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Georgia’s Statehood: Conflict, Change, & Consequences

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1 Georgia’s Statehood: Conflict, Change, & Consequences
By: Chelsey Sullivan

2 James Edward Oglethorpe
Proposed the creation of a “debtor’s colony” to the king. Georgia colonists were his responsibility. Negotiated with the Yamacraw to receive the land for Georgia.

3 Tomochichi Chief of Yamacraw Indian tribe.
Negotiated with Oglethorpe and allowed him to settle on Yamacraw Bluff. Became allies with the king. He affected Georgia because without the land he gave, were would Georgia have been located?

4 Henry Ellis Second royal governor of Georgia.
Helped to restore Georgia to its former glory by… -improving the government. -resolving land claims. -dividing it into parishes. -keeping the Creeks neutral during the French and Indian War.

5 Samuel Adams Wanted colonists to protest against Britain.
Helped to provoke the Boston Tea Party. This affected Georgia because colonists now had to live by the Intolerable Acts Britain had created as a punishment for the Boston Tea Party.

6 Thomas Jefferson Wrote the Declaration of Independence.
His superb writing skills and willingness to create the Declaration changed American’s lives forever…

7 Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence freed Georgians, as well as the rest of America, from Britain’s control. It showed that Americans wanted to have their own way of doing things, without the interference of Britain.

8 Treaty of Savannah This document represented the agreement between the colonists and Yamacraw Indians over the land of Yamacraw Bluff. Without this treaty, Georgia may not have been located where it is today.

9 Treaty of Augusta The Treaty of Augusta nearly tripled the size of Georgia. This is important because the treaty increased the amount of land within Georgia boundaries.

10 Georgia Constitution of 1777
Though it has been changed many times, the Georgia Constitution of 1777 was the first form of an individual state system of government for Georgia.

11 Boston Tea Party The Boston Tea Party was important to Georgia because it brought about the Intolerable Acts. These acts were a punishment from Britain to make the colonists pay for what they had done. They changed the way colonists had to live.

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