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2 Reading Workshop We will work extensively on comprehension strategies, fluency and most importantly, the joy of reading. Whole Group Lesson Focus Spelling/Phonics Grammar Reading and Vocabulary Reading Workshop Focus Make Connections, Question, Prior Knowledge (Schema), Visualize, Infer, Summarize, Synthesis Center Rotations (Daily Five): Read to Self Read with a Partner Listen to Reading Writing Spelling/Word Work Misc: Computer, Reading Based Games, Active Board Etc. Working with Guided Reading Groups Guided Reading Students meet in small groups with others at the same instructional reading level to work on strategies to boost comprehension, fluency, and work on strategies to become better readers.

3 Writing Workshop Students will be involved in daily writing activities to boost their skills as thinkers and communicators. Writing Process Modeled Writing-mini-lessons on narrative, persuasive, response to literature and expository writing. Independent Writing in all content areas.

4 Math Math Frameworks Money, Place Value to 1000, Time to 5 minutes, Comparing and Ordering Numbers, Patterns, Fractions, Geometry, Graphing, and Word Problems (No Book, Only Practice Book) Automatic Recall of Addition/Subtraction Facts up to 20 by December-Practice daily with flash cards, games and computer sites. (45 +/- in 3 minutes) Variety of experiences - children “do” math Partner & small-group activities Skill Reinforcement through: Practice Enrichment Problem Solving Math Games Manipulatives Sunshine Math Information

5 Science UNITS: Life Cycles Matter Astronomy Forces and Motion

6 Social Studies Georgia Geography
Elected officials and landmarks (state and national) Native American cultures of Georgia (Creek and Cherokee) Economics of Georgia – Supply and Demand Famous Georgians and their contributions

7 I am looking forward to a spectacular year!

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