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Introduction to scientific ideas scientific method.

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1 Introduction to scientific ideas scientific method

2 Scientific Method

3 1) Scientific Theories are possible explanations of the evidence we have. Examples: Big Bang Theory Plate tectonic theory Theory of Evolution Theory of relativity

4 2) Scientific Laws describe patterns that occur in nature and will always happen in nature: Examples: Law of Gravity Newton’s 1 st Law - inertia Newton’s 2 nd Law - acceleration Newton’s 3 rd Law – equal and opposite reactions

5 3) Scientific Method 3) Scientific Method – a method of problem solving that is organized and repeatable

6 4) Steps of the scientific method: a) Question b) Research c) make a hypothesis d) experiment e) Analyze data f) draw conclusions

7 4a) Ask a question: Questions should be able to answered with a “yes” or “no” Questions should not include words like better or best Science project questions should be about things that interest you

8 4b) Research: gather facts about the topic and find out what is already known

9 4c) Make a hypothesis: a hypothesis predicts what is going to happens A good hypothesis is an “if – then” statement A hypothesis will NEVER include the words “I believe”

10 4d) Experiments: compare what happens to one thing when you change another Controls are items that stay the SAME in all parts of the experiment Items in the experiment that can change are called variables

11 4d cont: Independent (or experimental) variables are changed on purpose by the scientist Dependent (or responding variables) are those that change BECAUSE the independent variable changes

12 4e) Analyze data and draw conclusions: Scientists evaluate the data and determine if the hypothesis is correct or incorrect and try to figure out why

13 5)Communicating results of a scientific experiment: Lab reports are written in a standard format a) question b) hypothesis c) materials d) procedures e) results (including tables, graphs, and a written description) f) conclusion

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