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2 Who AM I? The Explorers

3 He sailed from Puerto Rico and explored Florida. Some history books say he was looking for the fountain of youth.

4 Juan Ponce de León

5 He led an expedition through the American Southeast in search of gold. He became the first European to see the Mississippi River.

6 Hernando De Soto

7 He set out to find a route to the Indies by sailing around the southern tip of South America. His crew completed the first known voyage around the world after he was killed.

8 Ferdinand Magellan

9 He kidnapped Taino people and brought them back to Spain.

10 Christopher Columbus

11 His forces conquered the Inca empire ruled by Atahualpa.

12 Francisco Pizarro

13 He led an expedition across Central America to what later was named the Pacific Ocean.

14 Vasco Núñez de Balboa

15 He was a sailor on the voyage around the world with Magellan. We know a lot about the voyage because he kept a journal of the trip.

16 Antonio Pigafetta

17 This explorer met the Pueblo people and saw the Grand Canyon, but never found gold.

18 Francisco Coronado

19 He sailed around the tip of Africa and opened up trade between Portugal and Asia.

20 Vasco da Gama

21 Shipwrecked during an expedition from Cuba, he reached what is now Texas in He became the first Spaniard to explore Texas.

22 Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca

23 This Portuguese explorer believed that he was exploring a new continent, not Asia.

24 Amerigo Vespucci

25 This Tlaxcalan woman acted as a translator between Cortes and Moctezuma.

26 Doña Marina (or Malinche)

27 After he sailed around the tip of South America, he entered an ocean that had been discovered by Balboa. He named it “Pacific” because it was peaceful.

28 Ferdinand Magellan

29 He was the first European to step foot in Florida. Spain claimed Florida because of his explorations.

30 Juan Ponce de León

31 North and South America were named after him.

32 Amerigo Vespucci

33 He explored the American Southwest in search of the rumored Seven Cities of Gold. He claimed the land he explored for Spain.

34 Francisco Coronado

35 Emperor Moctezuma believed this explorer might be the returning god Quetzecoatl.

36 Hernando Cortés

37 After winning a war with his brother, this Inca leader was captured by Pizarro. He was held for ransom and later killed.

38 Atahualpa

39 He sailed with three ships, and was the captain of the largest one, the Santa Maria.

40 Christopher Columbus

41 He led an expedition from Cuba to Mexico that ended with the conquest of Moctezuma and the Aztec.

42 Hernando Cortes

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