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Welcome to 2nd Grade! Miss Pyskaty, Ms. Barbacano, Mr. Curhan, and Miss Thiel.

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1 Welcome to 2nd Grade! Miss Pyskaty, Ms. Barbacano, Mr. Curhan, and Miss Thiel

2 Reading Focus on solidifying fluency (speed and fluidity of reading/decoding) Create a foundation of comprehension skills including… –Connecting –Wondering –Predicting –Noticing –Picturing –Figuring out Achieved through a combination of large group lessons, small group focus lessons with classroom teachers and literacy specialists, and independent practice

3 Science Changes –Life-Cycle of the Butterfly Studying the life-cycle of the Painted Lady –Changing States of Matter Learning about the characteristics of solids, liquids, and gases Experimenting with mixing and separating Making hypotheses based in observation –Soils Learning about the different components of soil (humus, sand, silt) Distinguishing between organic and inorganic matter Studying the characteristics of different soil mixtures –Engineering Learning about the engineering process Designing solutions to problems Testing designs

4 Social Studies Civics & Government –Learning how rules create a structure for the rights and responsibilities of a community Maps & Geography –Learning that maps are representations of real places Native Americans –Learning that the geography of your surroundings determines how you live Traditions and Customs –Learning that cultural identity influences who you are and how you see the world Biographies –Learning that one person can make a difference in the world

5 Math Grade 2 Roadmap –Compilation of resources such as Everyday Math, Kathy Richardson, Navigating Series, and Do The Math –Combination of large group minilessons, small group stations, and targeted interventions Practice Standards Operations and Algebraic Thinking Number and Operations in Base-10 Measurement and Data Geometry

6 Writing –Personal narratives –Nonfiction writing –Fiction writing –Poetry Writing across the content areas

7 Word Work Fountas & Pinnell Phonics –Whole group instruction around specific phonics patterns Words Their Way –Provides students with word cards based on their level of understanding about letters, sounds, and spelling patterns High Frequency Words –Students learn to use resources (word walls, dictionaries, etc.) Content Vocabulary –Students learn and use content specific words

8 Open Circle and CARES Social skills curriculum aimed at teaching students to be… –Cooperative –Assertive –Responsible –Empathetic –and to maintain Self-control Provides an opportunity for open discussions, role- playing, and modeling appropriate and respectful social interactions Gives students a safe place to voice concerns and help each other come up with solutions to common social problems

9 Room 20 Welcome to Team Twenty! –New report cards –Daily routine –Notes on snack/lunch –Homework and reading logs –Team Twenty Pledge/Hopes and Dreams –Birthdays –Knick-knacks and home toys –Contact me! –Website













22 Thank you! Questions?

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