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Preble High School Senior Presentation. Learning Objectives How does this senior presentation help me plan and transition from high school to my post-high.

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1 Preble High School Senior Presentation

2 Learning Objectives How does this senior presentation help me plan and transition from high school to my post-high school goals/plan? How do my decision making skills support choosing a post-secondary option that is a good fit for me?

3 Words to understand Rigor SAT/ACT/ACCUPLACER/TABE/ASVAB Letter of Recommendation Resume/Student profile FAFSA = grants/loans/work-study Scholarships Common Application Technical college Vocational school For profit colleges Associate’s Degree/Bachelor’s Degree Technical Diploma Apprenticeship Fee waivers

4 College Visits Research College ON LINE first Make an appointment to tour the campus Make a list of questions Major/area of interest to study Visit while school is in session Picture yourself at this campus Location and costs Housing and meal plans Your personal interests Ask Questions

5 Personal Profile Sheet/Resume High School Life Achievements/Awards/Accomplishments AP/Advanced Classes/College Courses Service Learning Hours/Volunteer work Sports/Clubs/Organizations etc. Work Other/samples in Career Center

6 Admission Testing ACT – preferred in Midwest - Some colleges require official score report -List 4 potential colleges during registration SAT – optional/Coasts/Ivy League -Scores not on transcript Accuplacer – sign up in PHS Career Center - No charge. $20 to take at NWTC. TABE – check with IEP teacher Test Prep Websites: Paper applications/test material in Student Services

7 4-Year College Application Process Fill out application ONLINE – Completely/accurately/proofread/edit Resume/Student profile –Send a copy with transcript –Give a copy to counselor Personal statement/essay –Thoughtful, meaningful, well written –Ask an adult to edit –Colleges may use for scholarships Letters of Recommendation (2-3) –Request from your teachers-give them your resume –Plan ahead – allow 2 to 3 weeks

8 Technical College Application Process Take Accuplacer/TABE/ACT prior to applying –Check benchmarks for program of interest –General Studies Program: Need Math Accuplacer test if using ACT for admission –Accuplacer scores emailed to NWTC Fill out application ONLINE – Completely/accurately/proofread/edit Resume/Student profile - Optional –Give a copy to counselor Apply early – Some programs fill quickly –Must meet with an NWTC counselor 1 st before applying to General Studies Program

9 Fee Waivers College Application Fee Waivers Request from counselor Turn in when requesting transcript Test Fee Waivers – ACT or SAT Request from counselor Maximum of two

10 Submit all forms to Student Services at the same time when making transcript request One set per college Provide envelope with postage for faster delivery if needed Transcript request form on Student Services counter


12 Senior Year Schedule Changes Get permission from college of acceptance prior to making schedule changes or ensure you tell them of the change Keep a rigorous schedule In progress grades may be requested Final transcript sent upon graduation –Senior survey-list your college attending

13 FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid Fill out the online form over the internet Parent meeting Mon. Feb. 2 nd, 7:00 pm @ Preble LMC Parents/students need to complete 2014 taxes before completing FAFSA All need-based state and federal aid programs require the FAFSA College Goal WI 2015-Wed. Feb. 25 th @ EAST HS 6:00 p.m.

14 WISCONSIN COVENANT Must file FAFSA to be eligible Paperwork required in spring to verify “B” average and 30 hours of service 608-267-9389 “Like” us on Facebook

15 SCHOLARSHIPS Preble website:go to>> Student tab/scholarship/guide See Mrs. Lor/Career Center Coord. Letters of recommendation Profile sheet/resume Review binder and site

16 SCHOLARSHIPS Info in Career Center and online – check our WIKI @ New scholarships come in regularly Many have very detailed applications You must apply to have a chance Calculate the cost per/hour-worth your time! One to Watch: Scholarship Inc. Dec-Jan. Traditional and Technical applications

17 2014-15 ACT/SAT Test Stop in the Student Services office for information Fee waivers are available ACT SAT Oct 25 OCT 11 DEC 13 NOV 8 FEB 7 DEC 6 APRIL 18 JAN 24 JUNE 13 MAR 14 MAY 2 JUNE 6

18 Military opportunities ASVAB-stands for Armed Forces Vocational Battery, a multi-aptitude test battery taken by juniors and seniors in HS. The battery consists of 10 short individual tests The ASVAB is a good reflection on how well you have developed your academic or occupational abilities The ASVAB is free and will be given on Oct. 23rd @ 7:30 am here at Preble. Sign up now in the Career Center.

19 The World of Work Work skills/Attendance Record Solid work history Training and experience Resume (Use Career Cruising) Request staff members to be personal references Personal contacts-networking


21 N W T C Visit our website: Campus Career Day Tuesdays November 11 h, 2013 and Tuesday, February, 24 th, 2015

22 REVIEW Get started now Arrange college visits/talk to admission advisors Take/Retake your admission test if needed Research college/career on-line Get your Profile Sheet/Resume in order Get letters of recommendations/reference requests Apply for FAFSA/Scholarships/Grants Lots going on -Balance your time—Time for self Stay off the Senior Slide

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