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This strike caused the government to break up the American Railroad Union because it interfered with the nation’s mail system and led to violence and destruction.

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1 This strike caused the government to break up the American Railroad Union because it interfered with the nation’s mail system and led to violence and destruction throughout the nation. Pullman Strike

2 John D. Rockefeller dominated the oil industry by organizing a ___________, where he headed a board of oil companies that came together to set prices on oil in order to force other oil companies out of the industry. Trust

3 According to this wealthy 19 th century steel industrialist, the wealthy should give back to society by donating to charities. Andrew Carnegie

4 The Bessemer Process was a new way to cheaply and efficiently mass produce ___________. Steel

5 _______ was a late 19 th century inventor who invented the phonograph, the light bulb and the power station. Thomas Edison

6 This book, written by Jacob Riis in 1890, documented the horrific living conditions of tenement life in New York City. “How the Other Half Lives”

7 ____________ was established by Jane Addams in Chicago in the late 19 th century in order to provide a place to assist the needy and immigrants. It provided social services such as day care and classes that helped immigrant adapt to life in the U.S. Hull House

8 Many people who believed in _____________, opposed new immigrants in late 19 th century America and helped pass legislation such as the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. Nativism

9 _____________ ___________ refers to the idea that new immigrants to the United States in the late 19 th and early 20 th century maintained their own distinctive culture when they settled in the U.S. Cultural Pluralism

10 The theory called the _____________ describes how immigrants lost their cultural traditions and differences and became more like Americans. Melting Pot

11 In 1892, ______________ was built near New York City to accommodate to the growing number of European immigrants coming to the United States. Ellis Island

12 The belief that silver and gold should back up the dollar was known as ____________, which was supported by silver miners and Midwest farmers.. Bimetallism

13 Free silver, a progressive income tax, and an eight-hour work day were all demands of this political party that grew from organizations of farmers in the nation. Populist Party (Populism)

14 In exchange for Native American land in the Midwest and Great Plains, the U.S. government set a side areas specifically designated for Native Americans called ______________, where Native Americans received food and provision from the U.S. government. Reservations

15 In 1862, the U.S. Congress passed the _______________ to encourage western settlement by giving settlers 160 square acres of land in the west for a very affordable price. Homestead Act

16 According to the plan of President _____________, ten percent of all southerners needed to swear allegiance to the Union before their states can rejoin. Abraham Lincoln

17 The _____________________ approved by radical republicans, brought the south under military rule in an effort to change the social and political atmosphere in the south. Reconstruction Act of 1867

18 As a result of the _______________, republican Rutherford B. Hayes was named president of the United States as long as congress agreed to remove federal troops from southern states, which ended Reconstruction. Compromise of 1877

19 As a result of republicans dominating southern government, during Reconstruction, and the extension of civil rights to former slaves, the __________ formed in the south in order to bring back the old south by terrorizing freedmen and northerners. Ku Klux Klan

20 Voting rights were extended to African-Americans with the adoption of this amendment on February 3, 1870. 15 th Amendment

21 On July 9, 1868 this amendment was added to the Constitution, which gave African-Americans the right to be citizens in the U.S. 14 th Amendment

22 This battle, which lasted 3 days in 1863, resulted in the Union finally defeating Confederate General Robert E. Lee and turning back a Confederate invasion of the north in Pennsylvania. Battle of Gettysburg

23 On the first day of the new year, in 1863, Lincoln signed the ________________, which freed all slaves in areas of rebellion in order to hurt the southern war effort during the Civil War. It was the first step the nation took to end slavery. Emancipation Proclamation

24 The _____________________________ was an all black regiment of the Union forces during the Civil War, which gained recognition for its efforts to help secure Fort Wagner, a Confederate strong hold in South Carolina. 54 th Massachusetts Regiment

25 In order to fill the ranks in both the Union and Confederacy armies during the Civil War, the governments on both sides authorized _____________, which called individuals to serve mandatory military service. Conscription (Draft)

26 Violent raids between pro-slavery and anti-slavery groups led many to nickname the Midwest territory where the violence was occurring in the late 1850s ___________. “Bleeding Kansas”

27 Lincoln issued a call for volunteers for the U.S. army after this was lost to the Confederacy in 1861, which ultimately led to the Civil War. Fort Sumter

28 Under ____________ ___ _______, California entered as a free state, Texas entered as a slave state, the slave trade was outlawed in Washington D.C. and the Fugitive Slave Law Act made northern law enforcement assist in the returning runaway slaves. Compromise of 1850

29 In 1859, he led a raid on a federal arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia, in order obtain weapons to free and lead a slave rebellion the south. He was also very active in “Bleeding Kansas”. John Brown

30 Because the U.S. sought to acquire land in the present-day southwest by bullying a weaker, smaller nation in the _________ _________of 1846, many notable Americans such as Henry David Thoreau flat out objected to this war by not paying their taxes. U.S. – Mexican War

31 This belief called for the United States to spread its territory from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific Coast. It ultimately led to the Mexican American War of 1846 Manifest Destiny

32 This network operated along a series of safe houses that led slaves to the north. Often the slaves who traveled on this network traveled by night and rested in the day. Underground Railroad

33 In 1848, the Seneca Falls Convention was held to discuss the inequalities between men and women. At this convention civil rights for women was demanded along with ___________, which means to vote. Suffrage

34 This reform movement called for the end of slavery in the United States. Abolition

35 This was a social and legal policy that existed in the south that encouraged segregation between whites and blacks. Jim Crow

36 This court case supported the idea of separate but equal, which supported racial segregation (Jim Crow) in the South. Plessy V. Ferguson

37 He believed that vocational education for African-Americans would lead to greater economic and social equality in the U.S. Booker T. Washington

38 __________ is a French term that means “hands off”. It was the government’s official policy toward big business despite the fact that it provided subsidies and grants to many big businesses during the late 19 th century. Laissez Faire

39 This was known as the “Splendid Little War” because it was short and the U.S. proved to be the victor. Spanish-American War

40 _________ is when a stronger nation seeks to dominate a weaker nation politically, economically, culturally, and militarily Imperialism

41 “Yellow Journalism” or sensationalist news stories were associated with this late 19 th century war Spanish American War

42 This idea of diplomacy was associated with president Theodore Roosevelt and proposed that the United States has the right to be the “policemen of the Western Hemisphere”. Big Stick Diplomacy

43 This group was blamed for throwing a bomb into a crowd of policemen during the Haymarket Riot. This group advocated the over throw of government and were not widely accepted by most Americans. Anarchists

44 Samuel Gompers organized only skilled workers in the American Federation of Labor which was known as a ___________. Craft Union

45 __________ was an economic and political system where the government owned all property and wealth and distributed equally in society. Socialism

46 This was the belief that only the fittest business survived to produce. Many felt that big businesses aided the U.S. and its wealth. Social Darwinism

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