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1 1-800-353-1107 1.2 Experts in Educational and Assistive Technologies

2 1-800-353-1107 About Us – Experts in Educational and Assistive Technology – Professional team with extensive experience in the fields of Education, AAC and Technology – Quality products – Professional development founded on best practices – Service in both English and French – Dedicated to the principles of UDL and DI

3 1-800-353-1107 Vision To provide a wide offering of solutions to individuals with special needs that will facilitate their successful participation in all areas of their lives. To promote awareness of assistive technology and the impact that it has on individuals with special needs. To promote successful implementation of assistive technology through professional development programs (that increase knowledge, skill and application of assistive technology).


5 1-800-353-1107 Conferences Workshops Bridges Learning Series Individual or Small Group Training Coaching Implementation Professional Development

6 1-800-353-1107 National Technology in Education Conference May 2012 University of Toronto Erindale Campus, Mississauga, ON Conference

7 1-800-353-1107 Assistive Technology for Information Technologists

8 1-800-353-1107 Common Software Boardmaker, Boardmaker Plus Clicker Write OutLoud & Co:Writer (SOLO) Intellitools Classroom Suite 4 Dragon Naturally Speaking WordQ, SpeakQ Kurzweil Writing with Symbols 2000 Symwriter

9 1-800-353-1107 Common Problems New upgrades Downloading readymade activities Sound Output Incompatible Hardware CD’s required to run the software Deep Freeze and other security programs

10 1-800-353-1107 Text to Speech There are a number of voices available to choose from but not all are compatible with each piece of software: –ClickerHeather, Ryan –CS4Kate, Paul –Kurzweil Kate, Paul, –Kurzweil 12VW Paul, VW Julie –SOLOAaron, Laura –SOLO 6 SAPI 5 –Boardmaker +SAPI 4, SAPI 5 –SDProRealspeak, SAPI 4, SAPI 5 –SymwriterSAPI 5 –WordQHeather

11 1-800-353-1107 Hardware Most software will run on Windows XP/2000/7 Alternate mice and keyboards may require drivers Screen resolution is an issue for some programs Desks are never big enough to hold the equipment but are too big for the classroom 512 MB Ram meets the needs of most programs but more is always better.

12 1-800-353-1107 Kurzweil What is it? –Scanning program to input text to the computer to be read aloud to the end user –Powerful OCR software Who would use it? –Struggling readers and writers –Individuals that can not hold a regular book

13 1-800-353-1107 Kurzweil Currently shipping version 12 released in Summer 2010 Epson is the preferred brand of Scanner Older HP scanners generally do not work unless there is a TWAIN driver available. Check Kurzweil web site for the most up to date list of approved scanners

14 1-800-353-1107 Kurzweil Common problems –Speech engines –KESI Virtual printer –Scanning Tech Support web site covers many issues p?

15 1-800-353-1107 Kurzweil The Kurzweil toolbar may not be available to students if the taskbar is locked out. Read the web (version 10 or lower) does not work in Explorer 7 or Firefox version 3

16 1-800-353-1107 Kurzweil There are multiple types of Kurzweil Standalone Network Web Licensed USB Stick Black & White or Colour Windows or Macintosh Professional and Learn Station English or French

17 1-800-353-1107 Kurzweil Web site has new training videos –Overview of Kurzweil 3000 Commands and Toolbars –Reading in Kurzweil 3000 and Customized Reading Preferences –Creating an Outline in Kurzweil 3000 –Study Skills Toolbars' Sticky and Text Note Creation –Looking up Words in Kurzweil 3000 –Use of Highlighters in Studying –Prepare a Multiple Choice Test Document –Using Kurzweil 3000 to Answer Multiple Choice Tests –Using Kurzweil 3000 to Answer Fill-in-the-Blanks Tests –Learn How to Show or Hide Toolbars

18 1-800-353-1107 Kurzweil

19 1-800-353-1107 Clicker What is it? –Word processor with pictures and speech feedback –Customizable onscreen keyboards Who would use it? –Struggling students benefit from the speech output for independent writing –Struggling writers may benefit from the whole word grids

20 1-800-353-1107 Clicker There are free activities available from the web site. PCS metafiles must be purchased separately you can not link to the Boardmaker library. Version 5 has higher quality voices that may be incompatible with other speech output programs. Switch access with the Crick switch interface or an interface that can be programmed with the F7 and F8 keys

