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Pan-European Internet Advertising Campaign KEY ELEMENTS.

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1 Pan-European Internet Advertising Campaign KEY ELEMENTS

2 Marketing objectives Need to drive early awareness for attracting Local and Proximity markets Reinforce Local France and Belgium FR plan for creating buzz Create urgency to come now for being among the 1st to experience Tower Of Terror (TOT)

3 Key messages Main message: The newest and most exciting thrill ever has arrived at DLRP : The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Drop in if you dare! Supporting messages: - The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disneyland® Resort Paris - Challenge message : drop in if you dare - Be among the first to experience it and discover unknown deep adrenaline rush - Specific offers

4 Targets Primary target Young Disney adults (16-30 year old) Local France - Regulars : Visit more than once per year, they are Disney Fans, 16-30 represent 20% of Regulars (200.000 people) - Occasionals: Potential of 4.6M of people Belgium FR They are Disney Fans, like theme parks, make short breaks and are able to afford Disneyland®. Priority : repeaters as they are attracted by experiencing new attractions UK - School groups (10-18 year old): students like sharing special time with friends and scary Thrills. They are ductile for doing things (group effect) Early adopters They love experiencing scary activities with ever strong true-life feelings. They look for new feelings ever experienced and want to be the real first ones to experience them. They are open to Disney.

5 Target Insights Local France Disney target : Regulars and Occasionals Adults think DLRP is full of little kids and for experiencing real thrills, the best place is Asterix Disney Adults profile : Younger part (ages : 16-30) They look for excitement / thrills. They love theme parks and Disney but they think that Disneyland® is full of kids and wont be as exciting as Park Asterix (or local park depending on country e.g. Alton towers..) They like feeling like a kid again Its important for them to strengthen friendship as a vacation motivator

6 Creative text Dare to scale the heights by checking into the once-glamorous, and now vacant, luxury Hollywood Tower Hotel! Explore the mysteries of what happened that fateful night when lightning struck, then plunge 13 floors into the most thrilling recesses of The Twilight Zone®. Encounter the hotel's ghastly ghostly guests. Experience the mysterious atmosphere from the classic television series. Drop faster than the speed of gravity. Confront awesome special effects. Get an adrenaline rush from the view at the top of the abandoned elevator shaft before the delirious drop into the Twilight Zone® and beyond! Drop in if you dare!

7 Tag lines UK: Drop in if you dare FR: Alors, prêt pour le grand saut ?

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