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Terminology & Computer Parts

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1 Terminology & Computer Parts
Shannon Rose Tanya Wildman

2 Kindergarten Terminology
Press- steady pushing Click- to select by pressing a button on a mouse Icon- a graphic symbol for an application, file or folder Cursor- is the blinking line that marks the place where you are working

3 Kindergarten Terminology
Menu-a list of program commands listed by topic Internet- an electronic communications network that connects computers around the world Save-to write a file onto a disk Open File- a file that is open for use or for changes

4 Kindergarten Computer Parts
Mouse Keyboard Monitor CPU Headphones

5 First Grade Terminology
Toolbar- a strip of icons on a computer display providing quick access to certain functions Shutdown-the command from the Start menu that shuts down the computer safely Delete- to remove by cutting out or erasing Boot- to start up a computer

6 First Grade Terminology
Click- to select by pressing a button on a mouse Double Click- to select by pressing a button on a mouse two times Drag- to move the mouse while its button is being depressed Open File-a file that is open for use and for changes Hour Glass/Busy- a graphic shaped like an hour glass to let user know to wait while an application finishes opening, closing, processing, etc.

7 First Grade Computer Parts
Printer Speaker Headphones Microphone

8 Second Grade Terminology
Eject- to remove floppy disk or CD-Rom Shutdown-the command from the Start menu that shuts down the computer safely Re-boot- to restart a computer Input- the process of putting information into the computer

9 Second Grade Terminology
Menu Bar- the horizontal bar across the top of the computer screen that lists the menus available Output- information produced by a computer Edit- to change an entry Save as- allows you to name the file and choose the place where it will be stored

10 Second Grade Computer Parts
CD-Rom Floppy Drive Window Scanner

11 Third Grade Terminology
Login- to start a session on a network by logging into the network, giving a user name and password Network- system of computers, terminals, and databases connected by communication lines Folder- electronic storage place for work and other information Pull-down menu (same as drop-down menu)- a menu of commands or options that appears when you select an item with a mouse. The item you select is typically at the top of the display screen, and the menu appears just below it, as if you had pulled it down.

12 Third Grade Terminology
Mouse Pointer- the arrow that moves about the screen Presentation Software- software used to present a topic Insert-To place an object between two other objects. Inserting characters, words, paragraphs and documents is common in word processing Word Processing- program used to create, edit, format, print, save, and retrieve text

13 Third Grade Input/Output Devices
Mouse Keyboard Headphones Printer

14 Bibliography Mountain Brook Schools Zero Cut Computer Terminology
Zero Cut Computer Terminology Webopedia

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