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Cheung Chau Sacred Heart School Promote a Collaborative Teaching Approach by Web 2.0 (P.5) On Bun Festival.

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1 Cheung Chau Sacred Heart School Promote a Collaborative Teaching Approach by Web 2.0 (P.5) On Bun Festival

2 Preparation Stage To search for a common topic well known by the students It would be better to match with the textbook as the vocabulary and the sentence patterns can be used. Once you have decided the topic, try to set up a time table for doing the collaborative writing. (An implementation plan) Centre for Information Technology in Education

3 Find the appropriated material from the Textbook Point 1 Point 2 Point 3 Centre for Information Technology in Education Textbook from the New Magic 5B Chapter 6 Festivals in Hong Kong

4 Division of Work After finish the teaching of the texts, we try to divide the two classes (i.e. P.5) of the same level into different text types when doing the collaborative writing. For 5A doing the drama by using the reader theatre skills For 5B report their project by using group presentation skills Centre for Information Technology in Education

5 Students’ Works from (5A) Group 1 : The traditions of Bun Festival Student A: Tomorrow is the Bun Festival. Where shall we go? Student B: We will go to Cheung Chau. Student C: What can we see there? Student B: We can see bun snatching and parade. Student A: This sounds good. What food shall we eat? Student B: We will eat Buns and vegetables. Student C: Why do the people in Cheung Chau holding the colourful float parade every year? Student A: It is because they want to remember people in the event of a plague, or perhaps a headache. Student B: What is the most highlight event of this festival? Student A: It is the Bun scrambling competition. Student B: During the traditional parades it has also lion dances, dragon dances, and there were children wearing different and colorful costumes that makes the audience applause. The parents of those children who participated on the said events are so proud and grateful as their children are part of the yearly events. Student C: I also know that during this festival, the entire Island goes vegetarian, and the seafood restaurants here in this Island also take meat off during this festival. Student A: I want to learn more? Student B: Let’s stop now. We can see every thing tomorrow. Student C: I agree with you. Now Let’s sleep now. Student A: Where shall we meet? Student B : We will meet in playground. A B: Bye! C: See you! Centre for Information Technology in Education

6 Students’ Works from (5A)

7 Students’ Works from (5B) Group 1 : The origins of the festival The origins of the Bun Festival was during the Qing Dynast two old men said it was originally held on Hong Kong Island, in Ta Ping Shan-where many people were killed by bubonic plague. They said a man from hailufeng asked Pak Tei to stop the plague other reside, join his prayers and the disease subside Pak Tei become like the island patron saint Bun Festival held the previous date is to ask cup to decide, but now scheduled to be held in the lunar eighth day. Ritual killing, and the prohibition is required during the ''fast'‘ to physical and mental cleansings or it only vegetable food supply during the length of Bun Festival To cleanse the communities through purifying the impurities and placating the wandering ghosts on the island, but not originally intended to promote tourism Then at midnight, the scramble for bun commence. Today,although the scramble has revived, it is turned into a sport. Island will not receive the buns until next morning when the festival committee distributes the buns. Centre for Information Technology in Education

8 Students’ Works from (5B)

9 Processes of the Writing Both 5A and 5B students should first set the power points for preparation and searching information. After that, teachers will use these information to write their own sub-topics by using mind maps and paraphasing skills After that, students can know more about what they should write in their reports/dramas. Centre for Information Technology in Education

10 The Drafting Works of Students Centre for Information Technology in Education

11 Final Stage Teachers can show the students how to use the goggle website to finish their tasks and the most important points is that not only teachers but also the students themselves should read and give comments about the works (i.e. peer evaluation) Both 5A and 5B are allowed to give comments to each other, the cross-over evaluation between two classes are greatly encouraged. Centre for Information Technology in Education

12 Some Comments’ Samples 意見 (19) 林智傑 - 2011/6/20 上午 12:26 - 移除 too many words in PowerPoint and no one Picture give me some boring 梁子樂 - 2011/6/21 上午 12:13 - 移除 the feeling (purple)so... 林卓嵐 - 2011/6/22 上午 12:00 - 移除 is good 梁子樂 - 2011/6/22 上午 12:04 - 移除 No different word yik tung chan - 2011/6/22 上午 12:05 - 移除 I feel is very boring. 鄭思彥 - 2011/6/22 上午 12:05 - 移除 I feel ok The comments are quite short and simple, it is hope that all the students can act as a proofreader to pick out some careless grammatical errors and wrong words spellings, as it is also an opportune time to learn English.

13 The Advantages of using the Website Easy to use with the Chinese headings especially to the students. Students find interest to write on the web. All of them precious the chances. Students can check the other works and they may also learn from each others. Easy to stick the photos and video clips on it if necessary, Finally it can create a GOOD TEAM SPIRIT and do know how to accept the others’ opinions. (help to keep patience and show caring to the others) It is therefore worthwhile promoting to the other schools as an interesting tool to develop writing.

14 Some opinions of the students after using the website 2.0

15 5A ARTHUR CHONG I like using the Google collaborative platform, because after I ’ ve made changes on that web, other people can see the changes, so that other people can post comments on what you have done. The Google collaborative platform makes a good team spirit, and can have a better communication among us. I therefore willing to recommend the other people to use the Google collaborative platform.

16 5A TIMOTHY LEUNG I like Google Web Sites because I think Google Web Sites is good and easy to use, because it has some Chinese explanations and its function is good too, so I will introduce this to my classmates, let them know the benefits of using the Google Web Site I also think that Google Web Sites help me work well. Obviously the fonts are good to work with, all movies and pictures can also be placed on the Goggle sites At Google Web Sites I have leant that all the team members should try their best !


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