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Welcome to Brady Athletics Go Lions!. Andy Apple, AD Brady PE teacher for 18 years Coached wrestling for 12 years, assisted with track AD for 13 of my.

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1 Welcome to Brady Athletics Go Lions!

2 Andy Apple, AD Brady PE teacher for 18 years Coached wrestling for 12 years, assisted with track AD for 13 of my 18 years here-took 4 years off when my second child was born The AD job is a supplemental contract job, so I teach full-time and I’m the AD part-time.

3 Why have this meeting? The transition from community based sports programs to school based programs can be confusing and difficult. From required forms to practice schedules, there are many questions that I hope to answer tonight so that you and your kids can have a positive experience next year.

4 What I believe I believe that the start of a strong athletic program for a school district starts with the community that gets kids involved with athletics at an early age. I believe that the natural bridge between community level teams and high school athletics is the middle school sports program. I believe that kids need to start playing for the school teams in middle school in order to develop healthy practice habits and to build chemistry between both skilled and non-skilled participants.

5 What I believe I also believe that middle school is a great time for kids to try things out, as the commitment is not the same as starting something new at the high school level. It is a great time for kids to have FUN playing a sport for the school.

6 The Brady Sports Basics Our seasons run as follows- Fall Season- Early/Mid August to Mid-October Winter Season- segmented into parts from the end of October until the beginning of March Spring Season- end of March until the middle of May

7 The Brady Sports Basics So yes, Brady Fall sports ALL begin before school starts.

8 When and What? Fall Sports include- – Cross Country-(boys and girls combined) – Boys Football (2 grade level teams) – Football Cheerleading (2 grade level teams) – Girls soccer (1 team) – Boys soccer (2 grade level teams) – Girls Volleyball (2 grade level teams)

9 When and What? Winter Sports include- – Swimming- (boys and girls combined) Takes place from October through December

10 When and What? – Boys basketball (2 grade level teams) – Basketball Cheerleading (2 grade level teams) Takes place from October through mid-January

11 When and What? – Wrestling Takes place from November through first week of February, includes some Saturday events

12 When and What? – Girls Basketball (2 grade level teams) Takes place from early January until mid-March. Tryouts generally right before winter break.

13 When and What? Spring Sports include- – Boys Baseball (2 grade level teams) – Girls Softball (1 team) – Boys Track and Field (combined grade levels) – Girls Track and Field (combined grade levels)

14 Common questions I’ll say it again…. YES, ALL BRADY FALL SPORTS START BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS

15 Common questions When are practices? Practices are set by coaches. Most are right after school. Sometimes students are required to go home on the bus and return to school for a later practice. This usually occurs because of facility needs. Many sports take Fridays off, and most sports involve no weekends.

16 Common questions How do kids get to events? The school provides transportation to away contests.

17 Common questions Why less girls soccer/softball teams than boys soccer/baseball teams? Traditionally, we have only had enough girls out to support one team in these sports. When we get more girls out, we try our best to avoid cuts and to schedule a complete new team. WE WANT YOUR GIRLS ON OUR SPORTS TEAMS!! My happiest year was when I had 2 girls soccer teams and 2 girls softball teams, because that meant that our students were out and doing things for the school, which is my ultimate goal for this entire program.

18 Common questions It appears by the schedule you showed us that the winter season has MORE opportunity for the girls? Yes, technically speaking. A girl can either swim or cheer in the first part of winter, and then play basketball in the second part of winter.

19 Common questions Do you have cuts/tryouts in any sports? Traditionally, volleyball, basketball, and baseball have required cuts.

20 Common questions How is information disseminated to parents and athletes? – A letter comes home via final report card envelopes in June regarding Fall sports. – A letter comes home via Pride in October regarding Winter sports. – A letter comes home via Pride in February regarding Spring sports. – School announcements before pre-season meetings

21 Common questions The best place to find information about athletics is on my website- Go to Click on the staff or athletic link Click on the web link next to my name The site address is

22 My website-

23 Now the myths! In my years as middle school AD I’ve heard it all! From rumor to straight out lie, I’ve heard it. And unfortunately, people don’t always check up on things with me, they just choose to listen and believe. Please don’t do that.

