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What is Science Lesson 5.

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1 What is Science Lesson 5

2 What is Science? (Lesson 5)
Objectives: Explore and Explain

3 What is Science (Lesson 5)
Journal What do scientists do when they have ideas? What do scientists do to let people know they have discovered something? What is the purpose of science, in term for people?

4 What is Science? (Lesson 5)
Answers: Scientists will set up a procedure to test their ideas. After a scientist has made a discovery he or she, young and old share it. Their results are often published in thousands of scientific journals or magazines. In order to stay ahead of the game scientist have to read thousands of journals themselves. The application of science to make products or tools that people can use. Through scientific research (information gathering) humans have been able to increase technology.

5 What is Science? (Lesson 5)
Simple Science Activity: And Canister Lab

6 What is Science? (Lesson 5)
Simple Science Skills for activity: Scientists (you) must be able to: observe measure compare and contrast items. To ensure that your data (scientist collect) is useful, accurate measurements must be taken, in addition to making careful observations.

7 What is Science? (Lesson 5)
Simple Science Skills for activity: Scientist often keep journals They are a form of communication. Your notebook will serve as your journal. All their observations and plans for investigation can be recorded, as well as step by step procedures. Everything to do with their experiments is also included.(Lab items, measurements, tables, and graphs)

8 What is Science? (Lesson 5)
Questions to Lab How will you go about trying to find out what is in the canisters? What coin is in each canisters? And how many? Why might you be wrong? What science skills did you use?

9 What is Science? (Lesson 5)
Review Lab What was scientific about our lab? What does a scientist have to do in order to get his or her ideas known? What are science skills, and how do they use them?

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