21 1-800-353-1107 Write Out:Loud What is it? –Simple to use word processor with speech feedback –Easy to use on-line dictionary Who would use it? –Struggling writers

22 1-800-353-1107 Co:Writer What is it? –Rate enhancement/word prediction software Who would use it? –Struggling writers benefit from the whole words –Individuals with physical challenges that make typing slow

23 1-800-353-1107 Don Johnston Co:Writer & Write OutLoud have a new version of SOLO ver 6 Canadian Edition. The full version of SOLO includes Draftbuilder, Read OutLoud, Co:Writer and Write OutLoud.

24 1-800-353-1107 Don Johnston There is a monthly tech newsletter that is available from DJ that addresses issues that have come from the software. ch_news/index.html

25 1-800-353-1107 Boardmaker What is it? –A collection of symbols for communication –Easy to use graphics program Who would use it? –Teachers to create classroom material for non-verbal individuals, visual schedules, communication boards

26 1-800-353-1107 Boardmaker The CD must be in the drive to run the program therefore the license follows the CD. A burnt copy of the disk does not work it must be the original. The only file format that is supported for importing graphics is BMP in versions prior to 5.2. 5.3.5 or higher will support BMP, JPEG, GIF, EMF, WMF The addendum libraries that are purchased for Boardmaker may be installed into Writing with Symbols There are multiple languages the symbols can be displayed with as well as changing the search language.

27 1-800-353-1107 Boardmaker Ver. 6 Released Nov of 06 You can not use a version 5 CD on 6 install or a version 6 CD on a 5 install You can not have both versions installed on the same computer There is a patch to update 6.0 to ver 6.1.3 this will make it VISTA compatible. Current version is 6.14

28 1-800-353-1107 Boardmaker Family Boardmaker –Used to create print materials –No Voices Boardmaker Plus –Used to create print materials –Used to create dynamic activities for student use –Uses SAPI 4 or SAPI 5 voices Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro –Used for a face to face communication –Uses RealSpeak voices Boardmaker Studio New application to create interactive activities

29 1-800-353-1107 Boardmaker Studio Studio does not require the CD but is limited to 2 installs The addendums need to be imported into the program not installed from a disk unless you are downloading the ThinLine Addendums Uses a new speech engine or SAPI 5 voices

30 1-800-353-1107 Writing with Symbols What is it? –A word processor with pictures and speech feedback –A word processor with on screen grids for writing Who would use it? –Teachers to create classroom materials –Students to write journals, stories

31 1-800-353-1107 Writing with Symbols 2000 The CD must be in the drive to run the program therefore the license follows the CD The WWS folder in the My Documents folder must be available to all users. WWS is very picky about where files are saved on the computer. You can not open activities from any other location. They must be in the appropriate folder in the WWS folder in My Documents

32 1-800-353-1107 Symwriter New Canadian Edition support both English and French Auto update feature from the web Does not require the CD to run The default symbol set is WLS PCS addendum library can be purchased separately

33 1-800-353-1107 Speech Recognition Dragon Naturally Speaking –Current version, 11 –Require 1 GIG Ram and high quality microphone for successful use –Requires 1 GIG hard drive space.

34 1-800-353-1107 Speech Recognition WordQ 2, Speak Q –Word Q is the word prediction program –Speak Q is the speech recognition program –Speak Q is an add on to Word Q –Min 512 Ram, 1 GIG preferred –High quality microphone

35 1-800-353-1107 Classroom Suite 4 What is it? –A multimedia authoring tool create activities –A word processor with multiple features –A math manipulative program Who would use it? –Teachers to create classroom materials –Students to write, read stories, run activities

36 1-800-353-1107 Classroom Suite 4 The demo for CS4 is for 30 days CS 4 works with Boardmaker 6 Activities are available from the intellitools activity exchange and SETBC The resolution needs to be set at 1024 X 768, to be able to view the navigation screen New patch fixes a Quick time issue and 64 Bit computers

37 1-800-353-1107 Intellitools Balanced Literacy The CD is required to run the program. This program is available with 2 alternate access methods which may need to be set up There have been some Quicktime issues, the latest version comes on the Balanced Literacy CD Additional activities are on a second CD and need to be installed separately

