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Hip – Hop U.S. History O.D.W.M. (Old Dead White Men)

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1 Hip – Hop U.S. History O.D.W.M. (Old Dead White Men)

2 Yo, he step up in the House, people call for joy, but his slaves be thinking they’re going to jump this boy for spitting all that hypocrisy, talking about equality, but beating brothers who ain’t picking up his cotton properly.

3 He wanted people to choose their religion like dim sum. Thought the Pres was too powerful like King Kong. (Ding Dong)

4 Listen to this, not an abolitionist, we’re hitting this, this is softball, slow-pitch. Witch! Check the map, western half is black and dark. Buy Louisiana with bonds. We’re rich like H ä agen-Dazs. Jefferson sends out Lewis and Clark, Forty men, two-by-two like Noah’s ark.

5 West on the Missouri, winter in Bismarck, this is nature dawg, this ain’t Central Park. Indian teenager named Sacagawea joins the group. We’re the Hekawi like F-troop.

6 Guides them through Rockies like MapQuest, met Indians and bears, no time to nap or rest. On the real, expedition mapped the whole west. Came home, Lewis killed himself, He was depressed.

7 Who’s going to mess with him? He goes by Thomas Jefferson, The dude who drafted The independent declaration. The tree of Liberty must be refreshed From time to time, With the blood of patriots and tyrants…

8 O.D.W.M. We’re talking ‘bout some Old Dead White Men.

9 There’s a thin line between a hater and a lover. Burr and Hamilton running for governor, but run for cover. They’re dueling. Hamilton missed the mark like Crystal Pepsi, Burr shot him in the face like Dick Cheney.

10 What’s amazing, kid, is what came after it; Burr tried to form the United States of Aaron Burr, got caught, tried for treason, gave many reasons, washed his hands, jumped bail to France, Leves les mains.

11 Jefferson’s chilling in Paris, thinking lofty thoughts, one of his visiting slaves steals his heart. She’s dressed in yellow, she say’s “hello, you probably noticed me in the fields of Monticello.”

12 Jefferson and Sally Hemings sitting in a tree, M-A-K-I-N-G many babies. First come scandal, then comes more. Now Jefferson’s got his face on Mount Rushmore.

13 …Jefferson, Jackson, Madison, Washington, Monroe, Adams, John Quincy Adams… O.D.W.M. We’re talking ‘bout some Old Dead White Men.

14 O.D.W.M. We’re talking ‘bout some Old Dead White Men.

15 Free Lemonade! Free OJ, like Johnny Cochran. Monroe Doctrine says Europe don’t come a-knocking. Don’t mess with our continent; we ought to get a fence around All of South America to keep you people out of it.

16 Called it the Era of Good Feelings But they’re wrong. White men getting richer than Enron, They’re steppin’ on Indians, women, and blacks. Era of Good Feelings doesn’t cover the facts.

17 Andrew Jackson thinks he’s a tough guy, killing more Indians than there are star’s in the sky. Illegal wars in Florida, killing the Seminole. Saying “hello” then putting the Creek in hellholes.

18 Like Adolf Hitler, he had a Final Solution. “Go way Indians! I don’t want you to live here anymore!” Cherokee at the Supreme Court appealed. They got the boot, the had to walk down the Trail of Tears.

19 O.D.W.M. We’re talking ‘bout some Old Dead White Men.

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