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Harris Creek YR Elementary School Open House Presentation, August 25, 2011 Mr. Williams, 1 st grade.

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1 Harris Creek YR Elementary School Open House Presentation, August 25, 2011 Mr. Williams, 1 st grade

2 Teacher, 1 st T4 Mr. Benjamin Williams, Teacher (tenure) –16 th year in education; 8 th as a teacher First 8 years as a full-time school bus driver and substitute teacher –New Hanover County Schools, Wilmington, 5 years –Duplin County Schools, Beulaville, 3 years Wake County Public School System –Harris Creek YR Elem. School (since beginning at the modular building) –Zebulon Elem. Magnet School Mentor teacher and former grade-chair Drivers Ed teacher (WFRHS, FA, & NRCA) Facilitator for NC Teaching Fellows Discovery Tour, May 2010, 2011, (2012) –UNC Wilmington, 2004 B.A.: Elementary Education (K-6) Minor and Academic Concentration: English –Additional Licensure Credentials Safety and Driver Education (K-12), East Carolina University Reading (K-12), Praxis Vocational Business Education (6-12), Praxis

3 Teacher Assistant, 1 st T4 Mrs. Bindu Singh –14 th year as a TA –Originally from India and adds a great sense of culture to share with her students. –We share her with Ms. Curley’s class.

4 General Information School Hours: 8:45 - 3:45 Students are considered tardy after 9:15 Early release Friday’s: 1:15 Early Arrival begins at 7:00 – contact Raleigh Parks and Recreation

5 Attendance If your child cannot attend school, please call 217-5100 by 8:30 to inform the school. Please send a note explaining the absence. (Email is preferred). Half days: 9:15 - 12:30 or 12:30 - 3:45

6 Excused Absences Illness or injury Death in family Medical/dental appointments Religious observance (Prior Approval needed.) Educational Opportunities - Parents must complete Form #1710 for prior approval from the principal, Mrs. Perry. Note: Disney and other vacations will not be approved.

7 Visiting or Volunteering at Harris Creek All visitors must sign in at the main office and obtain a visitor tag. All volunteers must register with WCPSS before volunteering. This must be done each year. Volunteers can do this in the Media Center. You can not chaperone on field trips if you have not been approved by the system. Book Club and Room Mom

8 Arrival/Dismissal Send a note if your child needs to leave school early. Children may not be checked out between 3:30 and 3:45. Anytime a student leaves school in a manner different from the routine, a note MUST be given to the teacher. (I prefer email)

9 Breakfast/Lunch Please remember to send breakfast and/or lunch money for your child each day or pre-pay the cafeteria. Pre-payment is the best method. Checks should be made out to Harris Creek Elementary Cafeteria. Students with no money on their account are given only fruits and veggies.

10 Dress Code Don’t Wear Exposed undergarments Sagging pants Excessively short/tight garments Flip-flop and Crocs (not allowed on playground equipment) Strapless or spaghetti strap shirts See through clothing Head covering of any kind inside (unless, the head covering is for cultural or religious reasons) Any attire associated with violence or violent groups.

11 Dress Code Do Wear Hats for outside play Sneakers (prevent accidents) Comfortable clothing (Remember your child is at work and may get dirty.) Appropriate clothes for the weather and HVAC system. (Sometimes, it is cold in the summer and hot in the winter.) NOTE: Please label all coats/jackets and sweaters. Once they are in lost/found children have a difficult time finding them.

12 Contact Information Please keep all contact information (phone numbers, address, etc.) current with your teacher and the office! It is important that we can reach you in case of an emergency.

