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Washington Heads the New Government workbook page questions

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1 Washington Heads the New Government workbook page 87- 9 questions
1. What did the Judiciary Act of 1789 establish?

2 The Problem of Debt In 1791, the national debt was about $75 million.
$12 million was owed to France and Holland from the Revolutionary War $40 million was owed to citizens from the purchase of bonds $25 million was owed to the states from the war Alexander Hamilton needed a plan

3 Hamilton’s Ideas The national government would assume the debts of the states. (Northern states had a bigger debt, so Southern states did not support the idea. A deal was made to locate the capital in the South.) Congress created a tariff, a tax on imported goods. Congress passed a tax on distilled liquors, the whiskey tax. Congress established a Bank of the United States in 1791.

4 Jefferson and Hamilton (read the handout and fill in the chart)
Category Jefferson Hamilton

5 Rise of Political Parties page 185
Federalists Hamilton, Adams Strong central government Loose constructionists For a national bank Wanted to keep debt to establish credit money=wealth Opposed supporting the French Revolution Republicans Jefferson, Aaron Burr Weak central government Strict constructionists Against a national bank Wanted debt paid off land=wealth Wanted to support the French Revolution

6 George Washington

7 Foreign Affairs Trouble the Nation Workbook page 91 Textbook pages 190-196
1793- Declaration of Neutrality 1. What were the reasons for issuing this declaration? War was not in the new nation’s interest because

8 John Adams 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

9 Election of 1800 page In 1800, the presidential candidates were ____ and ____. The Federalist candidate was _____ and the Republican candidate was _____. There was a tie in the electoral college between ____ and ____. ____ was running for vice-president; he was the running mate of ____. The decision about the election had to be decided by ______________. ____ became the third president of the United States with ____as vice-president. The ____ Amendment was added to the Constitution as a result of the elections of 1796 and 1800 leading to one party winning the White House.

10 Thomas Jefferson 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

11 Trends 1. How did Jefferson simplify the government?
Jefferson Alters the Nation’s Course workbook page questions textbook pages Trends 1. How did Jefferson simplify the government?

12 War of 1812 Place the events in chronological order

13 Monroe Doctrine page 221 What is stated in the Monroe Doctrine? 1. 2.

14 Missouri Compromise pages 222-223
Problem: Before 1820, the number of slave states equaled the number of free states. Missouri wanted to be admitted as a slave state increasing the power of the South in the Senate. Solution: 1) Maine would be admitted as a free state at the same time maintaining the balance of free and slave states. 2) Territories north of 36° 30' N would be closed to slavery.

15 James Monroe President 1817-1825
Define: Adams-Onis Treaty (1819)- Missouri Compromise (1820)- Monroe Doctrine (1823)-

16 The Election of 1824 pages Why was the election of 1824 unusual? Four people ran for office. No one was declared the winner because no one received a majority of electoral votes. The House of Representatives decided the election; John Quincy Adams, the son of John Adams, became the sixth president of the U.S. Jackson accused Adams of a corrupt bargain. (In 1828, Andrew Jackson beats the incumbent, Adams, easily.)

17 During Jackson’s presidency… pages 224-229
Define: Indian Removal Act law calling for the president to give Native Americans land in parts of the Louisiana Purchase in exchange for land taken from them in the East. Trail of Tears- The forced movement of Cherokees in 1838 to land west of the Mississippi River.

18 Andrew Jackson 7th president

19 Expansion in Texas Write the dates and what happens for each date
Expansion in Texas Write the dates and what happens for each date. pages 1821 1825 1830 1833 Late, 1835 March, 1836 April 21, 1836 Sept, 1836 1838 1845

20 Industrial Revolution
Starting in Britain, an ongoing effort over many decades to increase production by using machines rather than the power of humans or animals. 20

21 The Market Revolution textbook page 274, workbook page 129
How did these inventions help expand the national market economy? (Give 2 answers.) sewing machine telegraph steamboat railroad steel plow mechanical reaper


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