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Unlocking The ARMT and SAT 10 By Mrs. Dawne Gibson.

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1 Unlocking The ARMT and SAT 10 By Mrs. Dawne Gibson

2 Each spring all students grades 3-8 take the ARMT ( Alabama Reading and Math Test) and SAT 10 (Stanford Achievement Test 10 th edition) to see whether or not they have learned their grade level skills.

3 What is the ARMT? It is a test that measures a child’s ability in Reading and Math. It is given to 3rd-8th grade students in Alabama. It is based on Alabama’s academic content standards.

4 There are four levels of achievement for the ARMT  Level I = A Student doesn’t meet minimum academic content standards  Level II = A Student partially meets minimum standards  Level III = A Student meets minimum standards ( grade-level performance)  Level IV = A Student exceeds minimum standards

5 Scores of III or IV in Reading and Math indicate a student is performing on grade level or is exceeding the minimum standards for their grade level.

6 What is the SAT 10? It is a nationally recognized test given in grades 3-8 in Reading, Language, and Math. Third graders also take the Word Study test. Fifth graders also take the Science test.

7 What is the purpose of the SAT 10?  Compare individual performance with the performance of the norming group  Report relative strengths and weaknesses of an individual  Provide data to study changes over a period of time

8 What does it all mean?  National Percentile Rank= this is a ranking from 1-99, with 50 being the national average (i.e. if they scored at 65% this means that they performed as well or better than 65% of the norming group)  Stanines= a ranking from 1-9, with 5 being the national average (1-3 is below average 4-6 is average 7-9 is above average)

9 5 th, 7 th, and 10 th graders also take the ADAW exam. This is the Alabama Direct Assessment of Writing exam. This test is scored from I-IV with I being the lowest score and IV being the highest.

10 What can a parent do to help?  Ensure your child is getting the proper amount of sleep each night  Ensure a nutritious breakfast is eaten daily  Ensure your child is attending school regularly  Ensure homework is completed nightly

11 If you have further questions concerning these tests or your child’s test results, please contact me at 342-2644 extension 3.

12 For more information on our school’s test results go to and visit the accountability reporting section. You then choose which test results you would like to view.

13 Watch the school website for updates on testing dates and ways to improve your child’s test scores.

14 Other websites to check out:  go under the curriculum section, then under the Guidance and Testing Section, then under documents and information  htm htm  3.html 3.html

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