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GKHS. Great Kills 145 Nelson AV, 10308 SI, NY.

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2 Great Kills 145 Nelson AV, 10308 SI, NY.


4 In the Great Kills High school there are many students. This school is from grades 9 to 12. we educate the students very well and we prepare them for there next grade. This school is very different and exciting from any other school. In Great Kills High School, we educate our children with fine arts and laptops. We aloud and like our children to be participating in hands on activities and we allow them to be on any sport teams they would like to be involved in.

5  Great Kills high school is a co-ed public school. We give the students a chose to pick 4 classes that they would like to attend. The other 3 classes are mandatory and the classes they get to chose from are: Religion, Spanish, French, and Italian. The subjects that are mandatory for our students to participate in are: English langue arts, math, and social studies. In grades 9 to 10 we provide our students with dell laptops. In grades 11 threw 12 we provide our students with high grade Mac laptops to do more harder and educated stuff. In this high school we try our hardest to give all these students the most amount of education that we can possibly give them to make them successful in their futures.

6 Something really different and special about Great Kills high school is, we allow our children to chew gum. We believe that it helps our children to stay focused. We did some studies and gum chewing helps the brain function and focus more on your work. We also allow our children to wear makeup and nail polish because we like them to be creative.

7  Basketball  Cheerleading  Tennis  Softball  Baseball  Swimming  Football  Golf  Lacrosse  Track  Drama  Geek squad  Hacky sack  soccer  Dance

8  In our art program we give the students a chance to express there emotions and feelings in their art work. We only accept a certain amount of students in this program. There is about 30-50 students involved in this program. Ever year we have a art contest at the end of the year. In this contest we judge by how much effort was put into the project and we pick the best looking picture.

9  Great Kills high school is for all different kinds of students. And we have special classes for the children with needs.  If you need to talk about something good or bad, you can go to our school advisor.

10  Mac computers  Dell computers  Webcams  microphones  Notebooks and notepads  Magazines for art and science

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