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MAKING THE RIGHT CONNECTIONS Navigating the American High School.

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1 MAKING THE RIGHT CONNECTIONS Navigating the American High School

2 Our Learning Goals 1. Parents will learn the basic structure and services available at the high school sites. 2. Parents will learn what the ABC Unified graduation requirements are. 3. Parents will be exposed to basic college application requirements. 4. Parents will use the information they acquired tonight to complete a draft of the 4-year plan with their child.

3 Making Connections with Teachers Communication is KEY!  Attend Back to School Nights  Join PTA and volunteer  Visit classrooms  Email  Make Appointments

4 Communication Chain

5 How do I contact people at school? Email FIRST (if you are comfortable). Call Second. Call the counselor if teachers do not reply to your messages.


7 List of Classes

8 Making Connections with Services and Resources Community Resources: Chinese school, churches, temples, academy centers, Cerritos Parks and Recreation Parents of your child’s friends Teachers Mental Health Counselors Coaches School Counselor School Administrative Team: Principal, Assistant Principal

9 What’s Available for My Child?

10 International Food Court CHS Idol Fall and Spring Plays Spelling Bee Cancer Walk Sports Games Campus Clubs Holiday Concerts

11 Boys o Cross-country o Football o Water Polo o Basketball o Soccer o Wrestling o Badminton o Baseball o Golf o Swimming o Tennis o Track o Volleyball Girls o Cross-country o Golf o Tennis o Volleyball o Basketball o Soccer o Water Polo o Badminton o Softball o Swimming o Track

12 Clubs

13 o Must complete 230 credits o 1 semester = 5 credits, passed with a “D” or better. o English: 40 credits (4 years) o Social Science: 30 credits (World, US, Civics/Econ) o Math: 30 credits (meet Algebra I requirement) o Science: 20 credits (1 year Life Science, 1 year Physical Science) o PE: 20 credits (pass the Fitness Gram) o Health: 5 credits o Foreign Lang/Fine Art: 10 credits o Other/Elective:75 credits o Must pass the California High School Exit Exam.

14 o If you plan on attending a 4 year university, you have to go above and beyond the graduation requirements. o CSU or UC or Private University o Make sure you are taking A-G approved courses o Take all of your classes seriously starting NOW. o To be college competitive you should not have any “D’s” or “F’s” on your transcript at any time!

15 Registration Handbook: Can Be Found Online

16 4 year schedule * Plan with Student * Review with Counselor …UC/CSU or 4 year college requirements met??

17 A-G Courses * Rigorous courses: … How do you get into those classes??

18 Course Description *Prerequisite: What do you need to get in?  Grades  CST (STAR Test)  Teacher Signature  Previous Level completion  None

19 4 Year Plan Sit down with your child and review the form together. Picking the right pathway for your student. (Remembering to keep as many doors open as possible.) Use the school’s course catalog to choose courses. Make sure the student is meeting prerequisites before registering for classes. 15 days to drop without a “WF” on the transcript D’s or F’s: Make sure they take summer school, online courses, or community college classes.

20 PSAT, SAT, ACT PSAT  10 th grade  11 th grade  THIS YEAR IT IS ON OCT 17 TH OR 20 TH AT YOUR CHILD’S HIGH SCHOOL SAT  11 th Grade (January, March, May, June)  12 th Grade (October, November, December) ACT  11 th grade (Feb, April, and June)  12 th grade (September, October, December)

21 Website Resources map%20to%20College/English%20and%20Spanish %20Roadmap%20to%20College%20Poster%20All% 20Grades.pdf map%20to%20College/English%20and%20Spanish %20Roadmap%20to%20College%20Poster%20All% 20Grades.pdf  English, Math, and Writing  English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing

22 Scenario #1 Your child is struggling in a certain subject. After talking it over with your child first, who do you talk about to your child’s academic performance?

23 Scenario #2 Extra-curricular activities are important, what are some ways I can help my child enhance his/her college application?

24 Scenario #3 Your child tells you that a few of her teammates have been making fun of her during practice and after practice in the locker room. What do you do?


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