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James Oglethorpe.

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1 James Oglethorpe

2 Childhood James Edward Oglethorpe was born in London, England. James was able to go to school when he was a child because his family was wealthy.

3 Childhood He loved to read and learn new languages. Oglethorpe was in Parliament where he made laws.

4 Why was James Oglethorpe able to go to school?
Question Why was James Oglethorpe able to go to school? Because his family was wealthy.

5 An Idea for a Colony Oglethorpe thought he would help people who needed work. He wanted to start a colony in North America. He wanted to give land and tools to the colonist.

6 An Idea for a Colony King George II agreed to let Oglethorpe start a colony. He named it Georgia. Oglethorpe made rules for the colony.

7 Who was Georgia named after?
Question Who was Georgia named after? King George II

8 Building Savannah Oglethorpe and 115 colonist set sail for Georgia to start a new colony. The trip took 3 months. When the ship landed Oglethorpe chose a place along the Savannah River for a settlement.

9 Building Savannah The settlement was called Savannah. The Yamacraw Creek lived near Savannah. Tomochichi was the chief of the Yamacraw Creek.

10 Building Savannah Tomochichi did not speak English. Mary Musgrove helped Tomochichi and Oglethorpe talk to each other. Oglethorpe and Tomochichi became good friends.

11 Question Why was Mary Musgrove James Oglethorpe’s translator? Because James Oglethorpe couldn’t speak the same language as Tomochichi.

12 Saving Georgia Oglethorpe went back to England in 1743. For the rest of his life, he kept working to help people.

13 Today Streets are name after Oglethorpe in many Georgia towns. Without James Oglethorpe, Georgia might not have been started.

14 Character Traits Liberty is freedom from control by others. Oglethorpe wanted everyone to have liberty, so he made a rule against slavery. Civility is showing respect. Oglethorpe treated the Creek Indians with civility to show his respect for them.

15 Character Traits Compassion is caring about other people. He started Georgia to help people with problems.

16 Question Why is James Oglethorpe important to Georgia’s history?

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