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El Remate Petén, Guatemala Based in PROJECT IX-CANAAN.

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3 El Remate Petén, Guatemala Based in PROJECT IX-CANAAN

4 To support the changes necessary to enable a people to become truly Ix-canaan... Guardians of the Rainforest. Guardians of the Rainforest.


6 In November 1996, Grupo Ix-canaan bought the rights to over 2 manzanas of land located 2 blocks up the hill from the main road and beach area, in which programs of the project are currently being developed. Main Road between Tikal and Airport

7 Beginning Beginning... in a small lakeside building loaned by a local resident... Continuing Continuing... in its first infrastructure on its own land... Growing Growing... through the ongoing support of Eduardo Cofiño and hundreds of volunteers, both national and international

8 Community Clinic Community Clinic Library / Computer Center Library / Computer Center Womens Center Womens Center Research Center / Volunteer Accomodations

9 General care And treatment General care And treatment Education in Health Education in Health Minor Surgery and Hospitalization Minor Surgery and Hospitalization

10 Funding for infrastructure donated by La Gremial de Molineros de Arroz de Guatemala. ClinicaComunitaria Community invited to Grand Opening in February, 2000

11 After the first 5 years of operation, the Community Clinic had offered its services to more than 5000 people from the greater area. ClinicaComunitaria

12 The medical division of Project Ix-canaan now hosts journeys of doctors, dentists, optometrists, midwives and other professionals

13 X I nformation X C ommunication X E ducation

14 Library/Computer Center A new building to house the Library/Computer Center has been funded by a group of volunteers from Calgary, Alberta

15 The computer school will allow the people of the village to run Internet Services that will regulate tourism and increase self- sufficiency Donations of books of all types in Spanish are requested Computer Classes for all age groups are being taught by national and international volunteers.

16 Hospitalization and Treatment with Natural Medicine Scientific Publications Marketing of Natural Resources Accommodation for Volunteers

17 ResearchCenterArea Close to the main gate of this double-sized lot is an area that is designated for housing for national and international volunteers who come to work for Project Ix-Canaan

18 The breathtaking view at the top where land has been set aside to build the infrastructure required for the Research Center.

19 Classes, Workshops, Seminars Group manufacture and sales of Ecological Rainforest Products Celebrating... Dancing... Singing... Story Telling Family Development

20 Womens Group In January of 2005, a group of women from El Remate began learning techniques of Square Foot Gardening and composting, with Global Coalition for Peace, to improve general nutrition and to prepare to teach gardening in other villages.

21 Womens Group Develops The gardening proved to be so successful that the women have come together to make uniforms, elect an executive and to take other classes with volunteers Prenatal & Midwives Class Computer Skills Class Yoga Class Grupo Femenino Jewelry Class Literacy Class

22 Womens Center The women have cleaned their land and planted over 200 tree seedlings. They anticipate the time when they obtain the financial support to purchase building materials for their main Meeting House high atop this ancient Mayan homesite.

23 Developing ecological rainforest products (ramon flour, hand soap, recycled paper, stone and wood carvings) to market to the burgeoning tourist industry, the Womens Group creates opportunities for future generations through personal and family development.

24 You too can be Ix-canaan - A Guardian of the Rainforest! Your support is valued! Join with the inhabitants of the jungles To create a better tomorrow.

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