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Welcome to 4 th Grade Mrs. Brown – Social Studies Mrs. Franz – Math Mrs. Selgrade - Science.

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3 Welcome to 4 th Grade Mrs. Brown – Social Studies Mrs. Franz – Math Mrs. Selgrade - Science

4 Responsibilities Homework books signed every night-discipline /progress charts signed over the weekend Tests and other papers must be signed Projects must be turned in on time and all homework copied into homework books Student is responsible for all missed work when absent

5 Expectations Be able to work in groups cooperatively Be prepared for class with the proper supplies and homework complete Follow class/school rules (which are posted online) Accept and respect all fellow 4 th graders and any adult in charge

6 Discipline/Progress Chart Fourth Grade’s Discipline System Students are expected to follow the rules of the classroom and school A broken rule will result in a √ on their discipline chart Charts will be graded on Friday afternoon –Charts are to be signed every weekend and returned on Monday

7 Communication E-mail –Mrs. Brown –Mrs. Selgrade –Mrs. Franz Teacher Web

8 Homework assignments, class news, photos and updates will be posted weekly on Teacher Web * Homework put on Teacher Web is subject to change. Your child’s assignment book is the best source of information*

9 Special Projects/ Activities Create an animal in its environment Women in history See a site in PA Cookie map of PA Oral poem each Holiday Secret Valentine Pal International Lunch And many other fun projects

10 ILA Reading Focus: –Includes whole class, small groups, guided reading and silent reading. –Students use anthologies as well as LAB workbooks –After each unit is finished, a vocabulary and theme test will be given. *SSR: Each child is required to have a book for SSR at all times. English Focus: –Types of sentences –Parts of speech –Word Study & Figurative Language –This will be taught in correlation with the reading series, as well as the Voyages English Textbooks and English workbooks –We focus on a variety of Creative Writing assignments

11 Sitton Spelling 500 High-Use Words Students should know #1 - 335 Each week students will receive a list of 5 “new” words Cloze Tests use the 5 new words AND any of the previous learned words Homework reinforces the skill that will be tested that week

12 Math Math Focus: – For the first half of the year, the students will review basic math skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. –The second half of the year, an emphasis is placed on long division, double digit multiplication and fractions Presentation Copybook Grading Components: –Weekly Quizzes –Tests/Projects –Group Work –Homework –Math Maintenance

13 Science Science Focus: Earth Science –Oceans Life Science –Plants –Humans –Animals Physical Science –Elementary Chemistry * 2 texts are used Projects –January (assigned a month in advance) Occasional Homework Copybooks are graded 1 st and 3 rd Trimester *Experiments are recorded in back of copybook

14 Social Studies Geography PA’s place in the world and country Map of PA Placements of borders, rivers, and cities History Famous Pennsylvanians Government Tests/Projects

15 Field Trips Octagonal School House – Fall Camden Aquarium – Fall Target Service Project – Winter Paper Mill - Spring Harrisburg – Spring –Chaperones are needed for field trips (but must have clearances up to date to be considered)

16 Reading for Enjoyment 5 AR books must be read each trimester for a reading grade –5 = 100 –4 = 90 –3 = 80 –2 = 70 –1 = 60 –0 = 60- A book should always be available for SSR Always encourage the children to read different kinds of books

17 We look forward to working with you to make this a fun and successful year!

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