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Minnesota School Readiness 2012 Study: Study Orientation Training “Leading for educational excellence and equity. Every day for every one.”

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1 Minnesota School Readiness 2012 Study: Study Orientation Training “Leading for educational excellence and equity. Every day for every one.”

2 Study Orientation Agenda  General Study Overview  School Readiness Definition  Study Purpose, History and Results  Study Support  Phase 1: Preparation  Summer Introduction Email  Wiki Site  Training  Parent Survey  Phase 2: Observation  Work Sampling System (WSS)  Tips for Teachers  Technical Expert Calls  Phase 3: Documentation  Work Sampling Online  Stipends

3 Timeline August – reviewing materials and preparing September – welcoming families and children, beginning observations, parent survey October 29th – complete observations, principals mail completed parent surveys to MDE, begin to finalize ratings November– finalize results in Work Sampling Online by Nov 9th, submit invoices, export results from system for your room, school and district

4 Minnesota’s Definition of School Readiness The skills, knowledge, behaviors and accomplishments that children know and can do as they enter school. Social and emotional development Approaches to learning Language and literacy Creativity and the arts Cognition and general knowledge Physical well-being and motor development

5 Minnesota Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIPs) Minnesota’s Early Learning Standards (View as a Slide Show for links to work) Click here to view how the ECIPs align with K-12 standardsClick here to view how the ECIPs align with K-12 standards Click here to view the ECIPs on the wiki siteClick here to view the ECIPs on the wiki site

6 School Readiness Study History Measures the preparedness of students across the state as they enter kindergarten Work Sampling System (WSS) Proficient In Process Not Yet 10% Sample of elementary schools Tenth year of the study

7 Historical Results by Domain

8 Benefits of Participation Provide a picture of where each child is developmentally early in the year using a valid and reliable instrument Provide additional information for parent teacher conferences Access to free training for WSS and WSO Receive $200 stipend Access WSO reports quickly after ratings are finalized Participate in a statewide study informing policy decisions Able to continue to use WSO for Winter and Spring ratings at the K level

9 Continuing from 2011 Eight weeks of observations Expert Calls Stipend related to completion of School Use Only section of Parent Survey Publicly available wiki hosting all materials Validity Study ( Parent Letter

10 New for Fall 2012 Weekly emails with: – reminders –new information –solutions to identified problems –Work Sampling observation tips More communication through email

11 Summer Introduction Email Wiki Site Training Parent Surveys Phase 1: Preparation 11

12 Summer Email (sent in July) Emailed to Teachers Introduction letter Work Sampling Online Instructions Emailed to Both Teacher Timeline Minnesota Checklist Parent Survey Emailed to Principals Introduction letter All resources also available on the Wiki Site:

13 The Wiki Site:

14 Work Sampling System Training –Online Intro to WSS for teachers without previous experience –Online Refresher WSS Training for teachers needing to brush up on WSS –View the training section on the wiki to access the online training: –Contact Amanda Varley at for more info

15 Parent Surveys 1.Enter information in the “School Use” section of the survey (required to receive full $200 stipend) 2.Ask one parent/guardian to answer the survey  Ensure MARSS number corresponds with student data 3.Return completed surveys in sealed envelope with teacher’s name to Principal 4.Mail all completed surveys for school site to Amanda Varley.

16 ESSENTIAL: For School Use Only Section of Parent Survey Accurate and complete information in the For School Use Only section is essential and should be filled out prior to giving the survey to parents/guardians. Data from incomplete surveys cannot be used For efficiency, consider having your school’s MARSS coordinator print labels for the section

17 Work Sampling System Tips for Teachers Expert Calls Phase 2: Observation 17

18 Work Sampling System 32 indicators from the P4 Checklist Observe students for first eight weeks of school Oct. 29 th begin ratings for each student using P4 Guidelines, complete and finalize ratings by Nov. 9 th

19 Minnesota Work Sampling System Checklist

20 Helpful Tips for Teachers Detailed tips for teachers may be found on the Wiki herehere Daily Observation Focused Observation Learning the Content of the Guidelines Link classroom activities, materials and routines to the Guidelines/Checklist An attitude of inquiry towards children and interactions with them Find ways to share information with parents and others.

21 Expert Calls Connect one on one with national experts in Work Sampling All experts have experience as teachers and supporting teachers in multiple environments Experts support a solid understanding of the study process and are available to answer questions as needed

22 Work Sampling System Experts Sandy Benson Melissa Shamblott Nancy Wallace

23 Work Sampling Online Stipends Phase 3: Documentation 23

24 Work Sampling Online Training on Work Sampling Online is available for all staff entering data and accessing reports –Click here for instructions on how to enter students and ratingsClick here for instructions on how to enter students and ratings –Instructions on how to use reports

25 Work Sampling Online Training Create a class and students Required student data –First Name –Gender –Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY) –MARSS –Whether or not student has an IEP or IIIP Enter and Finalize ratings for each indicator



28 WSO Technical Assistance Username is LastNameFirstInitial and starting password is 1234 (i.e. Jane Brown’s username is brownj) WSO Technical Support is available Monday-Friday, 7 AM-7 PM through: – –1-800-874-0914 Contact Amanda Varley with any Work Sampling Online Issues not resolved at Develop a plan for how to ensure all children’s information will be entered and finalized in the system by November 9, 2012.

29 Teacher Stipends 1.If any kindergarten teachers have joined the school or if any continuing teachers have had a change of name, email address or address over the summer, fill out a Teacher Information Form.Teacher Information Form 2.After finalizing data in WSO, sign in ink and date invoice. Mail to Amanda Varley via USPS. Invoices will be emailed to you in early November

30 Questions & Comments For additional information, please contact: Amanda Varley 651-582-8519 Eileen Nelson 651-582-8464

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