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Freshman Summer MBAF.  Register through the Manhattan Beach Athletic Foundation Website  pages/mbaf_summer/mbaf_sumprgrm.html.

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1 Freshman Summer MBAF

2  Register through the Manhattan Beach Athletic Foundation Website  pages/mbaf_summer/mbaf_sumprgrm.html pages/mbaf_summer/mbaf_sumprgrm.html  Please note the practices are at Manhattan Beach Middle School not at Mira Costa

3 1. Is the summer class mandatory in order to play freshman basketball? A-No the program is not mandatory to make the frosh/soph team 2. Does everyone make the team? A-No, every year we make cuts 3. Are cuts made at the end of summer? A- Yes and No

4 Yes- At the end of summer the coaching staff must submit a roster of players who will be invited to be a part of the 6 th period Basketball class. Not all players participating in the summer will be invited to be in the 6 th period class. Players who are invited DO NOT have to sign up for regular PE. No- There will be a additional tryouts at the beginning of school and after fall sports that will allow the coaching staff to potentially add more players to the 6 th period class. This is when final cuts occur.

5 4. How often do players make the team after not participating in the summer session A. Almost every season players make the team without participating during the summer. Although there is no guarantee or promise because it depends on who tries out, the player’s skill level, their coachability and long term potential. 5. How many players are on the Frosh/Soph team? A. Another great question without an absolute answer. The coaching staff will determine how many players make the team depending on the things mentioned above.

6 6. Who makes the decision on who is invited to the 6 th period class and about final cuts? A. The Frosh/Soph coaching staff along with Coach Amaral and the Varsity staff collaborate in the decision making. 7. Why is it the Frosh/Soph team A. Both Freshman and Sophomores can play on the team. The team USUALLY will have more Freshman than Sophomores

7 8. Can you play another sport? A. Yes absolutely 9. What if I play football or another fall sport? A. Great! After your season of sport you will either come out and join the team or have the opportunity to tryout.

8 10. What does the summer program consist of? A. The program consists of the coaching staff working with players on individual skills, fundamentals, defense and overall program philosophies. Players will compete against each other in practice and versus other schools in summer leagues and tournaments. 11. What are the expenses? A. MBAF charges for the class. This does not cover the majority of cost for the summer. The basketball program also asks for a contribution to take care of the cost of coaches, leagues and tournaments. All players also receive a reversible practice jersey.

9 12. How many days a week will the class meet during the summer? A. At least four days a week during the scheduled time. In addition players will be invited to come to games in the evening. Some players will also be invited to the tournaments which are played on the weekends. 13. What if I can’t make a game? A. If you are invited and cannot make it just let your coach know! There is no penalty for not making a game during the summer.

10 14. Where are the games? A. Most games are played locally. One of the weekend tournaments is usually held further away. 15. How do we get to games during the summer? A. Parents provide rides to the games in the summer. There are no buses until the regular season. If you need help finding a ride ask your coach!

11 16. What if I am playing another sport in the summer? A. Basketball practices are not at the same time as the other sports. If practices overlap each other a little or you have two games on the same night all we ask is that you do your best to share time. Communicating the scheduling conflicts with your coach is always a good idea too!

12 1. Players get a chance to work on their skills and knowledge of basketball over the summer session 2. Players earn PE credits that go towards graduation 3. All players will participate in games during the summer. However not all players will get invited to all the games 4. Interact with the coaching staff at all levels including Varsity Head Coach; Coach Amaral 5. Catch the eye of the Frosh/Soph staff

13 1. That’s okay- you can still make the team 2. Listen to the school bulletin in September for when basketball tryouts will take place 3. Contact the coach directly through email! Details at the end of slideshow. ** High School coaches cannot have advance contact with a player or their parent(s) until that player graduates from 8 th grade. Don’t take it personal if they don’t reply until then!!**

14 Thank you for your time and we hope to see many of you this summer!! Jeff Amaral Mira Costa Boys Basketball Head Coach

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