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Open House, 2005 Beardsley Junior High School TechLab Mr. Lewis.

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1 Open House, 2005 Beardsley Junior High School TechLab Mr. Lewis

2 An Overview of TechLab The staff at Beardsley Junior High School is proud to offer students access to a modern technology lab (TechLab). The facility offers students opportunities to work in modular educational settings in which they can apply the principles of science and technology to gain a better understanding of today's highly technical world.

3 Learning about the properties of light in TechLab

4 A Typical Day A typical day in the lab consists of 20 minutes of reading and note taking of modular content. After the students are finished taking notes, they complete the period by performing activities, such as rocket building, small engine studies, audio/visual exercises, bridge building, and more.

5 Studying in TechLab

6 Study Hints To help your child prepare for testing that occurs every 5 th day of study, you must make certain that he or she is taking his or her notes home for review. You should also quiz your child to check for understanding. I allow all students to use notes during tests, so having good notes and understanding them helps ensure good test scores.

7 TechLab students ready to take on a period’s work

8 Web Resources I have prepared a Web resource for the lab that provides information about each module and the California State Standards (English and Math) that the modules support (see

9 Working at the Materials Processing Module in TechLab

10 Standards Correlations Student exercises can be correlated to National Technology Standards (see

11 Students with CD racks created in TechLab

12 Extra Credit Current Events Students can obtain 20 extra credit points per quarter by doing current events. One current event is worth 10 points if it is done correctly. The assignment includes reading an article that is related to science and/or technology, writing a two-paragraph summary about the article, and then creating a bibliography that indicates where the article can be found, who wrote the article, and the date of the article. Note: Each paragraph must have at least 5-7 sentences.

13 Students holding rockets in TechLab

14 Learning about gears and pulleys in the TechLab

15 Taking time out to smile in TechLab

16 Taking time to smile for the camera in TechLab

17 Making music in TechLab

18 Working at the Energy and Power module in TechLab

19 Students holding dragsters built in TechLab

20 A student working at the laser module in TechLab

21 Studying for a test in TechLab

22 Student Success Student success is a two-way street between home and school. Please help your child succeed by studying with him or her daily. If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them. I can be reached by email at or by phone at 661-392-9254, extension 311.

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