13 Connections This document tells all objectives to be covered in 1st grade. Specific skills are utilized by classwork and homework. instruction/docs_downloads/connecti ons/ instruction/docs_downloads/connecti ons/

14 Assessment Samples of student work are kept in individual assessment folders. Skills are assessed in a variety of ways; observation, individual performance tasks, class projects, small group, and formal testing. Standards based grading is used: 1 – 2 – 3 – 3* - 4 A level 4 is only given if the student shows exceptional knowledge and problem solving, makes connections to other content areas, and demonstrates a higher level of thinking for that objective. It is NOT simply working above grade level. A 3 is given to indicate that a student has mastered the objectives that have been taught.

15 Leveled Reading Groups/Running Records Groups will change periodically and are not necessarily grouped by ability. Trade books are often used to enhance our science emphasis. A “running record” is an individual assessment to determine current reading level. Comprehension skills and retelling the story are very important components. There are leveled benchmarks for each quarter.

16 Leveled Reading Groups/Running Records Reading Benchmarks 1st quarter  level 5/6 2nd quarter  level 9/10 3rd quarter  level 11/12 4th quarter  level 15/16

17 Handwriting Without Tears Students receive daily instruction in handwriting. Students don’t always hold the pencil correctly; this makes writing tedious.

18 Homework Daily folders are sent home nightly with the week’s homework. Each night’s homework is checked the following day and there is a spot for homework on the report card. Students are expected to read each night for 10 - 20 minutes. The entire weeks work should not be done the first night. That does not help sustain learning! Mrs. Singh will be checking the homework every day. Newsletters will be posted on the classroom web page.

19 Spelling Weekly spelling words include word family words and high frequency words. Words are assigned on Monday. Spelling is included in the word work assignments sent home weekly in homework. Spelling test every Friday.

20 Library Students will be allowed to go during the day during center time or when extra time allows when they finish their work. Students checkout one book at a time and must return it before checking out another one. Fines are charged for lost books.

21 Behavior Report Calendar Sent home in daily folder. Purple, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red indicate the child’s behavior for that day. Please initial each day to show that you are informed. The behavior calendar matches the report card exactly and will be used to determine the conduct grade.

22 Snack Students will be given time to eat snack at recess time. Snacks should be individually wrapped and drinks should be individual juice boxes. However, please try to use reusable containers/bottles. (Be “Green” as much as possible!) (i.e. – Hi-C, Capri Sun, naps, crackers, etc) Keep sugary snacks to a minimal; try to keep it as healthy as possible!

23 Rules & Procedures Review Wake County handbook & return signed slip. Review Harris Creek handbook & return signed slip. Please take special note of the dress code policy. Absences are not excused unless a parent note is received within 2 weeks of the absence AND it meets the criteria for an excused absence. An email is acceptable. Students are NEVER to self-administer medication (including cough drops). All medication is handled through the office and must be accompanied by a doctor’s note. Students have Internet permission unless an opt-out form is on file.

24 Class Rules Be kind with words and actions. Follow directions the first time given. Raise your hand to speak/work quietly. Change tasks quickly and quietly. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

25 Consequences 1. Warning 2. Pull card, reflection time, and silent lunch 3. Note/phone call home  Severe disruption  Principal’s office

26 Field Trips Chaperones will be needed…watch newsletter for dates. Dads are always greatly appreciated to have on a trip! Chaperones need to provide their own transportation. Chaperones need to pass a security background check. Register in the library ASAP! Transportation costs have increased. We will keep cost as low as possible. Be sure to sign permission slips, indicate lunch preference, and make checks payable to Harris Creek. Possible field trips: Durant Park, NC History and Science Museums, theater…

27 Technology Students will be instructed in basic computer skills and use available software. Students will be using computers during center time. ekElementarySchool/bwilliams3/

28 Parent/teacher conferences A conference is held in place of a report card for first quarter. (Oct 3 & 4) Telephone conferences are always available if transportation is an issue. Early morning arrival and dismissal are not times to discuss your child’s progress. I will be happy to schedule a more convenient time. (Report Card overhead)

29 1 st grade expectations Transitioning from kindergarten

30 Questions  About topics discussed…  Email:  I check my email as much as possible.

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