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Sherry Hart Senior Counselor 824-3213 x 13605

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1 Sherry Hart Senior Counselor 824-3213 x 13605

2 Communication Bryant H.S. website - http://bryant.mcs.schoolinsites http://bryant.mcs.schoolinsites Many announcements will be on the homepage. Also includes a link to the website I will be using BOOKMARK THIS PAGE! Check back often. Facebook – “AlmaBryant High School Class of 2014” A group has been created to help you and your child stay up to date on all announcements. Please allow yourself to be added to this group. Also, please add

3 Graduation Requirements Credit Requirements Regular/Advanced Diploma28 required Honors Diploma30 required 3.5 GPA required, all honors core classes

4 Graduation Requirements Career Portfolio Is now required to meet graduation requirements (Board Approved 5/29/13). Based on knowledge gained while exploring career opportunities in Career Cruising (, the minimum career portfolio requirements 1.Typed letter of introduction 2.Typed resume/Career Pursuit Information 3.Evidence of career exploration The purpose of the portfolio is to highlight academic, community and personal accomplishments. Opportunities to complete requirements will be given during school hours.

5 Career Cruising – Career Matchmaker (interest inventory) – In depth occupations files with multimedia interviews – Explore colleges & universities (including cost) – Financial aid info (scholarship search tool) – Portfolio Tool – includes professional resume builder User ID and password required to log on. Directions on the website.

6 Senior Year Myths MYTH College isn’t in my future. I have too many other responsibilities. FACT College includes any postsecondary education, including vocational training, certificate programs, & degree programs. You Can Go! Visit to view the wealth of information available.

7 MYTH It’s time to take it easy because I’m a senior! I think I will drop math second semester and take an elective…. FACT Oh no! Junior year helps prepare for college acceptance, senior year prepares for college level study. Choices made during 12 th grade set the tone for college. Don’t pay for remedial college courses (skills that should be obtained for free in high school).

8 MYTH I got into USA, U of Ala, Auburn (or any other college) so I don’t have to work too hard the rest of the year! FACT College admissions is contingent. Students must maintain the integrity of their grades and course of study throughout 12 th grade. Final transcripts are sent in June to confirm. Admissions can be revoked!

9 Myth I have to go away to college since all of my friends are going away… FACT The away experience is expensive and not for everyone. Investigate other options (BSCC, FSCC ) 2yrs @ BSCC /FSCC = @ $11,000 2yrs @ 4 yr public university (not living on campus) = @$16,000 2yrs @ 4 public university(in state, on campus) = @$20,000 - $25,000

10 MYTH If I go to a community college I’m a loser….credits won’t transfer… FACT Community College may be the best bang for your buck! The first 2 yrs of college are simply piling through requirements. Community Colleges offer these classes that will transfer (not remedial courses) and for a fraction of the cost.

11 “Not all children need college, but all children need an education.”  Technical or Trade School  Military Service, Military Academies, ROTC  Community College  College & Universities  Apprenticeships & employment opportunities

12 Military Service Academies Top-notch college education for the price of a military commitment upon graduation-no monetary cost. All academy graduates are commissioned officers of their respective services. Visit the websites for admission information. Students should start early if considering an Academy. Academy Night is sponsored by Rep. Jo Bonner each year. However, this year is questionable.

13 College ROTC program Most major universities offer ROTC scholarships that fully cover all costs for a college education. The scholarships offer not only tuition & fees but a generous monthly stipend to help with room & board & books. FRESHMAN ROTC SCHOLARSHIPS offer nearly a full ride for the first year of college WITH NO MILITARY COMMITMENT!! Hard to believe, but true. If at the end of your first year, you decide to withdraw from the ROTC program at the college, you can walk away. THE CATCH: Freshman ROTC scholarships are highly competitive. GPA & ACT/SAT are factors. If you decide to continue in the ROTC program for all four years of college, you will owe the service a military commitment. If you don’t mind following orders and are self-disciplined, give an ROTC scholarship thoughtful consideration.

14 The entrance test for all military branches is the ASVAB, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery. It will be administered at BHS on Dec. 5 th & 6 th. Mrs. Fields will need to be informed if you wish to take it. BHS Military Recruiters – visit quite often. Contact them if you are interested in joining the military right after high school. See me for name and contact information of specific military branch recruiter.

15 Proprietary Schools/AKA For Profit Schools Remington, Virginia College, UTI, ITT, Fortis… Be aware that most of the courses that are taken at schools such as these are not transferable to a 4 year university.

16 2 year / Community Colleges  Offer certificates, degrees, and transferrable credits at much lower costs.  Offer specialized programs that only require a 2yr degree  APPLY ONLINE. There is no application fee  Can apply anytime during senior year. Most applications are online or download the PDF.

