100 Points

45 Categories What was the Great Awakening?

46 Events 200 Points This event is also known as the Age of Reason. Categories

47 What is the Enlightenment? Events 200 Points

48 Events 300 Points This is the journey that African slaves made from Africa to the American colonies. Categories

49 Events 300 Points Categories What is the middle passage?

50 This treaty recognized the United States as a sovereign nation. Categories Events 400 Points

51 Categories What is the Treaty of Paris of 1783? Events 400 Points

52 This rebellion by Massachusetts farmers was triggered by postwar depression and heavy state taxes. Categories Events 500 Points

53 Categories What was Shay’s Rebellion? Events 500 Points

54 Time for Round 2!

55 The Daily Double Categories

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