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National Certification Program Exclusively for those in Public Safety Certified Rider Class.

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1 National Certification Program Exclusively for those in Public Safety Certified Rider Class

2 Safety protocols: helmets and other department policies Minimum / Maximum payloads Know the correct terms when identifying parts of the Segway


4 Max weight in front bag is 10 lbs. Max weight for each hard case is 11 lbs.

5 Know where to inflate the tires i2 = 15 psi (tube) X2 = 4 psi (no tube) Road hazards (known areas with puncture vines, glass, rocks) Tire/wheel assembly Department swap-out policy Riding with low tire pressure Pulls in the direction of the flat tire Uses more energy from the batteries Is unsafe Each tire is powered by its own motor ALWAYS MAINTAIN TIRE CONTACT WITH THE RIDING SURFACE

6 Standing on the Powerbase increases your height by 8” Ground clearance is only 3 ½ ” on an i2 and 4 ½ ” on an x2 Never submerge the powerbase in water. Beware of deep puddles Never use a pressure/power wash when cleaning the Segway Where everything comes together

7 The LeanSteer Frame should ALWAYS be centered and tight

8 Located inside the Powerbase


10 The Segway PT balances from front to back but not side-to-side. You are responsible for maintaining side-to-side balance by leaning into turns. Also Located inside the Powerbase

11 The 5 lights represent the 5 electronic gyros and are called Balance Indicator lights. The 2 lights are called Charge Indicator lights and refer to the Segway PT’s batteries.

12 When your feet are properly positioned on the Mats, all four Rider Detect sensors depress, allowing the Segway PT to operate normally in Balance Mode. If fewer than three Rider Detect sensors are depress while riding, the Segway PT reduces the top speed regardless of whether the Beginner Setting is enabled or not.

13 Tap the Mats with your foot to enter Balance Mode. All 5 of the lights will then become a solid green. When the Segway PT is ready to enter Balance Mode, the center Balance Indicator light will light up green. NEVER STEP ON THE SEGWAY PT UNTIL ALL 5 LIGHTS ARE GREEN

14 There are two batteries that power the Segway PT. One is under the front half of the Powerbase and one is under the back half. Typical Range i2 = 16-24 miles per charge x2 = up to 12 miles per charge Variables that require more power include: Higher payloads Steeper slopes Bumpier surface conditions Higher speeds Abrupt maneuvers Temperature 2 bars on the battery level means you must return to base Keep in pairs

15 Do not charge the Segway PT while it is still powered on. Keep charge port clean and DRY Keep the Segway PT plugged in when not in use. Both Charge Indicator lights should be green.

16 ALWAYS LEAVE A GAP BETWEEN YOUR BODY AND THE LEANSTEER FRAME Height Adjustment knob Make sure it is tight enough to not slip when going over bumpy terrain. Adjust Handlebar to elbow height when standing on the ground LeanSteer Frame only moves you left and right Keep your body aligned with the LeanSteer Frame

17 Protect the InfoKey from sliding off the dock when depressing the buttons. Do not drop Treat it as you would a nice water-resistant watch Must be within 15 feet to communicate with the Segway

18 Information Display ButtonBeginner Button (turtle mode) Security ButtonPower/Standby Button Display Area

19 The Speed Limiter The Stick Shake Warning The Safety Shutdown

20 When you approach the maximum allowed speed, the Speed Limiter will push the Handlebar back to slow you down.

21 One of the ways that the Segway PT notified you when you are at risk of falling is by shaking the Handlebar and making growling noises. If you are given a Stick Shake Warning you must stop doing what you are doing and evaluate the cause. Step off immediately and clear all obstacles if necessary.

22 You have approximately 10 seconds from the start of a Safety Shutdown to come to a controlled stop and step off. The only time you will see an ‘unhappy face’ is during a Safety Shutdown If the Segway PT detects a fault in any of its redundant systems, it performs a Safety Shutdown. Those systems include: Controller Boards, Motors, Batteries, Balance Sensor Assembly, and the LeanSteer Sensors.


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