38 1-800-353-1107 Intellitools Math Number Concepts 1 & 2 require the CD to be in the drive to run. Number Concepts will not run an a machine that has more that 1 GB of RAM Math Pad & Math Pad Plus do not require the CD to run

39 1-800-353-1107 Network Versions The following have network versions available to make it easier for tech support –Clicker –Classroom Suite –Kurzweil –Writing with Symbols 2000 –SOLO

40 1-800-353-1107 Web Based Web Managed There are a number of applications that are web based and web managed. Write OnLine Web Delivered Classroom Suite License managed Kurzweil

41 1-800-353-1107 Intellikeys Classic, grey uses PS/2 connection –Won’t work on XP USB, teal uses USB WIN 98 and above requires separate driver current driver is 3.1 and works with the IntelliSwitch New driver to support 64 bit computers is avaialble

42 1-800-353-1107 Intellitools Intellikeys The driver must be loaded before plugging in the keyboard. The second half of the install will need to be completed for each USB port that the keyboard may be plugged into. USB Control Panel has a reset to factory default

43 1-800-353-1107 Intellitools Overlay Maker This program is required for making custom overlays for the Intellikeys Need to run updater if Boardmaker 6 is installed

44 1-800-353-1107 Word Processors Neo, DANA –Co:Writer Smart Applet use the US install NOT the UK –Can connect to computer or limited number of printers –Students are rough on cables, USB lasts longer and easy to replace

45 1-800-353-1107 Word Processor Applications DANA –Write OutLoud to Go Has a separate speech card, need to sync to transfer files to a dedicated folder in the users desktop Neo –Co:Writer – word prediction software –Additional topic dictionaries may be loaded –KeyWiz – typing program

46 1-800-353-1107 Alternate Mice Penny & Giles rollerballs and joysticks do not require addition drivers Touch Windows USB Windows XP and above may not need drivers, PS2 on WIN 98 may require drivers that should come with the hardware You can have more than 1 mouse attached to a computer. This will allow for a regular mouse and an adapted access method

47 1-800-353-1107 Switch Interfaces DJ Switch Interface Pro 4 ports, not programmable Intelliswitch 5 ports, programmable CricK Switch Interface 4 ports programmable Joy Box 8 ports, programmable, 4 ports directional Joy Cable 2 ports, programmable Switch Adapted Mouse 1-2 ports, not programmable

48 1-800-353-1107 VOCA/SGD Voice Output Communiaction Aid Speech Generating Device –Used as a persons voice –May be used as an access method to the computer –Digitized version (recorded voice) –Synthesized version (computer voice) –Laptops can be used –Wide range of access methods

49 1-800-353-1107 Macintosh Software ICS, OM3, Balanced Literacy,IKeys, all run in OS X, all other Itools software needs to run in OS 9 Kurzweil OS X both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X, specifically OS 9.2.2 and OS X 10.2.4 or higher. However, the new Network edition’s Administrator only supports OS X 10.2.4 or higher and the Network Server must run on OS X 10.3 or higher. SOLO requires OS 10.2 –Don Johston has a detailed list of their software and requirements at tm

50 1-800-353-1107 Macintosh Software 10.5 issues –SOLO needs a patch but not yet available –Clicker 5 not stable –Kurzweil needs latest patch –Boardmaker appears to be fine –Classroom Suite 4 appears to be fine

51 1-800-353-1107 Macintosh Software Boardmaker 6 has a OS X version, Clicker requires OS X, v10.3 Clicker Paint OS X, v10.3 Cloze Pro OS X, v10.1.5 WWS and Symwriter do not have a Mac versions

52 1-800-353-1107 Macintosh Hardware Touchwindows require ver 1.5 driver Intellikeys, Intelliswitch require ver 3.0 driver

53 1-800-353-1107 Updates Classroom Suite ver 4.3 OverlayMaker 3 ver Intellikeys ver 3.4 Kurzweil ver 12.01 Windows Kurzweil ver 4.0 Macintosh SOLO ver 6.01 Clicker 5.2 Boardmaker 6.1.4 Word Q 2.4, Speak Q 1.4 Dragon Naturally Speaking

54 1-800-353-1107 Contact Information 1-800-353-1107 ThanksThe Bridges Team

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