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Round 1 Ultimate QuestionWinthropsSmithsPenns Scores can be changed manually during the slide show. Complete all of Round 1 before going to the Ultimate.

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3 Round 1 Ultimate QuestionWinthropsSmithsPenns Scores can be changed manually during the slide show. Complete all of Round 1 before going to the Ultimate Question Click on Round 1 to access categories and questions.

4 Category #1Category #2Category #4Category #5Category #6 Founders Steps Toward Unity Steps Toward Unity Rebellions Democratic Landmarks Three Colonial Regions Three Colonial Regions Religion $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $300 $400 $500 $300 $400 $500 $300 $400 $500 Click on any of the top squares to return to the Scoreboard.

5 $100 This Quaker founded the colony of Pennsylvania. AnswerScoreboard

6 $100 Who is William Penn? Round 1

7 $200 This Catholic gentleman founded the colony of Maryland. ScoreboardAnswer

8 $200 Who is Lord Baltimore? (Sir George Calvert) Round 1

9 $300 James Oglethorp founded this colony as a haven for debtors. ScoreboardAnswer

10 $300 What is Georgia? Round 1

11 Place a bet between $100 to $1000 (or higher if you have more money) Question

12 $400 This early figure in Virginia led the colony to survive its starving time. ScoreboardAnswer

13 $400 Who is Captain John Smith? Round 1

14 $500 This Puritan dissenter founded Rhode Island based on the idea of liberty of conscience. ScoreboardAnswer

15 $500 Roger Williams Who is Roger Williams? Round 1

16 $100 During the French and Indian War, Benjamin Franklin proposed this idea for colonial unity. AnswerScoreboard

17 $100 Albany Plan for Union What is the Albany Plan for Union? Round 1

18 $200 During this period 1713 to 1763the colonies were largely left alone to develop their own economic and political institutions. ScoreboardAnswer

19 $200 Salutary Neglect What is Salutary Neglect? Round 1

20 $300 This New England organization was created in 1643 for collective security against Native Americans. ScoreboardAnswer

21 $300 New England Confederation What is the New England Confederation? Round 1

22 $400 This organization led by Andros was overthrown by New Englanders in 1689, an event known as the 1 st American Revolution. ScoreboardAnswer

23 $400 Dominion of New England What is the Dominion of New England? Round 1

24 $500 This Puritan agreement in 1648 sought to standardize the Congregational Church throughout New England. ScoreboardAnswer

25 $500 Cambridge Platform What is the Cambridge Platform? Round 1

26 $100 This rebellion in Virginia resulted in the increase in black slavery and decrease in indentured servitude. AnswerScoreboard

27 $100 Bacons Rebellion (1676) What is Bacons Rebellion (1676)? Round 1

28 $200 This was the first major slave rebellion in the South that resulted in further restrictions on slaves. ScoreboardAnswer

29 $200 Stono Rebellion What is the Stono Rebellion (1739)? Round 1

30 $300 This 1691 rebellion in New York was led by frustrated poor men who had no prospects of owning land. ScoreboardAnswer

31 $300 Leislers Rebellion What is Leislers Rebellion? Round 1

32 $400 This 1764 rebellion of Scots-Irish on the Pennsylvania frontier was aimed at the Pennsylvania govt. ScoreboardAnswer

33 $400 Paxton Boys Rebellion What is the Paxton Boys Rebellion? Round 1

34 $500 This 1771 revolt in North Carolina was another west vs. east struggle. ScoreboardAnswer

35 $500 Carolina Regulator Movement What is the Carolina Regulator Movement? Round 1

36 $100 This type of meeting became a seed of democracy in early New England. AnswerScoreboard

37 $100 Townhall Meetings What are Townhall Meetings? Round 1

38 $200 This was the first colonial assembly in North America, created in Virginia (1619). ScoreboardAnswer

39 $200 House of Burgesses What is the House of Burgesses? Round 1

40 $300 This 1736 court case set a trend for more freedom of the press in the colonies. ScoreboardAnswer

41 $300 Zenger Case What is the Zenger Case? Round 1

42 $400 This 17 th century document was the first written constitution in American colonial history. ScoreboardAnswer

43 $400 Fundamental Orders in Connecticut, 1639 What is the Fundamental Orders in Connecticut, 1639? Round 1

44 $500 Although technically not a constitution, this was a landmark agreement among Pilgrims and non-Pilgrims for majority rule. ScoreboardAnswer

45 $500 Mayflower Compact What is the Mayflower Compact? Round 1

46 $100 Rhode Island is located in this colonial region. AnswerScoreboard

47 $100 New England What is New England? Round 1

48 $200 Virginia is located in this colonial region. ScoreboardAnswer

49 $200 Southern colonies What are the Southern colonies? Round 1

50 $300 New York is located in this colonial region. ScoreboardAnswer

51 $300 Middle Colonies What is the Middle Colonies? Round 1

52 $400 Maryland is located in this region. ScoreboardAnswer

53 $400 Southern colonies What are the Southern colonies? Round 1

54 $500 This was the largest and most influential colony in New England. ScoreboardAnswer

55 $500 Massachusetts Bay Colony What is the Massachusetts Bay Colony? Round 1

56 $100 Calvinism was the foundation for this church in colonial America. AnswerScoreboard

57 $100 Congregational Church What is the Congregational Church? Round 1

58 $200 In 1649, this became the first law granting a degree of religious toleration in the colonies. ScoreboardAnswer

59 $200 Maryland Act of Toleration What is the Maryland Act of Toleration? Round 1

60 $300 This was the dominant church in the southern colonies (and New York). ScoreboardAnswer

61 $300 Anglican Church (Church of England) What is the Anglican Church (Church of England)? Round 1

62 $400 This movement saw a struggle between Old Lights and New Lights in the 1730s and 1740s. ScoreboardAnswer

63 $400 Great Awakening What is the Great Awakening? Round 1

64 $500 These were the two most important figures of the Great Awakening. ScoreboardAnswer

65 $500 Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield Who are Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield? Round 1

66 Category: Puritans Scoreboard Make your wager!! Go to Ultimate Question

67 This Calvinist wrote, We shall build a city upon a hill, and became governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630. Scoreboard Ultimate Question Answer

68 John Winthrop Who is John Winthrop? Scoreboard Ultimate Question Back to Ultimate Question

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