17 4 year Colleges/Universities Student must have taken ACT/SAT for admissions – ACT test dates, registration, & scores to send to colleges – SAT registration & scores to send to colleges, AP (Advanced Placement) info

18 The Internet, Email, and the College Selection Process The Internet, including Email, is a necessary resource to search for and communicate with colleges. Students are encouraged to create a professional email account ( for sending and receiving college information. Many recruiters readily give their Email addresses and most are quick to respond. Students need to be more careful with their personal information. Colleges are asking for Facebook accounts. Be sure to visit college websites. There is an abundance of information such as, admission requirements, application procedures, deadlines, prerequisites, financial aid / scholarships. In addition, many schools have “virtual” tours of the campus. While this “tour” does not replace an in-person, college visit, it certainly can offer you a glimpse of the environment.

19 4 year College/University The Application Process Decide where to apply Consider your deadlines! Writing your essay if the application includes one Completing the application and the transcript release form Requesting recommendations if needed Taking and sending ACT and SAT Researching and applying for scholarships

20 Decide Where to Apply The number of schools will vary from person to person. Visit the school. “Fit” is most important. Worry less about the institution’s name and more about the “fit”. Make sure you have the basic requirements for admission and that the college has the program you want to study. Know Your Deadlines Keep a list of deadlines and a “to do” list. Check it often. If you miss a deadline there is NOTHING you can do about it!

21 Should I Apply Online? Many colleges encourage or require online submission. Keep a copy of what you submit in a file folder at home with anything you submit to colleges. AFTER you apply, complete a transcript release form. If there is a school report form, you will be asked to send the counselor’s email address so the counselor can complete the report.

22 Should I Apply Online (continued) Teacher Recommendations usually follow the same process. You will put in the teachers’ email address and they will be notified that you are requesting a recommendation. You will be prompted to pay with a credit card. Make sure you keep records of your payments.

23 Requesting Recommendations Choose carefully: Colleges want academic teachers who have taught you within the past two years. Pick teachers who you feel know you the best. Start early: Ask teachers early. They are very busy with classroom work and are often asked for letters. Allow them plenty of time. Be sure to write a thank you note also!

24 Taking and Sending ACT and SAT Scores It is your responsibility to register for and take the ACT or SAT. You should register online. A photo upload is now REQUIRED or your registration will be canceled. Bryant HS will only send your ACT score along with your transcript if you request this. Some colleges may not accept it from BHS so it is best you send it directly from ACT.

25 Researching and Applying for Scholarships The bulk of money is merit money awarded by individual colleges (GPA/ACT). Many schools have early deadlines. Some schools have specific applications for scholarships and others will automatically award money based on your application. Begin researching for scholarships early. Check the website frequently.

26 Fill out college/scholarship/NCAA applications Be sure to meet all application deadlines. Check college websites and contact the admissions office to be sure. (Many colleges visit often in the fall. Check Mrs. Hart’s calendar) Bring items to be sent to the guidance office. Don’t assume the counselor knows your child is applying to a school. Complete a “transcript request form” and check any/all colleges applied to. Student Profile Form should be completed thoroughly. This is used to write letters of recommendation (if needed)

27 Misspellings and grammatical errors Applying online, but the application is not actually submitted Forget to sign the application Not reading directions carefully Writing illegibly Not completing a “transcript request form” so that the official transcript is sent Using an email address that is not appropriate (sexydancer01…) or have inappropriate pics on FACEBOOK/MYSPACE… Not checking email regularly Letting Mom or Dad fill out college applications/write essays

28 Sign up for & take the ACT/SAT. Fee waivers available for students receiving free/reduced lunch Be sure to have ACT/SAT scores sent to colleges: If requested when registering for test, no additional request is required. NCAA/Students aspiring D1 or D2 athletics: meet with counselor to assure all high school classes align with NCAA standards. Students must go to to file an application to be cleared. A transcript must be sent for NCAA clearing. ACT/SAT scores must also be sent. When registering for ACT/SAT, NCAA code is 9999 for scores to be sent without add’l request.

29 Financial aid is any scholarship, grant, work study, or loan that will help pay for college. File FAFSA (free application for student aid) no sooner than Jan. 1; but before March Do not pay an agency to assist with financial aid. Use our guidance office and college financial aid offices for assistance. ( is a scam website – never pay to complete the FAFSA). Do not pay for a scholarship search either! A Financial Aid workshop will be held at BHS in January. Exact date & time TBD.

30 Types of Financial Aid Federal government aid – need based Admissions scholarships – GPA based (beware deadlines) Private foundations – need & GPA based Scholarship & grants – need & GPA based Call US Dept of Ed 1-800-4-FEDAID

31 Help with ACT/SAT Visit the BHS website for a link to Testing Help! $79 fee; National ACT prep course offered at BHS Sept 30 & Oct 1; 3:00 – 5:30 (just prior to the Oct administration) Must register online.

32 Seniors are allowed 2 college/military visits (excused) for the year. See Mrs. Hart for form. It can also be downloaded at the school/my website. MCPSS College & Career Days – Oct 30 & 31; all seniors will attend at USA Mitchell Center (field trip). Over 200 booths set up, colleges, military, career fields, etc… Most university scholarship deadlines – Dec. 1 st. You must apply by this date. (USA, UofA, Auburn, Springhill)

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