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Getting Started with Differentiating Instruction Presented by Julee Dredske Updated: 4-09.

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1 Getting Started with Differentiating Instruction Presented by Julee Dredske Updated: 4-09

2 The Undifferentiated Animal School WE ALL MUST DO THE SAME THING!


4 People Bingo Pre-assessment combined with a bit of fun!






10 “The Roads” Pre assessment Dirt Path—red Unpaved Country Road—orange Paved Highway—yellow Superhighway—green Jet Plane—blue What is the purpose of the “roads” activity? How can I use it to drive my instruction? Could this be used with students?

11 Jelly Bean or Beach Ball Activity RED—Share methods you may use to pre-assess what your students know on a given topic. PURPLE or BLUE—Share one way you make accommodations to students who are struggling or gifted learners. GREEN—Describe formative and summative assessment? (If you don’t know, fake it.) ORANGE—Share something you might do in your class to serve a gifted and talented student? YELLOW—Recall as many levels as you can of Bloom’s Taxonomy. PINK or WHITE—Describe at least five “product choices” for a unit on Civil War Would this work?

12 Other ways you Pre-Assess for Readiness Pre-Tests – Yes/No Cards – Thumb It – Fist to Five – Observation – K-W-L charts Take one minute and talk with an elbow partner on other methods you have used to pre assess your students. Share new ideas!

13 What da’ ya know? With someone near you Share your answers to questions on pre assessment. How did you do?

14 Define Differentiation Find your 3:00 partner Review the five definitions that are provided on page 3. What common words or phrases are in the definitions.

15 Students

16 What is Differentiation? The process of teaching and learning that begins with the premise that not all students are alike. Based on the readiness, learning preferences and interests of the student, it requires you to vary your approach and make adjustments to give students access to multiple paths to the same goals or outcomes. Differentiation meets each students where he/she is and maximizes the opportunity for success.


18 High Achieving Students Struggling Students Majority of Students Differentiation Serves all Students Maximize Opportunity to Learn

19 If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way the child learns. --Ignacio Estrada

20 At this moment in history, it would seem more essential... To make a clear statement of will and policy to ensure that we raise the ceiling of performance as fervently as we raise the floors. --Carol Ann Tomlinson 2002

21 My biggest challenge is not to let my grades slip, which is tempting to do, because the work involves things I already know. --Gifted and Talented Student When we don’t differentiate...

22 It is Responsive Teaching vs. One Size Fits All

23 Good bye cookie cutter... Hello, Shaking it Up!

24 Test results are more important than excitement about learning. --Alfie Kohn


26 The desired outcome

27 The Big Picture Concept Map for Differentiated Instruction Key Terms

28 DI Underlying Assumptions With your group, complete the underlying assumptions activity.

29 Differentiated Instruction is a journey, not a destination.

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