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Ipods and K- 12 education Paula Walser Director of E- Learning CESA 6

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1 Ipods and K- 12 education Paula Walser Director of E- Learning CESA 6

2 2005 National Educational Technology Plan Goal to move toward digital content. “A perennial problem for schools, teachers, and students is that print textbooks are increasingly expensive, quickly outdated, and physically cumbersome. A move away from reliance on print textbooks to the use of multimedia offers many advantages, including cost savings, increased efficiency, improved accessibility, and enhancing learning opportunities in a format that engages today’s web-savvy students.”

3 Ipod Touch $220 and up

4 Apple iPod Touch overview

5 Podcast A podcast is a collection of media files for distribution over the Internet, often by subscription, for playing on computers and portable media players. 80% of users listen to podcasts on their COMPUTER! I Tunes store – search for podcasts iTunes U – now has podcasts for K-12

6 Podcast in Plain English

7 Ways to use ipods in education Dissemination of information – Lectures and other audio resources can be recorded, place on the web and then downloaded by students to listen to when they find it convenient – Students can also transfer text-based information to their iPod and read it onscreen. With the notes reader, news articles, classroom notes, even flash cards for spelling tests can be right at hand. They can even link audio files and notes files for enhanced audio/visual learning.

8 Storage of Information Portable storage device to be connected to computers using a USB connector Peripheral devices can be attached to expand capabilities - 1/ipods-speed-the-collection-of-data-in- engineering-classroom/ 1/ipods-speed-the-collection-of-data-in- engineering-classroom/ iPods can be used by staff and students to listen to pre-recorded material

9 Recording information Tutorials, media files, interviews, recorded diaries, podcasts, speeches, guest speakers, spoken poetry Students can listen to information and then record their responses to what they hear. Students can add their own audio files, text notes, voice memos and calendar entries to their iPods. They can share personal notes and useaudio files for self-paced learning.

10 Music appreciation Copyright free music can be downloaded and used in music appreciation exercises High school students from San Francisco, California for example, wrote original short stories and combined oral readings of their stories with music excerpts to set the tone and mood using iPods.

11 Language instruction The ability of an iPod to link audio and text files means that students can listen to and read foreign languages, take dictation, and make recordings of their own voice for others to listen to. Listen to dramatic recordings of the novel as they read; Record responses during oral quizzes; Play back verbal comments on quizzes and homework; Review the pronunciation of each week's vocabulary words; Listen to audio exercises inside and outside of class; Make “audio diary entries”

12 World Nomads - Spanish

13 Free Educational Applications (Apps) Who wants to be a Millionaire

14 I level

15 Weather If connected to internet – will bring in weather for selected cities

16 Brain Toot Select the correct operation (math) Order numbers from low to high Visual memory Ball and cup game

17 Word Freak

18 Word Wrap

19 Math Zombie

20 Basic Math

21 Math Drills Lite

22 Brain Blaze DivideAddSubtract

23 Curious Case of Benjamin Button E-book

24 I Hear EWE

25 I Flipr Flash Cards

26 Pocket Phonics

27 Times Tables - Free

28 Dictionaire

29 Google Earth

30 Resources The Education Podcast Network Using ipods in the pre-k classroom boomer55-107825-ipod-tips-tricks-ipodtips- education-ppt-powerpoint/ Tips and tricks on using your ipod boomer55-107825-ipod-tips-tricks-ipodtips- education-ppt-powerpoint/

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