24 Myth #1 If I have an issue or questions with my child’s sport, my first contact is Superintendant Wingenbach. Reality-The first contact in EVERY sport and for EVERY issue in the sport is the HEAD COACH. Contact information is always made available at the beginning of the season.

25 Myth #1A #1A because it is on the same topic- Everybody knows that if you call with a concern that your child will not play in games. False. We are here to build programs, not to hold a grudge against a kid because there was an issue.

26 Myth #2 Middle school coaches are just people wanting to make extra money, and don’t really know anything about the sport they are coaching. Reality- there is not one sport at Brady where the varsity coach at Orange does not have a say in who is hired. This rumor is usually spread by people who are paid to coach outside-of -school teams, or people who pay for their kids to compete elsewhere, and of course if someone is getting paid, that person knows it all, right?!?!?!?!? And the true reality is this-our coaches are required to be certified in sports safety training, they all must have a current pupil activity validation, and they often attend workshops and conferences to keep current in their fields.

27 Myth #3 Mr. Apple doesn’t know, respect or appreciate the work that the community teams have done with preparing kids in sports. Reality- I consider the community work to be very important to our kids, and appreciate those that give of their time so that kids can play sports. 7 th grade, however IS the time that I need the kids to start playing for the school. I can’t support programs that are in direct competition with our programs.

28 Myth #4 All decisions about the middle school athletic program are made by Orange. Reality- we are governed by many organizations, first of which is the OHSAA, which governs all school sports 7-12. We also fall under the CVC conference rules. These organizations have many rules governing school athletics, including how many contests we can have, how early we can begin practice before a season, and even how many athletes from an Orange team can compete together on a non-school team out of season.

29 I repeat myself a lot! You will see the following statements in nearly every letter you receive from me from now until the end of your kids time at Brady- A note about behavior- Being a member of an athletic team brings responsibility. Each athlete of a team will be asked to represent themselves and their school positively at all times. Behavior problems at school and at athletic contests and practice could result in exclusion from athletic teams and events.

30 I repeat myself a lot! A note about forms- In order for an athlete to tryout for and compete for a team, a valid physical must be on file with the athletic department. Athletic physicals are good for one calendar year from the date of the physical. All other required forms must be turned in by the time of the first tryout date as well. Forms will be distributed at the respective meetings, and are also available from the high school athletic office.

31 I repeat myself a lot! A note about playing for non-school teams- If a student is on a team at Brady, that athlete may not participate on any other team of the same sport, during the same season, community or otherwise supported, until the Brady season is completely finished. This includes practicing with any other team. This is a rule from the OHSAA, which is our governing body. So if you play for Brady, you cannot practice or play for or with any other team during the season.

32 I repeat myself a lot! A note about transportation home from away athletic contests- In order for an athlete to go home from an away game with his or her parent, that athlete needs to turn in a note from the parent BEFORE the athlete boards the bus to leave Brady for the away game. Each game requires a new note, so that the coach does not have to guess whether an athlete will be going home with a parent or on the bus. The athlete can only ride home from an event with his or her parent or guardian. At the away event, the athlete should go to the coach and tell the coach when he or she is leaving. Thus the coach has the ability to make contact with the parent.

33 What can I do to get a good start? Athletic Physical forms are available through a link on my website. A physical HAS to be on file to participate in all sports. They are valid for one year from the date of the actual exam. So, if you want a good start, have an athletic physical exam scheduled for your child over the Summer, and that way it will be valid for the entire sports year. Don’t forget the form!

34 What can I do to help? Join Orange Boosters. They do so much for us. There is a link on my website. It is not just a high school organization. They support all athletics, 7-12. Make contact with coaches early in the season to open up the communication.

35 Contact Mr. Apple Email- Office- 216-831-8600, ext. 3445 QUESTIONS?

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